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Tme Capability Statement

  1. 1.
  2. 2. TME Group Overview<br />The TME Group provide specialist services to the mining and oil & gas industries, where the strengths of our long history provide both a wealth of experience and client satisfaction that they are dealing with an organisation that has strong resources.<br /> <br />TME has been involved in both the mining and oil & gas industries over the years, and is supported by our team of technical and strategic specialists, who have experience in all areas of the industry, including:<br /> <br /><ul><li>Engineering Design
  3. 3.  
  4. 4. Fabrication
  5. 5.  
  6. 6. Construction
  7. 7.  
  8. 8. Mill Installation and Relines
  9. 9.  
  10. 10. Fabrication of Reline Liner Handler Machines
  11. 11.  
  12. 12. Project Management and Engineering Support
  13. 13.  
  14. 14. Administration, Payroll and Recruitment
  15. 15.  
  16. 16. Collaborative Contracting</li></ul> <br />The TME Group has been in operation from 1952 with extensive experience gained in providing Structural, Mechanical and Piping (SMP) services, as well as Mill Installation and Reline Services. <br /> <br />The TME Group have workshop and office facilities in Geraldton, Perth, Kalgoorlie, Cairns, Hobart and South Africa, with the capacity to mobilise to site on relatively short notice.<br /> <br />The TME Group utilises a dedicated internal recruitment service, where the prime responsibility is to ensure that all required personnel are sourced, pre-qualified and are job ready to commence work when required to do so. The low turnover rates we experience is a testament to the level of service provided to both the Client and our field personnel.<br /> <br />The capacity of TME is underpinned by the fact that there are in excess of 450 personnel currently employed, with the capability to extend well beyond this figure.<br /> <br />TME have undertaken national and international contracts, where there has been a requirement to provide experienced personnel and equipment, and have the strength and stability required to undertake projects in the current market environment.<br /> <br />The work we undertake encompasses all aspects of the project, from initial contract start-up through to commissioning and post commissioning support.<br />
  17. 17. Engineering<br />The TME Group can provide “Whole of Project” services, that include Feasibility and Design of projects, including Engineering, Procurement and Contract Management (EPCM), as well Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), so as to ensure that the client’s requirements and quality management is maintained at a high level throughout the project.<br /> <br />The TME Group, in conjunction with our Alliance Partners, can provide range of engineering services, and has the ability to work with the client as part of an integrated working alliance.<br /> <br />Skills that can be provided to the client include:<br />Engineering Design<br />Design Drafting and Drafting Management<br />Procurement<br />Contract Management<br />Project Management<br />Sub-Contractor Management and Collaboration<br />Fabrication<br />The TME Group have fabrication workshops in Geraldton, Cairns, and alliances in Perth and Thailand, and have the ability to provide cost effective and quality output, whilst maintaining a strong presence in Australian based engineering and project management, thus providing the client with a high level of representation.<br /> <br />The TME Group’s distinction lies in the areas of:<br /> <br />fabrication of platework, piping and structural steel<br />equipment management, <br />supply of skilled personnel <br />exotic welding capability<br />project management<br />specialised equipment manufacture<br />
  18. 18. Construction<br />TME can provide services to clients by way of managed works packages, installation only, or based on full construction management, including supervision / management of sub-contractors based on a vertical packageof works.<br /> <br />All TME Construction Managers and Supervisors hold the appropriate level of qualifications, have extensive experience in their respective fields, and have received the full suite of Systems training and Project information briefings. <br /> <br />Senior project personnel are formally introduced to the client prior to the commencement of each project.<br /> <br />Construction<br /><ul><li>capability range – contract values up to A$40M
  19. 19. structural steel erection
  20. 20. conveyor galleries installation and commissioning
  21. 21. pipe installation
  22. 22. crusher installation
  23. 23. thickener and tank installation</li></ul> <br />Plant relocations<br /><ul><li>dis-assembly and re-assembly of complete plants
  24. 24. refurbishment of plant and structures
  25. 25. reconfiguration of plant to suit new application
  26. 26. modifications to meet new process requirements
  27. 27. refurbishment and reinstallation of mills and crushing plants.</li></ul> <br />Maintenance<br /><ul><li>mine and process plant breakdown and routine maintenance
  28. 28. installation or modification to operating plant
  29. 29. assistance with teams or individuals for emergencies or planned shutdowns
