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GCS Product Menu


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The most current menu of the products and services offered by Gourmet Coffee Service.

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GCS Product Menu

  1. 1. We’re Going to Spoil You! ® Product Menu (800) 834-0220 National Operator Of ® The Year ® Preferred Provider
  2. 2. ® If you enjoy the wonderful coffee available at your local bean store, then you’ll love our fine custom roasted coffee. We select the world’s finest beans (100% Arabica) and roast them just dark enough to deliver perfect flavor. Enjoy the smooth and delicious taste all day long.What really sets us apart is our uniqueapproach to the coffee service business. Ourprofessional management team has nearlyone hundred years of collective officerefreshment and coffee service experience.That’s enough time to learn what great serviceis all about. We listen to you and create theideal program to meet your office refreshmentneeds. As delicious as our coffee is, we know you have a budget to worry about. The good news is that you can enjoy our finest quality gourmet coffee for about half of what you would pay at your local bean store and we can usually beat or match the price of the ordinary coffee that you’re drinking in the office right now.In addition to a worldly variety of finegourmet and commercial roast coffee, weoffer an extensive menu of “office pantry”items and office refreshment services. Soda,juice, snacks, teas, condiments, first aid kitsand water coolers are among the severalhundred items available. We can arrange fullservice vending as well. 1
  3. 3. OUR FRESH ROASTED GOURMET COFFEESCOFFEE VARIETY DESCRIPTIONSeattle Blend Our most popular rich coffee dark roasted with a smooth heavy bodyVienna Roast A Costa Rican, Guatemalan blend designed to be mellow100% Colombian Full flavored coffee made from very select beans ®Kona Blend Like the silent pleasure of a deserted tropical beach...a moment to savorSumatra Blend Deep, distinctive flavor, smooth roasted to perfection...our most popular exotic blendNorth Beach Blend Inspired by the fine Italian roasted coffee from San Francisco’s Little ItalyGuatemalan Dark This masterful dark roast is the product of one of the world’s premier coffee regionsVienna Roast Decaf Decaf drinkers rave about this blend...delivers mellow well rounded flavorDark Decaf Dark roasted for maximum richness...a flavorful choice for decaf loversCOFFEE VARIETY Gourmet’s Best Created for the dark roasted coffee loverBreakfast Blend Enjoy the comforting aroma and flavor of this fine Arabica blendHouse Blend The finest coffee house would be happy to call this their signature blend...We’re very happy that it’s oursDonut Shop Our latest winner. A refined version of America’s most popular coffeeFrench Roast A dark coffee with a bold, smoky flavor. A perfect roast for the true rich coffee loverItalian Roast Rich, intense, earthy, exploding with flavor. Our “Italian Masterpiece”GAVIÑA ORGANIC COFFEES PEET’S COFFEE & TEAMexican Major Dickason’s BlendGuatemalan Dark House Blend - Regular and DecafGAVIÑA FLAVORED COFFEE French RoastButterscotch Colombia ®Cinnamon Hazelnut SumatraChocolate Raspberry Fair Trade BlendFrench Caramel STARBUCKS ®French Vanilla House Blend - Regular and DecafHawaiian Hazelnut - Regular and Decaf French RoastVanilla Nut - Regular and Decaf Caffé VeronaIrish Creme SumatraFlavored Variety Pack Breakfast Blend ®SEATTLE’S BEST FLAVORED COFFEE Café Estima (Fair Trade)Fair Trade Vanilla Bean COFFEE BEAN COFFEECinnabon House BlendHazelnut Cream French RoastTORREFAZIONE ITALIA GOURMET COFFEENapoli BlendMontecatini - Decaf ®2
