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11.08.2011 jpm


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Informe del JPM sobre cupones

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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11.08.2011 jpm

  1. 1. Emerging Markets Research 11 August 2011Argentina Strategy UpdateGDP Warrants still offer value despite the decouplingfrom US equities Our updated model valuations suggest a USD warrant fair value of US$27 and expected final payment for 2018. The net present value of the next payment Emerging Markets Research ($4.41), implying a P/E of 3.8, gives a cheap optionality on future growth of Argentina. Carlos J Carranza AC (54-11) 4348-3425 Market value is always below fair model value; today the ratio is closer to the JPMorgan Chase Bank Sucursal cheaper end of its historical trading range. Comparison of today’s GDP warrant Buenos Aires price relative to fair value with historical prices suggests that GDP warrants are not AC overvalued despite decoupling from US equities. Over the available 2.5 year Dennis Badlyans (1-212)-434-9150 history, the USD warrants have traded between 50% and 90% of fair value—with the most current point at 63% closer to the bottom of the range (see chart 1). J.P. Morgan Securities LLCFigure 1: Market Value and Percentage of Fair Value Vladimir Werning AC 110% (1-212)-434-4144 100% J.P. Morgan Securities LLC 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% Jan-09 Apr-09 Jul-09 Oct-09 Jan-10 Apr-10 Jul-10 Oct-10 Jan-11 Apr-11 Jul-11 USD Euro ARGSource: J.P.MorganLarge size of next 2 expected coupons (nearly $10 or 59% of mkt price) standout. The net present value of the next two coupons (over 18 month horizon) isnearly $10 vs. the market price of $16.97. The estimate for the first coupon is setbased on 2010 reported data and is due to pay $4.41 on 15-Dec-2011 and thesubsequent coupon based on our forecast (7%) of this year’s already strong growthso far (Jan-May reported at 8.7%oya) results in a payment of $5.83. Extending outfarther to our 2012 forecast of 4.8% growth we project a payment of $6.68 on 15-Dec-2013.Table1: Expected GDP coupon payments Payment Date Expected payment (%) Dec-11 4.41 Dec-12 5.83 Dec-13 6.68Source: J.P.MorganReduced beta of GDP warrants vs. S&P has been the theme this year. Currentequity market adjustments have impacted GDP warrants and have drawn attentionto correlations. Simple regression model on S&P 500 index suggest that externalThe certifying analyst(s) is indicated by the notation “AC.” See last page of thereport for analyst certification and important legal and regulatory disclosures.
  2. 2. Carlos J Carranza AC Emerging Markets Research(54-11) 4348-3425 11 August 2011carlos.j.carranza@jpmorgan.comJPMorgan Chase Bank SucursalBuenos Aires factors were the main drivers behind the market price of the warrants through min- 2010. Since 3Q 2010 however warrant prices have broken from their historical relationship to the upside. In addition to greater weight of idiosyncratic factors, high expected coupons may explain part of the reduced sensitivity of GDP warrant price vs. S&P. Figure 2: USD GDP Warrant Price vs. S&P 500 Model Estimate 20 16.98 15 10 8.58 5 0 Jan-07 Jul-07 Jan-08 Jul-08 Jan-09 Jul-09 Jan-10 Jul-10 Jan-11 Jul-11 US$ Wrnt Price Wrnt Model (S&P500) Source: J.P.Morgan A high coupon payment is a corollary of large accumulation of excess GDP thus far. The warrants currently pay based on two triggers, GDP level and GDP growth. The GDP level trigger is based on the 2005 GDP level and an average growth scenario of less than 3.4%/year from 2005 to 2010. The Argentine economy has grown an average of 6.8% per year over the same period. This means the larger the gap the larger the coupon payment. The only effective hurdle for payment in the next years is the second trigger which is based on the yearly rate of growth; actual growth must beat the base case growth. The rate of growth going forward is under 3.261% over the next three years and equal to 3% thereafter. Figure 3: Actual GDP and Forecast GDP vs. Base Case GDP Levels 770,000 670,000 570,000 470,000 370,000 270,000 Dec-04 Dec-07 Dec-10 Dec-13 Dec-16 Dec-19 Dec-22 Dec-25 Dec-28 Dec-31 Dec-34 Base Case GDP Real GDP Forecast Source: J.P.Morgan2
  3. 3. ACCarlos J Carranza Emerging Markets Research(54-11) 4348-3425 11 August 2011carlos.j.carranza@jpmorgan.comJPMorgan Chase Bank SucursalBuenos AiresThe research analyst(s) denoted by an “AC” on the cover of this report certifies (or, where multiple research analysts are primarily responsible forthis report, the research analyst denoted by an “AC” on the cover or within the document individually certifies, with respect to each security orissuer that the research analyst covers in this research) that: (1) all of the views expressed in this report accurately reflect his or her personal viewsabout any and all of the subject securities or issuers; and (2) no part of any of the research analyst’s compensation was, is, or will be directly orindirectly related to the specific recommendations or views expressed by the research analyst(s) in this report.Conflict of Interest:This research contains the views, opinions and recommendations of J.P. Morgan credit research analysts. Research analysts routinelyconsult with J.P. Morgan trading desk personnel in formulating views, opinions and recommendations in preparing research. Tradingdesks may trade, or have traded, as principal on the basis of the research analyst(s) views and report(s). Therefore, this research may notbe independent from the proprietary interests of J.P. Morgan trading desks which may conflict with your interests. In addition, researchanalysts receive compensation based, in part, on the quality and accuracy of their analysis, client feedback, trading desk and firmrevenues and competitive factors. As a general matter, J.P. Morgan and/or its affiliates normally make a market and trade as principal infixed income securities discussed in research reports.Analysts’ Compensation: The research analysts responsible for the preparation of this report receive compensation based upon various factors,including the quality and accuracy of research, client feedback, competitive factors and