  30. 30. capability for immediate response to emergency situation.</li></li></ul><li>Mill Installation and Relines <br />TME Mill Relines specialises in grinding mill liner changes, new installations and the decommissioning or dismantling of plant and equipment.<br /> <br />It has an international reputation for its highly disciplined and systematic focus on reducing mill downtime, as well as the unrivalled skill and worldwide experience of its supervisors and work teams.<br /> <br />TME prides itself in the unmatched depth of experience and the commitment to continuous<br />improvement of it’s Reline division. Many of our personnel have worked together for the better part of<br />a decade, proving that our employees are happy with the way TME operates and the way our<br />supervisors lead their teams.<br /> <br />It is our aim to be a value-added service provider and view ourselves as a partner with the client in<br />the management of Critical Path - not just another contracting company.<br /> <br />We offer our expertise in:<br /><ul><li>Planning
  31. 31. Monitoring
  32. 32. Evaluating shutdowns</li></ul> <br />In our continuous push to reduce reline incurred downtime.<br /> <br />Our teams are held in high regard throughout the industry and have a reputation for expediency,<br />innovation and safety.<br /> <br />Our teams are equipped to supply professional reline services whenever and wherever required.<br /> <br />Core Benefits include:<br /><ul><li>Continuous Improvement Program
  33. 33. Qualified liner handler operators
  34. 34. Highly experienced trained supervisors
  35. 35. International reputation for excellence
  36. 36. Specialised equipment
  37. 37. Safety Management Personnel with every Reline</li></li></ul><li>Central to this capability is a TME-developed software program, Short Interval Control. <br /> <br />This provides a comprehensive guide to efficient shut-down management. It identifies a critical path for planning and scheduling tasks to be completed during a shut down and real-time information on parts moved, mill turn time and estimated completion time. <br /> <br />This facilitates maximisation of available resources and minimises mill down-time.<br /> <br />This information is presented in user-friendly tables and graphs that have both on-site applications during a shut-down but also assist in post-reline analysis and the continuous improvement of procedures and processes used on a particular project.<br /> <br />On completion of every mill reline TME provides a detailed report of the process undertaken with recommendations as to any improvements that could be made and any relevant suggestions<br />regarding maintenance or the timing of future relines. <br /> <br />This enables TME Mill Relines to be considered a value-adding partner rather than just a contractor on mill reline projects.<br /> <br />Their focus on efficiency, innovation and safety is a product of TME’s vast collective experience in mill relines, and of working together for lengthy periods. <br /> <br />This is complemented by unrivalled practical knowledge and skills as well as detailed understanding of the characteristics of particular sites or plants.<br /> <br />TME understands that the relining of mills is a critical path project, of which any downtime of the mill can reduce the profitability of the mining operation. As a result of this, the TME Group works with clients to purpose build Mill Liner Handler Machines, so as to enable an efficient reline of the client’s mill.<br /> <br />The Mill Liner Handler Machine is a TME Group proprietary design, which sits outside the mill shell, with a telescopic boom to manoeuvre the mill liners into position. <br /> <br />By default, the Mill Liner Handler Machine also reduces the potential for injury in the workplace, thus assisting the TME Group and our clients work towards the goal of Zero Harm.<br /> <br />In addition, the TME Group is developing a World First training program, Certificates I, II and III in Mill Lining, which will be a comprehensive training program for mill relining personnel. This training program will focus on the skills, professionalism and safety requirements required to undertake an efficient and safe mill reline.<br />
  38. 38. Project Management and Engineering Support<br />TME’semployees include administration staff, structural/mechanical engineers, supervisory personnel, estimators, quality advisors, boilermakers, riggers, crane drivers, mechanical fitters and storepersons, with access to engineering personnel as and when required.<br /> <br />TME’s capabilities can add a new dimension to the development of new projects, due to our ability to provide a focus on the outcome of the project. <br /> <br />TME has extensive contract management experience, knowledge and expertise providing the necessary capabilities to ensure complete project management from concept to commissioning. This can include engineering design, CAD drafting and equipment procurement as part of a total package.<br /> <br />This capability combined with our well-established fabrication, erection and installation experience enables TME to provide cost effective, efficient project management and project implementation solutions.<br /> <br />Over the years, TME has built a reputation as an employer of choice, which has allowed us to provide the following level of support:<br /> <br />On Site Services<br /><ul><li>Construction Management and Supervision: all trades.