  4. 4. KEURIG COFFEES & TEAS Convenience & Quality in a One-Cup SolutionGLORIA JEAN’S UNIT CASESwiss Chocolate Almond - 96ctHazelnut - 96ctButter Toffee - 96ctFrench Vanilla Supreme - 96ctCappuccino - 96ctWOLFGANG PUCKSorrento Fair Trade - 96ctRodeo Drive - 96ctJamaica Me Crazy - 96ctCOFFEE PEOPLE - 96ctOrganic - Medium - 96ctWake Up Call - Rich - 96ctBlack Tiger - Rich - 96ctDonut Shop - Medium - 96ctJet Fuel - Rich 96ctDIEDRICH’S - 96ct100% Colombian - Medium - 96ctFrench Roast - Rich - 96ctEMERILSBig Easy Bold - Rich 96ctGREEN MOUNTAINBreakfast Blend - Mild - 96ctNewman’s Special Blend - Medium - 96ctDouble Black Diamond - Rich - 96ctOrganic Espresso Blend - Rich 96ctCaramel Vanilla Cream - 96ctMocha Nut Fudge - 96ctBreakfast Blend Decaf - Mild - 96ctFrench Vanilla Decaf - 96ctFrench Roast - Rich - 96ctFrench Roast Decaf - Rich - 96ctHot Cocoa 96ctCinnamon Roll - 96ctKenyan AA - Medium - 96ctNantucket Blend—Iced Brewed - 88ctFrench Vanilla—Iced Brewed - 88ctSumatran Reserve—Rich 96ctTULLY’S -Italian Roast - Rich - 96ctTIMOTHY’S - 96ctGerman Chocolate Cake - 96ct The K-Cup ProcessRain Forest Espresso Decaf - Rich - 96ctTEASTimothy’s Peppermint - 96ctTimothy’s Lemon Blueberry Passion - 96ctTimothy’s Chamomile - 96ctCelestial Earl Grey - 96ctCelestial Lemon Zinger - 96ctCelestial Authentic Green - 96ctCelestial Green Decaf - 96ctCelestial Chai - 96ctCelestial English Breakfast - 96ctCelestial Mandarin Orange - 96ctPerfect Iced Tea - Peach - 96ctPerfect Iced Tea - Black Tea (Unsweetened) - 96ctPerfect Iced Tea - Lemon Black - 96ct Fast ● Convenient ● One-Cup-at-a-Time 3
  5. 5. The TASSIMO PRO Experience Intelligent System. Excellent Taste. Coffee WHAT MAKES TASSIMO DIFFERENT? Cappuccino Espresso How does TASSIMO make café style beverages so good Hot Tea you will swear they came from your local barista? Latte Hot Chocolate The secret is in the patented T-Disc. Every T-Disc contains a unique barcode that instantly tells the TASSIMO system precisely how to prepare your hot beverage. You can enjoy a latte, mocha, cappuccino, espresso, cocoa and a variety of other specialty drinks, perfectly formulated, at the touch of a button. TASSIMO also allows you to customize your drink. You choose the combination for the cup that’s just right for you. The Patented T-DISC GAVALIA UNIT CASE Dark Roast - 70ct Espresso - 80ct Espresso Decaf - 80ct French Vanilla - 80ct Hazelnut - 80ct Signature Blend - 80ct Signature Blend Decaf - 80ct Rainforest Alliance Certified™ 100% Colombian - 80ct Breakfast Blend - 80ct SUCHARD Hot Chocolate Syrup - 40ct TASSIMO Cappuccino Milk Creamer - 40ct Latte Milk Creamer 40ct TWINNINGS Earl Grey Tea - 80ct Green Tea - 80ct Tassimo ~ Convenience * Variety * Flexibility!4
