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iOS and Android mobile applications - User Acquisition and Monetization - Case Studies - Best Case.

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W3i case studies & testimonials

  1. 1. acquire. monetize. grow.W3i Media Campaign Drives DesignSimulation Game to Top Gross RankingDesign Simulation Game W3i Delivers “After being a Top 10 grossing game in other western countries, we knew we had to penetrate the US market. We talked to many potential partners, but it was only Source: AppAnnie.com until we spoke with W3i thatThe Challenge we found someone who we thought could help us reachThe team at a leading, independent app development companyknew they had a great idea when they developed a design our goal. They took us fromsimulation game allowing users to design their dream homes. The obscurity in the US to a Topgame was in the App Store’s Top 10 Grossing in European markets 10 grossing app, rubbingbut had minimal penetration in the US. They wanted to scale by shoulders with Angry Birdsacquiring quality users in the US to penetrate this key market. and Draw Something. It was through W3i’s aggressive targeting and cost effectiveThe Solution marketing that our designThe indie developer partnered with W3i to take advantage of W3i’s simulation game was ablemedia buying expertise, with a goal of obtaining 50,000 US installs to take the US iOS marketin 24 hours. The design simulation game was promoted across the by storm and stay there.”W3i network through a performance-priced campaign. — CEO, DesignThe Results Simulation CompanyNot only did users start building homes, they brought their friendsand constructed neighborhoods! Installs exceeded the 50,000install goal by 65%, 82,739 installs in 24 hours. Along with theorganic installs generated from top ranking in the App Store post www.W3i.comcampaign, DAU’s climbed to more than 700,000, allowing theapp to retain this position for more than two weeks. The design info@W3i.comsimulation game was now grossing more than Angry Birds--netting 1.855.W3i.APPSover $1 million for the developer.Let’s get to work.
  2. 2. SpellCraft School of Magic -Propelled to Top Grossing AppsThe ChallengeThe developers at AppyEntertainment realized that theiOS market had shifted to the W3i Deliversfreemium model, and it was timeto get on board with their nextgame. Appy is the developer ofTrucks & Skulls and FaceFighter, “It is true of all iOSboth successful games launched games that your jobas paid apps. The Appy is only just gettingdevelopers realized that they started when youwere at a disadvantage as they had little expertise in ship a game, but it islaunching and analyzing social/mobile games. To besuccessful it was important to quickly acquire these skills as doubly true of social/ mobile games, and we’ve been fortunateThe Solution in picking a good partner to navigateAppy joined forces with W3i in producing and marketing these waters in W3i.”their new game, SpellCraft School of Magic. Pre-launchW3i worked with Appy to develop the concept, determinethe optimum monetization strategy and laying out a Paul O’Conner —launch plan. Post-launch, W3i provided guidance on Brand Director,how best to market the game with targeted ad buys Appy Entertainmentputting the game in front of the right audience. W3ialso used its mountains of player data and analyticalexpertise to make the game more engaging andoptimize in-app purchase touchpoints, essentialelements of sustaining revenue in freemium games.The Result SpellCraft School of Magic was the WINNER www.W3i.com of the 2011 148apps BEST APP EVER for info@W3i.com Role Playing and Free To Play Games! 1.855.W3i.APPS The launch was deemed successful propelling SpellCraft School of Magic to the top 200 in Top Grossing Apps in the App Store. 300,000 MAU’s (Monthly Average Users).Monetize. Acquire. Grow.