  39. 39. Industrial relations management.
  40. 40. Trade labour resources, supply, administration and logistics management.
  41. 41. HSEC competency and compliance.
  42. 42. Quality Management and related services.
  43. 43. Cost engineering, including management and related audits.</li></ul> <br />Support Services<br /><ul><li>Labour resourcing and logistics:
  44. 44. Procurement
  45. 45. Construction Planning and Scheduling
  46. 46. Document Control</li></li></ul><li>Human Resources & Labour Hire Division<br /> <br />The TME Group has been in operation for 59 years, and during this time has consistently employed in excess of 60% of each project workforce from previous Employees.<br /> <br />The labour hire division of TME Group is a fully resourced business unit with recruitment offices in Geraldton, Perth, Kalgoorlie and Tasmania. The team is made up of Industry Specialists able to mobilise personnel on relatively short notice.<br /> <br />TME specialises in supplying tradespeople and semi skilled labour for a wide variety of resource projects and contracts, mill reline services and workshop environments.<br /> <br />TME hires directly to ensure all personnel are equipped with industry tickets and qualifications to fulfil your labour needs. TME are dedicated to supplying experienced labour, with over 60% retention for each project workforce, with this number is expected to grow. <br /> <br />TME believe that this policy provides direct control, helps to maintain contact directly with the employee after the conclusion of each contract, and conveys the message that employees work as part of a team environment.<br /> <br />TME utilises internal resources to maintain our database, drive project recruitment and assist with the logistics of mobilising personnel to site, rest and recreation periods and demobilisation.<br /> <br />TME recruitment processes are conducted in accordance with best practice, to ensure that all prospective employees have been interviewed, reference checked, qualified and deemed fit for work, prior to mobilisation to site.<br /> <br />TME has a Human Resource Management Policy, which includes policies relating to personnel management, project supervision and industrial relations, including dispute resolution and on-site agreements.<br /> <br />TME has a policy of consistent communication with field personnel, which has resulted in high levels of productivity and minimal disruption on project work.<br /> <br />All personnel will be paid in accordance with market rates, and will adhere to any standards set by the client.<br />
  47. 47. Registered Training Organisation (RTO)<br /> <br />The capabilities of TME Group are based upon the abilities of our people, so training and development of our workforce is given high priority. As a Registered Training Organisation, our Safety and Training Division provides safety management services, both on and off site, and industry specific and nationally recognised training programmes.<br /> <br />TME Safety and Training Division comprises of trainer assessors and safety officers, supported by a team of qualified QA/QC officers and an experienced team of site supervisors. <br /> <br />Safety and Training courses and be provided as common industry based, or specifically designed to suit the client needs. All safety and training can be undertaken either on site or at an off site location. <br /> <br />TME is an international player with an Asia Pacific focus, able to offer bilingual training (Mandarin/English), tool box interpreting and translation services. This enables TME to support our clients’ ever diversifying workforce.<br /> <br />Training and Development<br /> <br />TME takes a hands on and committed approach to training and development. Courses available range from skills recognition programmes for individuals to courses catered to meet the specialised needs of larger organisations.<br />With our team of qualified and experienced personnel, the TME Group can provide training such as:<br /><ul><li>Dogging
  48. 48. Rigging
  49. 49. Elevated Work Platform
  50. 50. Confined Space Awareness (CS1)
  51. 51. Enter Confined Space (CS2)
  52. 52. Safety for Supervisors (S1, S2, S3)
  53. 53. Certificate II in Metalliferous Mining Operations (Open Cut & processing)
  54. 54. Certificate III in Metalliferous Mining Operations (Processing)</li></ul> <br />Safety is at the centre of our value system and operational philosophy and with its secure status as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) TME is a proactive educator and safe work practitioner.<br />