  6. 6. Coffee Station Products & CocoasNON-DAIRY CREAMERS UNIT CASECream Canisters 12oz 24Cream Packets - 1000Coffeemate Canisters 11oz 12Coffeemate “Lite” Canisters 11oz 12Coffeemate Packets 50 box 20Coffeemate Packets (Bulk) - 1000Carnation Liquid Creamer 360FLAVORED & DAIRY CREAMERS(No Refrigeration Needed)CoffeeMate Flavored Cream Canister: 15oz 12Choose From: Hazelnut or French VanillaCarnation Liquid Singles - French Vanilla 50ct 4/50ct A blend of black tea, honey, vanilla, spices and milk, prepared like a latte. Ancient recipe meets AmericanCarnation Liquid Singles - Irish Creme 50ct 4/50ct palate in a sweet, spicy, soothing Oregon Chai TeaCarnation Liquid Singles - Hazelnut 50ct 4/50ct Latte.Carnation Liquid Singles - Amaretto 50ct 4/50ctCarnation Liquid Singles - Creamy Chocolate 50ct 4/50ct HOT COCOA UNIT CASEInt’l Delight Liquid Singles - French Vanilla 48ct 6/48ct Swiss Miss 50ct 6/50Int’l Delight Liquid Singles - Hazelnut 48ct 6/48ct Swiss Miss (No Sugar Added) 24ct 6/50Int’l Delight Flavored Creamer (Bulk) - 192ct Swiss Miss w/ Marshmallow 50ct 6/50French Vanilla Nestle 50ct 6/50Int’l Delight Flavored Creamer (Bulk) - 192ct Nestle (No Sugar Added) 30ct 6/50Hazelnut FLAVORED COCOAInt’l Delight Coffee House Inspirations - 180ct Chocolate Supreme 12ct 6/12Half & Half (Bulk) Chocolate Amaretto 12ct 6/12SUGAR & SUGAR SUBSTITUTES Chocolate Raspberry 12ct 6/12 Chocolate & Mint 12ct 6/12Sugar Canisters 20oz 24 Chocolate & Cinnamon 12ct 6/12Cubes 2lbs 12 Chocolate & Hazelnut 12ct 6/12Sugar Packets 100ct 20 Chocolate &French Vanilla 12ct 6/12Sugar Packets (Bulk) - 1000 CAPPUCCINO MIXRaw Sugar - 200t Cappuccino Mix 50ct 2/50ctSweet ‘N Low Packets 100ct 24Sweet ‘N Low Packets (Bulk) - 400 COCOA ACCENTSEqual (Nutra Sweet) 100ct 12 Diamond Crystal Mini Marshmallows 4oz -Equal (Bulk) - 500 COFFEE ACCENTSSplenda - 400 Cappuccino Accents - Four Flavors:Purevia - 300 Cinnamon, Chocolate, Nutmeg andTruvia 80 box 12/80 Vanilla All In One Container 4.7 oz -ESPRESSO / WHOLE BEAN COFFEEEspresso Whole Bean - 1/5lb America’s #1 Hot ChocolateEspresso Pods - Regular and Decaf - 60Espresso - Ground Decaf - 12/20ozDecaf Espresso - Ground - 12/10ozCafé La Llave - 12/1.75ozINSTANT COFFEETasters Choice 80ct 6/80Tasters Choice Decaf 80ct 6/80LIPTON TEAFlow Through Bags 100ct 10/100Decaf Tea 72ct 6/72 5
  7. 7. Premium Teas BIGELOW FLAVORED TEA Constant Comment 28 box 6 Lemon Lift 28 box 6 Cinnamon Stick 28 box 6 Raspberry Royale 28 box 6 Plantation Mint 28 box 6 Vanilla Chai 20 box 6 BIGELOW GREEN TEA Green Tea with Lemon 28 box 6 Green Tea Decaf 28 box 6 Green Tea with Pomegranate 20 box 6 BIGELOW TRADITIONAL TEA “THE REINCARNATION OF TEA” Darjeeling Blend 28 box 6 Earl Grey 28 box 6 English Teatime 28 box 6 SPECIALTY TEAS English Teatime Decaf 28 box 6 GOOD EARTH ORGANIC TEAS BIGELOW HERBAL TEA Original Sweet & Spicy Caffeine Free 18 box 6 I Love Lemon 28 box 6 Green Tea Mango 18 box 6 Sweet Dreams 28 box 6 Jasmine Blossom Green Tea 18 box 6 Orange & Spice 28 box 6 Seven Spice Chai 18 box 6 Cranberry Apple 28 box 6 White Tea Sweet Citrus 18 box 6 Apple Cinnamon 28 box 6 Apricot Ginger Black 18 box 6 Cozy Chamomile 28 box 6 Cool Mint Herbal Tea 18 box 6 Mint Medley 28 box 6 GOOD EARTH WELLNESS TEAS CELESTIAL HERBAL TEA Tea for Cold 15 box 6 Lemon Zinger 25 box 6 Tea for Slimming 15 box 6 Peppermint 25 box 6 Chamomile 25 box 6 YAMAMOTO YAMA TEAS Cinnamon Apple Spice 25 box 6 Green 16 box 12 Red Zinger 25 box 6 Hoji 16 box 12 Black Cherry Berry 25 box 6 Genmai Brown Rice 16 box 12 Mandarin Orange Spice 25 box 6 Jasmine 16 box 12 Sleepytime 25 box 6 Oolong 16 box 12 Raspberry Zinger 25 box 6 PEET’S TEAS CELESTIAL GREEN TEAS Earl Grey 25 box 6 Authentic Green 25 box 6 English Breakfast 25 box 6 Decaffeinated Green 25 box 6 Hibiscus Blend 25 box 6 Honey Lemon Ginseng 25 box 6 Jasmine Fancy 25 box 6 Green Tea Lemon Zinger 25 box 6 Masala Chai 25 box 6 CELESTIAL TRADITIONAL TEA Xiao’s Blend 25 box 6 English Breakfast 25 box 6 TAZO TEAS Earl Grey 25 box 6 Calm 24 box 6 Wild Sweet Orange 24 box 6 Passion 24 box 6 Awake 24 box 6 Zen 24 box 6 Display rack available with China Green Tips 24 box 6 purchase of 6 or more teas Organic Chai 24 box 6 Earl Grey 24 box 6 Peet’s & Tazo display racks available with purchase of 8 or more teas6
