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ALPHA Script - Lang-Converter


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Draft 1

Published in: Technology
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ALPHA Script - Lang-Converter

  1. 1. Lang-Converter (Draft 1)ALPHA Script - Lang-Converter is the application that uses a XML reader, parses the XMLschema and generates code in any programming language. The purpose of this paper is onlyto refer to best practices on developing a Lang-Converter that translates ALPHA Scriptmeta-language into a true programming language.The Lang-Converter should start reading from the top of the XML file. When the readermeets the “definitions” and “code blocks” should map them into equivalent code of thetarget programming language and then move on to the “base”.When the base code refers to a definition tag or to a code block tag the converted codeshould be mapped together with the referrer.See the ALPHA Script – XML Schema (Example).xml for more information.George Delaportas (G0D)---CEO & Founder of localhost Ltd.Informatics & Computer EngineerMSc in Data Communications & NetworkingPhD in Digital Forensics