  55. 55. Indigenous and Community Employment<br />The TME Group is very proactive in our approach to Indigenous Employment, and plays an active part in the training and development of the local Midwest Indigenous Family Groups.<br /> <br />The TME Group is a Registered Training Organisation, and is proud of our reputation in assisting indigenous candidates obtain extra skills and qualifications, which enable our participants to become “Job Ready”.<br /> <br />The TME Group is a member of the Bayalgu Training Program, which in conjunction with the MMG Golden Grove Mining Operations, provides on the job training and skills to further their career development:<br /> <br />Golden Grove General Manager Mr Nick Mosenthal believes the program is an important <br />development tool for local Indigenous youth.<br /> <br />“The Bayalgu program plays a valuable role in providing Indigenous Australians with a range of entry-level work readiness skills and competencies to enter the resources, civil construction and associated service industries,” he said.<br /> <br />The program takes a holistic approach and includes safety awareness training, small machine operation, a live work road construction project, an industry work placement, and job preparation activities including resume, cover letter and interview training,” said Mr Mosenthal.<br /> <br />In addition, the TME Group believe that Community involvement, as participants of our workforce, produce a net positive effect on the way we perform our range of services.<br /> <br />Where our projects are of an international nature, the TME Group will actively seek local involvement where practicable.<br />
  56. 56. Our Delivery Approach<br />HSEC: Competency and Compliance<br /> <br />TME maintains a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment Policy, which is managed by a dedicated HSE Co-ordinator.<br /> <br />On each project, subject to size, TME will appoint a full time resource to manage the on-site HSE functions, including incident and injury management, daily start up meetings and regular tool box meetings.<br /> <br />TME undertakes comprehensive reporting of HSE statistics, JSA’s, Quality Management and Related services.<br /> <br />As a critical aspect of any project, TME will undertake a Risk Management Assessment, from which will be developed a Risk Management Plan. <br /> <br />The Risk Management Plan will be developed in conjunction with the Client nominated HSE Representative, and will form the basis of any Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Contractor induction (internal) processes, and project safety recording requirements.<br /> <br />Subject to the size and duration of the project, TME can allocate a full time HSE Co-ordinator.<br />  <br />Labour Resourcing and Logistics<br /> <br />TME has a dedicated Labour Resourcing Team, who recruit personnel for each project. <br /> <br />The TME Recruitment team are made up of industry specialists, who reside in the following offices:<br /><ul><li>Geraldton, Western Australia – Three (3) Personnel
  57. 57. Perth, Western Australia – Four (4) Personnel
  58. 58. Hobart, Tasmania – Three (3) Personnel
  59. 59. Cairns, Queensland – One (1) Personnel</li></ul> <br />In addition, the TME Perth Office has in residence a Chinese Liaison Manager, who speaks and writes in fluent Mandarin, following nine (9) years of extensive study in China and Taiwan. <br /> <br />The TME Group resources personnel from an extensive Australian and International database of industry focused personnel, who are managed on site by qualified and experienced supervisors, as part of our project management team.<br />
  60. 60. Our Delivery Approach (continued)<br />TME recruitment services are centred on the individual requirements of the project, such as the competencies required, medical standards, location, etc.<br /> <br />Subject to the specific requirements of the project, the Labour Resourcing Team will ensure that each nominated person shall have a full brief of the project requirements, have been assessed and site conditions have been provided.<br />The Labour Resourcing Team will manage all skills assessments (i.e. weld assessments), medicals and logistical requirements, such as tooling and equipment.<br /> <br />Technical and Professional Personnel<br /> <br />The TME Group has dedicated resources to ensure that specialist personnel required for both projects and technical based contracts are recruited by the most efficient methods of Search and Recruitment.<br /> <br />TME utilises as strong network of relationships with existing and potential technical personnel, and has established alliances with services providers, where a “win/win” solution can be provided for the client.<br /> <br />Some of the areas that the TME Group has provided, as a direct source or by technical alliance, include:<br /> <br /><ul><li>Design Engineers