  8. 8. HEALTHIER SNACKS UNIT CASE Breaktime Food Items Mr. Nature Unsalted Trail Mix Mr. Nature Unsalted Yogurt Mix - - 60ct 60ct Nature Valley Granola Bar - Oat N’Honey - 28ctBREAKFAST FOODS UNIT CASE Nature Valley Granola Bar - Peanut Butter - 28ctKelloggs Cereal Variety Pack - 30ct Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Bar - Choose From Apple, 8 box 12/8ctKelloggs Pop Tarts - Choose From: - 6ct Blueberry, Raspberry or StrawberryFrosted Strawberry, Brown Sugar/Cinnamon, Frosted Blueberry or Apple Raisins - 100/1ozStrudel Snackwells - Vanilla Cookies - 60ctQuaker Oatmeal - Regular or Maple & - 48ct Quaker Oatmeal to Go Bars - 125ctBrown Sugar Clif Bars 24ct - Luna Bars 24ct -CRACKERS & SNACKS 100 Calorie Pack Variety - Includes: Lorna 12ct -Austin Zoo Animal Crackers - 80/2oz Doone, Oreo Crisps and Chips AhoyHoney Grahams - 200/2ct Kettle Chips - Choose from: Buffalo Blue, BBQ, 24ctRitz Crackers - 300/4ct Salt & Pepper, Lightly Salted, NY Cheddar &Saltines - 300/2ct Herb, Sea Salted Vinegar or Honey DijonACT II Microwave Popcorn (Regular or - 36ct Balance Bars - Choose from: Chocolate Peanut 15ct -Buttered) Butter or Caramel Nut BlastACT II Microwave Popcorn - Light - 36ct Frito Lays Baked Variety Chips - Includes: - 30ctButtered Lays Classic, Cheetos, Ruffles, Doritos, RoldFrito Lays Variety Chips - Cheetos, Lays - 50ct Gold PretzelsClassic, Fritos, Doritos, Sun Chips BISCOTTIFrito Lay Potato Chips - 64ct Nikola’s Biscotti Assorted 48ct -Frito Lay Ruffles - 64ct LIPTON CUP-A-SOUPFrito Lay BBQ Potato Chips - 64ct Chicken Noodle 22ct 4/22ctFritos Corn Chips - 64ct Beef Noodle 22ct 4/22ctFrito Lay Nacho Doritos - 64ct Cream of Chicken 22ct 4/22ctFrito Lay Cheetos - 64ct Tomato 22ct 4/22ctFrito Lay Sour Cream & Onion - 64ct Spring Vegetable 22ct 4/22ctFrito Lay Sun Chips - Original - 64ct Hearty Chicken 22ct 4/22ctRitz Bitz - Cheese or Peanut Butter - 60ctCheez-it Crackers - 60ctRold Gold Pretzels - 88ctFamous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies - 60ctFamous Amos Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - 85ctNabisco Oreo Cookies - 120/6ctGrandma’s Big Choc Chip Cookies - 60ctKnotts Shortbread - Raspberry or - 60ctBoysenberryPlanters Peanuts - 144ctPlanters Cashews - 12 cansCANDYSnickers - 48ct3 MusketeersM&M Plain - - 36ct 56ct Cold Beverage SelectionsM&M Peanut - 56ctBaby Ruth - 36ct JUICES UNIT CASEMilky Way - 36ct Campbell’s V-8 5.5oz can 48Mars Bars - 24ct Campbell’s Tomato 5.5oz can 48Butterfinger - 36ct Campbell’s V-8 Spicy 11.5oz can 12Twix Chocolate Caramel - 36ct Dole Pineapple Juice 6oz can 48Kit Kat (Regular or Extra Crispy) - 36ct Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice 10oz bottle 24Hershey’s Milk Chocolate - 36ct Martinelli’s Apple Juice 10oz bottle 24Hershey’s Milk Chocolate With Almonds - 36ct Lipton Brisk Lemonade 20oz bottle 24Hershey’s Cookies & Crème 36ct Welch’s 100% Apple Juice 10oz bottle 24Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups - 36ct Welch’s 100% Orange Juice 10oz bottle 24Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans - 10 lbs Welch’s Orange Pineapple Juice 10oz bottle 24Tootsie Roll Minis - 38.8oz Welch’s Cranberry 10oz bottle 24Jolly Ranchers Minis - 3.75lb Welch’s Apple Cranberry 10oz bottle 24Mini Mix Variety Candy Bars - 40oz Welch’s Mango Passion 12oz can 24 7