  3. 3. Smarter than the Average Bear - the Ramp-up of Battle Bears Royale Due to changes in consumer demand, it was clear Battle Bears Royale (BBR), the new game from SkyVu, needed to adapt to the evolving freemium market. Battle Bears has a strong brand following based on the popularity of its characters, the huggable hunters. All the other Battle Bears games were developed using the paid model, and SkyVu was looking for a partner to accelerate their knowledge of the freemium model. W3i partnered with the developers at SkyVu to co-produce their first freemium Battle Bears game. Not only did SkyVu develop BBR with multiplayer game play for the first time, it was their first game using the freemium business model. In contrast to the paid model, the freemium model requires developers to consider factors such as retention and offer placement to maximize revenue. After a receptive welcome in test markets, SkyVu launched Battle Bears Royale (BBR) globally in the App Store on December 1st, 2011. The App Store is a competitive space full of zombies, ninjas, and birds with anger problems so how do you make room for battling teddy bears? Easy, give them war paint and bazookas. When that’s not enough, you recharge them with the support of 100+ app experts at W3i. Monetization and Optimization - After launching the game and upon further review of the performance of the games’ virtual goods, W3i noticed a major opportunity to increase conversions and recommended more weapons and battle gear. To get more bang out of the virtual goods buck, W3i optimized the values of the virtual goods to create additional demand from users. Team W3i also suggested the use of interstitial offers after battles, prompting users to take action after returning from the bunkers. On top of that, a feature offer was prescribed to add an additional revenue stream. W3i finds that features when implemented can provide a 50% increase in revenue. User Acquisition –W3i’s media buyers provided user acquisition strategy, execution and analysis through the first two updates of BBR to understand the sources giving the best return. With the additional revenue BBR generated from optimization, SkyVu and W3i developed and implemented a user acquisition strategy using the W3i network thus growing the user base and revenue generated. 700 million installs and growingLet’s get to work. www.W3i.com 1.855.W3i.APPS info@W3i.com
  4. 4. acquire. monetize. grow.Smarter than the Average Bear - the Ramp-up of Battle Bears RoyaleThe Result acquire • DAU’s increased by 78% • 7-day retention rate doubled monetize • Revenue increased by 650% • ARPU increased by 400% • 49% of revenue driven by interstitial offers • $34.47 eCPM on interstitial offers during campaign grow • Port game to Android • Continued optimization • Franchise brand due to popularityTimeline • December 1st, 2011 – went live in the App Store • December 3rd, 2011 – First time in the Top 500 Grossing iPhone Apps • December 4th, 2011 – First time in Top 25 iPhone Apps • December 10th, 2011 – 1st Iteration: Tweaked consumables and conversion rates • December 19th, 2011 – 2nd Iteration: Removed forced login • January 27th, 2011 – 3rd Iteration: Adjusted 17 consumables • March 11th, 2012 – First time in the Top 200 Grossing iPhone and iPad Apps • March 12th, 2012 – First time in the Top 125 Grossing iPhone and iPad Games “W3i was essential in the production and pre- and post-launch strategy of Battle Bears Royale. By moving to the freemium model and using the monetization and user acquisition tools that W3i provided supported by their expertise, we were able to beat our revenue and user acquisition goals very quickly.” — Ben Vu, CEO, SkyVu Entertainment 700 million installs and growingLet’s get to work. www.W3i.com 1.855.W3i.APPS info@W3i.com
  5. 5. W3i Mobile Testimonials”W3i has proven to be a valued partner in marketing ourgame, My Pet Zombie. Not only did we quickly becomeprofitable with our app, W3i helped increase the lifetimevalue of our users by three times. We would highly W3i Deliversrecommend using W3i to market your mobile game.”Brian Robbins, Founder, Riptide Games “I just wanted to express my thanks to“W3i’s user acquisition efforts took my quality game, and you and the Rechargeturned it into a hit. By working with W3i, my company’s team for the advicerevenue and profitability increased beyond even my wildest and continued supportprojections. I would highly recommend W3i.” commentsRaik Bittner. “We will continue to use W3i for cost effective for SpellCraft. Thedistribution of Fish Farm and other games in development.” game is generating enormously positiveRaik Bittner, Managing Director, Raix Games reviews by users (4.5 Stars with 1,100 reviews) and has the“W3i knows their app marketing onions; and AppAllStar potential to be the nextis a great tool for gaining App Store chart traction.” big social-mobile gameWill Luton, Mobile Pie on iOS. We are actively working on bug fixes and enhancements to“It was great working with W3i on the launch of our make the game more”new game, Monsterz’ Revenge. With the help oftheir platform, Monsterz really climbed the overall Chris Ulmrankings in the App Store. We would recommend CEO,using W3i for your next app campaign.” Appy EntertainmentChieh Huang, Astro Ape Studios www.W3i.com“Our collaboration with W3i has allowed us to transition info@W3i.comfrom building great games to releasing profitable games.W3i brings deep expertise in app marketing and analytics 1.855.W3i.APPSto the table, and has helped us improve the performanceof our game Fairy Tale City on all key metrics across theboard. It doesn’t hurt that the W3i guys are awesome towork with, and truly enjoy working on mobile games.”Nilesh Jahagirdar, COO, YesGnomeMonetize. Acquire. Grow.