  61. 61. Project Engineers
  62. 62. Project Management
  63. 63. Procurement Personnel
  64. 64. Planning and Scheduling
  65. 65. Project Controls
  66. 66. HSE Specialists
  67. 67. Document Control</li></li></ul><li>Our Delivery Approach (continued)<br />Procurement<br /> <br />TME utilises national procurement strategies, based on a competitive procurement process. Where projects have been set up as Schedule of Rates (SOR) or Cost Reimbursable, any agreement to purchase goods shall be discussed with the Client beforehand, so as to ensure that only approved vendors are utilised.<br /> <br />All purchases are undertaken by dedicated purchasing personnel, who will work in conjunction with the TME on-site nominated person, thus ensuring that any on site purchasing is supported by a professional team, who will negotiate service and supply agreements, and pre-qualify all suppliers, thus ensuring that goods arriving on site are only supplied by reputable and Standards aware companies.<br /> <br />These services include:<br /><ul><li>Vendor Management;
  68. 68. Provision of Goods and Services;
  69. 69. Fabrication and Material Supply;
  70. 70. Equipment Management; and
  71. 71. Subcontractor and Prequalification Management.</li></ul>  <br />Construction Planning and Scheduling<br /> <br />At the tender / contract development stage, TME will review the Client supplied Schedule, to ensure that our constructability schedule will align with the schedule agreed to with the Client.<br /> <br />Where there is a change in milestone dates, TME will immediately discuss with the Client any material effect this may have on the Project, and if so, what the requirements are to ensure adherence to the timeframe as outlined in the original schedule.<br /> <br />The TME Capital Works Supervisor, in conjunction with the Team Supervisors, shall compile daily work records, which shall be aligned with the schedule, and presented at Client Progress Meetings.<br />
  72. 72. Our Delivery Approach (continued)<br />Quality Assurance<br /> <br />As part of the construction process, TME shall develop a Project Quality Management Plan, which will operate in conjunction with the Project Execution Plan. Both plans shall be submitted to the Client or approval prior to implementation, and all relevant personnel shall receive a comprehensive briefing as to the content and operation of the plans.<br /> <br />TME has achieved and operates in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, and ensures strict compliance with the relevant Australian or International standard or code for work procedures.<br /> <br />All document control is managed in accordance with the above standards, and is kept both on-site and in a central, off-site location for back-up and security purposes.<br /> <br />Any variations to the original Scope of Works or Contract shall be approved prior to commencement of the task, with copies of all approvals being submitted as part of the invoicing procedure.<br /> <br />Cost Engineering<br /> <br />TME has the capacity to secure the best value from a project by considering the whole range of cost and risk inputs. <br />We bring an inherent understanding, gained through experience, of the costs of particular projects, from our experience in project delivery. TME utilise Project and Cost Engineering personnel to ensure that all project costs are captured.<br /> <br />TME provides full transparency for reimbursable contracts, during which our Cost Engineer will monitor all captured costs, and manage this on behalf of the client.<br /> <br />Document Control<br /> <br />TME maintains our Document Control section to the highest standard, with our Document Control Manager ensuring that full levels of traceability are available, in accordance with both our quality procedures and the client’s specific requirements.<br /> <br />TME’s document control system ensures that each project is maintained with the appropriate levels of authority so as to enable full client confidence that both security and uniformity have been maintained.<br /> <br />TME uses a modern document control management system, allowing the TME Project Document Control Specialist to remain the Gatekeeper of project documentation, so that the flow of information is controlled, recorded and has fast delivery.<br />