  9. 9. SOFT DRINKS IN CANS UNIT CASE SNAPPLE IN BOTTLES UNIT CASECOCA-COLA PRODUCTS Grapeade 16oz 24Classic Coke 12oz 24 Kiwi Strawberry 16oz 24Diet Coke 12oz 24 Pink Lemonade 16oz 24Caffeine Free Classic Coke 12oz 24 Mango Madness 16oz 24Caffeine Free Diet Coke 12oz 24 Iced Tea - Regular or Diet 16oz 24Coke Zero - Original, Cherry or Vanilla 12oz 24 Raspberry Tea - Regular or Diet 16oz 24Dr. Pepper 12oz 24 Peach Tea - Regular or Diet 16oz 24Diet Dr. Pepper 12oz 24 Snapple Apple 16oz 24Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla 12oz 24 SNAPPLE WHITE TEA IN BOTTLESCaffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper 12oz 24 Nectarine 17oz 12Cherry Coke - Regular or Diet 12oz 24 Raspberry 17oz 12Sprite 12oz 24Diet Sprite Zero 12oz 24 SNAPPLE GREEN TEA IN BOTTLES Pear 16oz 12Squirt 12oz 24 Tea Mango 16oz 12Cactus Cooler 12oz 24Ginger ale 12oz 24 SOBE IN BOTTLESFresca - Original, Peach or Blackcherry 12oz 24 Cran-Grapefruit 20oz 12Nestea Cool 12oz 24 Liz Blizz 20oz 12Fanta Orange 12oz 24 Power 20oz 12Barq’s Root Beer 12oz 24 SOBE LEAN IN BOTTLESBarq’s Diet Root Beer 12oz 24 Cran-Grapefruit 20oz 12PEPSI COLA PRODUCTS SOBE LIFE WATERPepsi 12oz 24 Pomegranate Cherry 20oz 12Diet Pepsi 12oz 24 Black Berry Grape 20oz 12Caffeine Free Pepsi 12oz 24 Strawberry Kiwi 20oz 12Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi 12oz 24Crush Grape 20oz 24 GATORADE IN PLASTIC BOTTLESCrush Orange 20oz 24 Cool Blue Raspberry 20oz 24Wild Cherry Pepsi 12oz 24 Fruit Punch 20oz 24Pepsi One 12oz 24 Fierce Grape 20oz 24Sierra Mist 12oz 24 Lemon Lime 20oz 24Mountain Dew 12oz 24 Orange 20oz 24Diet Mountain Dew 12oz 24 G2 Grape 20ox 24Lipton Iced Tea - Raspberry 12oz 24 G2 Fruit Punch 20oz 24Lipton Brisk Iced Tea 12oz 24 STARBUCKS FRAPPUCCINODiet Lipton Brisk Iced Tea 12oz 24 Caramel 10oz 24SEVEN-UP PRODUCTS Mocha 10oz 247-up 12oz 24 Coffee 10oz 24Diet 7-up 12oz 24 Vanilla 10oz 24Cherry 7-up 12oz 24 Mocha Lite 10oz 24Sunkist Orange 12oz 24A&W Root Beer 12oz 24Diet A&W Root Beer 12oz 24 INSTANT DRINKSHawaiian Punch 12oz 24 Lipton Spiced Cider 14 12A&W Cream Soda - Regular or Diet 12oz 24 Emergen-C Raspberry, 30 -ICED TEA CLASSICS IN BOTTLESLipton Iced Tea Unsweetened w/No Lemon 16oz bottle 12 Emergen-C Super Orange 30 -Lipton Iced Tea Sweetened w/Lemon 16oz bottle 12 Crystal Light Packets - Iced Tea 24 8Lipton Iced Tea Sweetened w/No Lemon 16oz bottle 12 Crystal Light On the Go Packets - Ice Tea, 30 -Tejava Tea 12oz bottle 24 Lemonade, Raspberry Ice, Sunrise Orange, Fruit Punch, Peach Tea, Raspberry Lemonade,ENERGY DRINKS Wild Strawberry, Immunity Pomegranate,Red Bull - Regular or Sugar Free 8oz 24 Green Tea RaspberrySoBe Energy 20oz 12SoBe Lean Energy 20oz 12Rockstar - Regular or Sugar Free 16oz 24Amped Overdrive 16oz 24Monster 16oz 24Monster- Low Carb 16oz 24Monster Absolutely Zero 16oz 24 8