overall firm revenues. The firm’s overall revenues includerevenues from its investment banking and fixed income business units.Important DisclosuresExplanation of Credit Research Ratings:Ratings System: J.P. Morgan uses the following sector/issuer portfolio weightings: Overweight (over the next three months, the recommendedrisk position is expected to outperform the relevant index, sector, or benchmark), Neutral (over the next three months, the recommended riskposition is expected to perform in line with the relevant index, sector, or benchmark), and Underweight (over the next three months, therecommended risk position is expected to underperform the relevant index, sector, or benchmark). J.P. Morgan’s Emerging Market research usesa rating of Marketweight, which is equivalent to a Neutral rating.Valuation & Methodology: In J.P. Morgan’s credit research, we assign a rating to each issuer (Overweight, Underweight or Neutral) based onour credit view of the issuer and the relative value of its securities, taking into account the ratings assigned to the issuer by credit rating agenciesand the market prices for the issuer’s securities. Our credit view of an issuer is based upon our opinion as to whether the issuer will be able serviceits debt obligations when they become due and payable. We assess this by analyzing, among other things, the issuer’s credit position usingstandard credit ratios such as cash flow to debt and fixed charge coverage (including and excluding capital investment). We also analyze theissuer’s ability to generate cash flow by reviewing standard operational measures for comparable companies in the sector, such as revenue andearnings growth rates, margins, and the composition of the issuer’s balance sheet relative to the operational leverage in its business.Other DisclosuresJ.P. Morgan is the global brand name for J.P. Morgan Securities Inc. (JPMSI) and its non-US affiliates worldwide.J.P. Morgan Cazenove is a brand name for equity research produced by J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd.; J.P. Morgan Equities Limited; JPMorganChase Bank, N.A., Dubai Branch; and J.P. Morgan Bank International LLC..Options related research: If the information contained herein regards options related research, such information is available only to persons whohave received the proper option risk disclosure documents. For a copy of the Option Clearing Corporation’s Characteristics and Risks ofStandardized Options, please contact your J.P. Morgan Representative or visit the OCC’s website at Entities DisclosuresU.S.: JPMS is a member of NYSE, FINRA,SIPC and the NFA. J.P. Morgan Futures Inc. is a member of the NFA. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. isa member of FDIC and is authorized and regulated in the UK by the Financial Services Authority. U.K.: J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd. (JPMSL) is amember of the London Stock Exchange and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registered in England & Wales No.2711006. Registered Office 125 London Wall, London EC2Y 5AJ. South Africa: J.P. 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  4. 4. Carlos J Carranza AC AC Emerging Markets Research Felipe Pianetti(54-11) 4348-3425 11 August 2011 (1-212) felipe.q.pianetti@jpmorgan.comJPMorgan Chase Bank Sucursal J.P. Morgan Securities LLCBuenos Airesis issued and distributed in Malaysia by JPMorgan Securities (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (18146-X) which is a Participating Organization of Bursa MalaysiaBerhad and a holder of Capital Markets Services License issued by the Securities Commission in Malaysia. Pakistan: J. P. Morgan Pakistan Broking(Pvt.) Ltd is a member of the Karachi Stock Exchange and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Saudi Arabia: J.P.Morgan Saudi Arabia Ltd. is authorized by the Capital Market Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (CMA) to carry out dealing as an agent,arranging, advising and custody, with respect to securities business under licence number 35-07079 and its registered address is at 8th Floor, Al-Faisaliyah Tower, King Fahad Road, P.O. Box 51907, Riyadh 11553, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dubai: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Dubai Branchis regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and its registered address is Dubai International Financial Centre - Building 3, Level7, PO Box 506551, Dubai, UAE.Country and Region Specific DisclosuresU.K. and European Economic Area (EEA): Unless specified to the contrary, issued and approved for distribution in the U.K. and the EEA byJPMSL. Investment research issued by JPMSL has been prepared in accordance with JPMSLs policies for managing conflicts of interest arising as aresult of publication and distribution of investment research. Many European regulators require a firm to establish, implement and maintain such apolicy. This report has been issued in the U.K. only to persons of a kind described in Article 19 (5), 38, 47 and 49 of the Financial Services andMarkets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 (all such persons being referred to as "relevant persons"). 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In the case of share trading, JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd., will be receiving abrokerage fee and consumption tax (shouhizei) calculated by multiplying the executed price by the commission rate which was individually agreedbetween JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd., and the customer in advance. Financial Instruments Firms: JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd.,Kanto Local Finance Bureau (kinsho) No. 82 Participating Association / Japan Securities Dealers Association, The Financial Futures Association ofJapan. Korea: This report may have been edited or contributed to from time to time by affiliates of J.P. Morgan Securities (Far East) Ltd, SeoulBranch. Singapore: JPMSS and/or its affiliates may have a holding in any of the securities discussed in this report; for securities where the holdingis 1% or greater, the specific holding is disclosed in the Important Disclosures section above. 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