1st grade open house 2011 2012


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1st grade open house 2011 2012

  1. 1. First Gradeis a “magical” yearWelcome to First Grade as a Kuentz Coyote
  2. 2. Requirements for promotion to 2nd grade:Students must…• Read and comprehend unseen text at an ending first grade level (Level I).
  3. 3. Required Reading Levels for the End of Each 9 Week Grading Period• 1st nine weeks, Oct. 26th – Level C• 2nd nine weeks, Jan. 18th – Level E• 3rd nine weeks, March 29th – Level G• 4th nine weeks, May 24th – Level I
  4. 4. ReadingReading skills taught include:• Phonemic Awareness – the manipulation of sounds.• Phonics – The relationship between written and spoken letters and sounds.• Fluency – Accurate reading with appropriate rate, expression and phrasing.• Comprehension – understanding the text.• Vocabulary – knowledge of words and their definitions.
  5. 5. Requirements for promotion to 2nd grade:Students must also…• Work on grade level in mathematics and• Demonstrate most of the first grade TEKS in reading and math or be expected to do so early in the next year. http://www.tea.state.tx.us/index2.aspx?id=6148•
  6. 6. Language Arts Skills• Listening and Speaking – Students will increase their proficiency in putting thoughts and feelings into spoken words.• Handwriting – Students will increase their proficiency in writing with proper letter formation, appropriate size and spacing.• Writing – Students will increase their proficiency in writing for a variety of audiences, purposes, and using many forms of writing.
  7. 7. Math Units Covered• Number Sense• Addition and Subtraction to 18• Place Value to 99• Patterns• Money• Graphing and Probability• Geometry and Fractions• Time and Measurement• Problem Solving
  8. 8. Science and Social Studies Units Covered Science Social Studies• Nature of Science • I am a Citizen• Magnificent Magnifiers • My Home, My• Maps and Globes Neighborhood, Our Our Earth, Our Community• Resources. • Celebrate Freedom• Life in the Texas • Martin Luther King Jr. Desert Ecosystem • Work, Work, Work• Pets Matter • Technology Brings Change
  9. 9. Homework• A homework grid will go home in your child’s daily folder on Mondays. Please have your child complete it throughout the week and return it on Friday.• Students are also expected to read 15 minutes each night. These minutes can be recorded on the reading log for our school wide reading program.• In addition to the homework grid we encourage students to visit spellingcity.com to practice their spelling words. They also should be able to read the weekly high frequency words.
  10. 10. Take Home Folders• All students have a red daily folder which will include the newsletter, homework grid, papers from the office, and the school wide reading log.• Also in the red folder is the blue Coyote Code of Conduct folder. Please review, initial, and return each day.• Graded papers will also go in the red daily folder every Monday.
  11. 11. Coyote Code of Conduct1. Your choices are your own. * Make good choices.2. Everyone shows respect. * Be kind and nice to everyone.3. Listen and follow directions.4. Position yourself for success. * Be ready and prepared to learn.
  12. 12. Conduct Grading ScaleGrades for each 9 Week Period• E 0-4 marks in folder• S 5-9 marks in folder• N 10-13 marks in folder• U 14 + marks in folder
  13. 13. Birthday CelebrationsStudents may bring cupcakes to share with the class on their birthdays. Cupcakes may be served the last 15 minutes of class time. Please contact your child’s teacher to arrange the time and date. Please send napkins or paper towels along with the cupcakes.
  14. 14. Odds and Ends• Please remind students not to bring toys or other personal items to school. Balls are permitted to play with during recess. I encourage you to send a water bottle for your child to have at recess.• You will be notified by your child’s teacher when special items will be allowed.