  10. 10. PAPER & PLASTIC ITEMS (Continued) UNIT CASE Bottled Water Boutique Tissues Facial Tissues (Flat Box) 100 100 36 36BOTTLED WATER UNIT CASE Napkin Dispenser each -Aquafina Water 20oz bottle 24 Dispenser Napkins 250 40Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water 16oz 24 Lunch Napkins 1000 6Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water 1L bottle 24 Beverage Napkins 1000 4Arrowhead Sparkling Water - Choose from: 16oz bottle 24 Beverage Napkins Deluxe 500 6Original, Lemon & Lime C Fold Towel Dispenser 1 -Crystal Geyser Sparkling Mineral Water - 18oz bottle 24 Dinner Napkins 300 10Original, Lemon, Lime, Orange or Very Berry Dinner Napkins Deluxe (Linen Like) 50 6Crystal Geyser Spring Water 16.9oz bottle 28 Roll Towel Holder 1 -Crystal Geyser Spring Water 8oz bottle 28 Paper Towel Rolls (2 Ply) - 30Dasani Water 20oz bottle 24 Paper Towels (C Fold) 150 16Evian Water .33L bottle 24 Paper Towels Multi Fold 200 20Evian Water 1L bottle 12 Plastic Stirs 1000 10Evian Water 1/2 L bottle 12 Wood Stirs 1000 10Fiji Water 500ml bottle 24 Plastic Straws 500 24Pellegrino Sparkling Water 250ml bottle 24 Small Trash Bags (7 - 10 Gallons) - 500Pellegrino Sparkling Water 750ml bottle 15 Medium Trash Bags (20 - 30 Gallons) - 250Perrier - Original, Lemon or Lime 11oz bottle 24 Large Trash Bags (55 Gallons) - 100Propel Water - Berry 20oz bottle 24 Storage Bags (Sandwich) 50 12Smart Water 1Ltr bottle 12 Storage Bags (Storage) 40 12Vitamin Water - Essential 20oz bottle 24 Plastic Wrap 100ft -Vitamin Water - Multi V 20oz bottle 24 Aluminum Foil (30ft, 55ft, 80ft) - -Vitamin Water - Power C Dragon Fruit 20oz bottle 24 Toilet Seat Covers 250 20Vitamin Water - Revive Fruit Punch 20oz bottle 24 Toilet Tissue - 80Vitamin Water - Variety 20oz bottle 12 Java Jackets (Large or Small) - 1500Vitamin Water Zero - Rise, Squeezed 20oz bottle 24 Java Jackets - Pre-glued (Large) - 1300Vitamin Water XXX Zero 20oz bottle 24Mountain Valley Spring Water 24/11.3oz 11.3oz bottle 24 Paper ProductsCUPS & LIDS UNIT CASEStyrofoam Cups (6, 8, 10, 12, 16oz) - 1000Styrofoam Lids (6, 8, 10, 12, 16oz) - 1000Paper Hot Cups (8, 10, 12, 16oz) - 1000Paper Hot Cup Lids (8, 10, 12oz) - 1000PerfecTouch Cups (8, 12, 16oz) - 1000Red Plastic Cup (16oz) - 1000Clear Plastic Cups (9, 10oz) - 500Soft Plastic Translucent Cup (12, 16oz) - 1000Clear Plastic Tumbler (9, 10oz) - 500Clear Plastic Tumbler (16oz) - 1000Pleated Water Cups (3.5oz)Mistique Espresso Cup (4oz, 8oz) 100 - 50 1000 CondimentsPAPER & PLASTIC ITEMS CONDIMENTS UNIT CASEPaper Plates (6 inch) 100 10 Salt & Pepper Shaker 3 sets 12Paper Plates (6.75 inch super plate) 125 8 Salt Packets 1000 -Paper Plates (8 3/4” super plate) 125 4 Pepper Packets 1000 -Paper Plates (8.5 inch heavy duty) 125 4 Lemon Packets - 200Paper Plates (9 inch) 100 12 Ketchup Packets - 200Paper Plates (10 5/8 inch super plate) 125 4 Mustard Packets - 200Paper Bowls (12oz) 125 8 Mayo Packets - 200Paper Bowls (16oz) 250 4 Honey Squeeze Bottles 12oz 12Paper Bowls (20oz) 125 4 Honey Packets 200Plastic Bowls (12oz) 125 8 True Lemon Packets 100 6Plastic Bowls (30oz) 125 4 Big Train Syrup - Hazelnut 24.4oz 25.4oz 12Forks - Laguna, Medium, Deluxe, Clear 100 10 Big Train Syrup - Vanilla 25.4oz 25.4oz 12Knives - Laguna, Medium, Deluxe, Clear 100 10 Peanut Butter - Creamy or Crunchy 64oz -Spoons - Laguna, Medium, Deluxe, Clear 100 10 9
