ALPHA Script - Ignite Athens 2012


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ALPHA Script - Ignite Athens 2012

  1. 1. A Unified Meta-Language over the Cloud “Code Once, Deploy Anywhere”George A. DelaportasInformatics & Computer EngineerMSc in Networking and Data CommunicationsPhD in Computer Forensics & Anti-Hacking Mechanisms
  2. 2. Soup of Programming LanguagesPython PHP XML C VB.NETPerl SOAP Java AdaC++ C# CSS HTML SQLASP.NET JavaScript
  3. 3. Platforms & Devices androidWindows iOS
  4. 4. Products & Services SOCIAL MEDIAApps Augmented Reality Ads Streaming
  5. 5. Expenses for Resources Expert in Python Expert in CExpert in CSS Expert in PHP Expert in JAVA People + Knowledge => Raises Cost!
  6. 6. Limits & Boundaries OpenMicrosoft Source Apple
  7. 7. The Market Today Windows = .NET, Visual StudioOpen Source = Zend, Code-Igniter, Joomla, Eclipse, etc. OS X = Objective C, Cocoa
  8. 8. Cloud Computing Era
  9. 9. ALPHA Script over the Cloud ALPHA Script GoogleAzure Cloud Any Cloud AmazoniCloud (EC2)
  10. 10. Transparent Interoperability & Interchangeability androidWindows iOS
  11. 11. The Inter-Communication Process JAVA.NET Google CloudAzure Obj-C iCloud
  12. 12. The Inter-Cloud Process ALPHA Script From / To other clouds AzureC#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, F#, ...
  13. 13. Keep the Market AS-IS PHP AdaSOAP C VB.NET Perl Java XML SQL C++ Python C# JavaScriptHTML CSS ASP.NET Advance - DO NOT Supplant
  14. 14. SME Companies Extend Boundaries Initial Market Windows Apple Open Source Unified Cloud Market Cloud Other
  15. 15. Minimize Effort & Cost MoneyFrustrated Geek InsaneExpenses
  16. 16. Products & Services FirmwareNew O/S ServicesTools
  17. 17. Featureso Conversion from XML / JSON into any code of any programming language and vice-versa.o Vendors convert the XML / JSON into code that was previously written in different programming languages for different targets.o Enable the programmer to set directives for specific target languages or for mission critical applications.o Route the end-point complexity of software development to the cloud core.
  18. 18. ImpactThe next 5 years...o ALPHA Script will be the technology behind all the thin-clients.o Web applications will be deployed in seconds and scaled up globally in minutes.o One web application will be available to run on any thin-client being connected on any vendor cloud at any time.
  19. 19. The Futureo Open Consortium for prototyping ALPHA Script.o Eventually all the clouds will adapt it.o Prepare the ground for the real Visual Programming where any user can use entities and actions like in UML and “draw” an application.
  20. 20. EpilogueUseful links:o THANK YOU! George A. Delaportas