  73. 73. Recent Projects<br />IncitecPivot – Phosphate Hill<br /> <br />Phosphate Hill is located in Central North Queensland, South of Mt Isa.<br /> <br />As part of an overall Major Shutdown, the TME Group was contracted to perform fabrication, installation and project management services, consisting of the following works:<br /><ul><li>Fabrication of one Stainless Steel Re-Slurry Tank
  74. 74. Demolition Management of the Existing Re-Slurry Tank
  75. 75. Installation of the New Re-Slurry tank
  76. 76. Demolition Management of the Refractory Brick and Rubber Lining of the Reactor No. 2 Tank
  77. 77. Fabrication and Lining of the Reactor No. 2 Tank with Alloy 31 Plate</li></ul> <br />The engineering of this new type of lining was a major step by Incitec Pivot to improve the life cycle value of the Phosphate Hill Reactor Tank, and the amount of fabrication and welding of Alloy 31 for such a use was a World First Project.<br />
  78. 78. Luzenac – Three Springs Talc<br /> <br />Three Springs is located approximately 200km North of Perth in the Midwest Region of Western Australia,<br />and was the installation of a New Talc Plant, which involved the following areas of work:<br /> <br />Structural Erection<br /><ul><li>Erection of the Crusher Station
  79. 79. Erection of Conveyors CVN01, CV20, CVN04 & CVN05
  80. 80. Erection of Double Deck Screening Station
  81. 81. Erection of Sample Tower & Sample Lump Crusher Steelwork
  82. 82. Installation of Barrier Railing and Walkway Shelter</li></ul> <br />Mechanical – Miscellaneous Works<br /><ul><li>Vibrating Grizzly Feeder
  83. 83. Jaw Crushers
  84. 84. Conveyors
  85. 85. Rockbreaker
  86. 86. Triple Deck Vibrating Screen</li></ul> <br />Piping Installation<br /><ul><li>Installation of manifolds and piping spools
  87. 87. Plant water distribution pipe work and associated valves</li></ul> <br />The TME Group were able to ensure that the project was consistently maintained both ahead of time and budget.<br />
  88. 88. Recent Project (continued)<br />Dept of Defence – A380 Project<br /> <br />The Department of Defence has, as part of it’s training assets, a mock-up airplane for use in anti-terrorist training scenarios. As part of it’s commitment to ongoing relevant training, the Department commissioned the design and upgrade of one of it’s existing assets, so as to resemble an A380 aircraft.<br /> <br />The TME was awarded the contract to fabricate and install <br />the structural steel required to ensure that the training facility <br />withstands the rigours of extensive use.<br />As an adjunct to the contract, the TME Group also assisted <br />with the layout design, thus allowing for a seamless transition from <br />an existing mock-up, to allow for the addition of the A380 layout.<br /> <br />The works included strengthening of the lower fuselage, so as to <br />accommodate an extra 16 tonne of structural steel to be installed <br />as a new upper deck. This involved the rolling and fabrication of <br />upper deck ellipses, which were installed with minimal tolerance to ensure a realistic outcome.<br />  <br />TiwestChandala – SR10 Shutdown<br /> <br />Tiwest undertook a major shutdown for the Chandala Synthetic RutilePlant, which operates north of Perth, near Muchea, Western Australia.<br />The aim of the 35 day shutdown was to refurbish the Kiln, and to undertake major critical path maintenance for the remainder of the site.<br /> <br />The TME Group were tasked with the following works:<br /><ul><li>Removal and replacement of tanks and tank components
  89. 89. Structural Steel Repairs
  90. 90. Pipework Removal and replacement
  91. 91. Mogenson Screen Removal and replacement
  92. 92. Hopper repairs and replacement
  93. 93. Chute repairs and replacement</li></li></ul><li>Office Locations<br /> <br />Head Office<br />86 Flores Road<br />Geraldton 6530 Western Australia<br />T + 61 8 9921 3166<br />F + 61 8 9249 9444<br /> <br />Perth<br />Unit 4/471 Victoria Road<br />Malaga 6090 Western Australia<br />T + 61 8 9249 9444<br />F + 61 8 9249 3900<br /> <br />Kalgoorlie<br />72 Chaffers Street<br />Boulder 6432 Western Australia<br />T + 61 8 9093 1722<br />F + 61 8 9093 2425<br /> <br />Cairns<br />15 Johnston Street<br />Stratford 4870 Queensland<br />T + 61 7 4055 1705<br />F + 61 7 4055 2887<br /> <br />Hobart<br />39 Tower Road<br />Newtown 7008 Tasmania<br />T + 61 3 6228 0313<br />F + 61 3 6228 0315<br /> <br />Rustenburg (S.Africa)<br />Business Unit B<br />Delta Place<br />17 Kgwebo Avenue<br />Mabe Business Park<br />Rustenburg SA 0299<br />T + 61 8 9921 3166 <br />F + 61 8 9249 9444<br />(All enquiries to Head Office)<br />