  11. 11. Go Be kind to the earth! Green with Gourmet Coffee Service Use Eco- Safe Products Gourmet Coffee Service wants to help your office Go Green by offering you the following products: 8oz Eco Hot Cups 1000ct - made with Corn Starch Liner 10oz Eco Hot Cups 1000ct - made with Corn Starch Liner 12oz Eco Hot Cups 1000ct - made with Corn Starch Liner 16oz Eco World Art Hot Cups 1000ct - made with Corn Starch Liner 6” Sugarcane Plates 125ct - made with 100% sugar cane 9” Sugarcane Plates 125ct - made with 100% sugar cane 10” Sugarcane Plates 125ct - made with 100% sugar cane 12oz Sugarcane Bowls 125ct - made with 100% sugar cane Biodegradable Forks 100ct - made with 100% Corn Starch Biodegradable Spoons 100ct - made with 100% Corn Starch Biodegradable Knives 100ct - made with 100% Corn Starch 8oz Biodegradable Cold Cups 2000ct - made with 100% Corn Starch 12oz Clear Biodegradable Cold Cups 1000ct - 100% Compostable 16oz Clear Biodegradable Cold Cups 1000ct - 100% Compostable Eco Soft Roll Towels 30ct - 100% recycled paper Eco Soft Natural Multi-fold Towels 200ct - 100% recycled paper Eco Soft Facial Tissues 2ply 150ct - 100% recycled paper Java Jackets 1500ct - made with recycled paper Java Jackets - Pre-glued 1300ct - made with recycled paper Tork 100% Recycled Lunch Napkins 500ct - made with recycled paper 5.5” Wood Stirs 1000ct Green Works All Purpose Cleaner 32oz Green Works Dishwashing Liquid 38oz Green Works Clorox Glass Cleaner 32oz Green Hand Lotion Cleaner 800ml Refill (Wall Mount Dispenser also available) • For every ton of paper that is recycled, the following is saved: 7,000 gallons of water, 380 gallons of oil and enough electricity to power an average house for six months. • Use of the earth’s grown food resources to make the products we need, saves trees and reduces energy loss.10
  12. 12. Medical & Emergency Preparedness Supplies Our Clients Enjoy Special Pricing On Name Brand First Aid and Emergency SuppliesMEDICAL SUPPLIES UNIT MEDICAL SUPPLIES UNITFirst Aid Cabinet – Medium Industrial 1 Hydrocortisone Pkts 1/32oz 20Advil 50/2 Ibuprofen 50/2Advil Congestion Relief 25/1 Instant Cold Compress, Each 1Alcohol Swabs 50 Knuckle Bandages 40Alka Seltzer 36 Large Band Patch 40Ammonia Inhalant Pad 10 Latex Medical Gloves 1Antacid 100 Midol 50/2Antiseptic Spray, Each 1 Mini Strip Band 50Bayer 50/2 Nice Clean Towelettes 100Benadryl Allergy 60 Non-Aspirin 50/2Blood Clotter Spray 1 Pain Relief 50/2Blunt Scissor 1 Pepto Bismol 48Buffered Aspirin 50/2 Plastic Strip Bandages 3/4” 100Burn Spray 3oz 1 Robitussin Cough Drops 50CPR Protector 1 Triple Antibiotic Ointment 1/32oz 20Sepasoothe Throat Lozenges 100 Tums 150Cramp Tabs 100 Tweezer 1Decorel Forte Cold & Flu Relief 1 Tylenol Extra Strength 50/2Diamode 50Extra Strength Excedrin 500mg 50/2 EMERGENCY KITS & SUPPLIESRefresh Eye Drop Single 30 The Ark III - Personal kitFingertip Dressing 40 Small Business Kit - Sustains 5 peopleFirst Aid Cream Pkts 1/32oz 20 2 Person Survivor Kit - Sustains 2 peopleFirst Aid Tape 1/2 x 5 1 Group Support Unit - Sustains 10 peopleFlexible Fabric Bandage 100 Emergency Food Packets - Sustains 10 peopleGauze Pads 2x2 1 Emergency Water Packets - Sustains 4 people Emergency Preparedness Kits The Ark III Small Business Unit Group Support Unit 11
  13. 13. Cleaning Supplies for the Office Convenient Solutions for the Office Manager See our Green page for more details CLEANING SUPPLIES UNIT CASE CLEANING SUPPLIES UNIT CASE Joy Liquid Dish Soap 38oz 9 Sani Hand Wipes 300ct 6 Palmolive Liquid Dishwasher Soap 75oz 6 Lysol Disinfectant Spray 6oz 12 Palmolive Dish Soap 10oz 20 Lysol Disinfectant Spray 12oz - Cascade Powder 45oz 12 Purell Pump 8oz 12 Jet Dry Liquid 8.45oz - Purell Dispenser Refills 1 Ltr 4 Jet Dry Solid 2pk - Purell Mountable Dispenser each - Antibacterial Hand Soap 8oz 12 Scotch Brite Sponge, Large each 20 Clorox Wipes Fresh Scent 35ct 12 Scotch Brite Sponge, Small each 12 Comet Cleaner 14oz 48 Shout Wipes 80 - Decanter Cleaner 12oz 12 Simple Green 22oz - Windex Spray 32oz 12 Soft Soap Hand Soap w/ Lotion 7.5oz 12 Formula 409 Cleaner 32oz 12 Brush w/ Soap Handle each - Pledge 7oz 12 Just two of the many reasons to use Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer 1 2 Kills 99.9% of common germs!12
  14. 14. Inventory Control for Total AccountabilityOur exclusive inventory control system allows you to manage your office refreshment program while our drivers do all the work. It’s just another way, “we’re going to spoil you!” 13
  15. 15. Tired Of Dealing With Heavy Water Bottles? We Have The Solution... A Gourmet Water Filtration System • No heavy bottles to deal with • Save 75% (or more) over bottled water • New, state of the art equipment • Fresh, delicious drinking water • Same low price every month • Everpure water filtration system • Environmentally friendly, no plastic bottles to discard Countertop unit also available. • Free Installation There is no mountain stream...start saving today.14
  16. 16. Pure Drinking Water From Gourmet Coffee Service Great taste...incredible purityAdvanced Water Purification Options PRO 4Option 14K Plus Filter 4K PLUS• Removes microscopic particles from the water.• Provides all the benefits of purification, including removal of dirt , bad taste, odor, chlorine, asbestos and cysts.• Enjoy great tasting quality filtered waterOption 24K Plus Combined with the Pro 4 Filter• A multi-stage filter for drinking water applications that combines membrane and carbon block technology for superior filtration results down to 0.15 microns.• Capillary membrane filtration reduces 99.9999% of bacteria, asbestos fibers and cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Delivers superior taste and eradication of odor and chlorine content. 15
  17. 17. How Can We Improve Office Refreshment? With Innovative Beverage Solutions... Glass Door Coolers Many Gourmet Coffee Service clients make the most of their beverage amenity program by using convenient glass door coolers...our latest innovation in office refreshment. Free to our beverage delivery clients, these coolers keep beverages ice cold while saving kitchen and refrigerator space. Beverage Vending Our vending division offers state of the art equipment and numerous options for Gourmet Coffee Service clients. Both Coke and Pepsi machines are available.16
  18. 18. Your Total Office Vending Solutions From World Wide VendingOur full size candy and snack machines are a hit at break time.“An Upgraded Approach To Vending “Ask about our Full Service and Self-Fill Vending options. 17
  19. 19. One Cup Solutions that bring the bean store to your office… The Colibri LX With the touch of a button, any office can enjoy the experience of real, fresh ground coffee, espresso and other hot specialty drinks. The Colibri LX is like having a skilled barista in your office kitchen. * Cabinet option available ® The Starbucks I-Cup Brewer Features Starbucks Coffee and wonderfully decedent Starbucks Cocoa. Grinds the beans and uses a reverse French press process to brew one spectacular cup of Starbucks Coffee at a time. The only one cup machine that is endorsed by Starbucks. * Cabinet option available The Mini Cappuccino Add a hot and frothy shot of French Vanilla, English Toffee or Double Mocha cappuccino to your coffee or enjoy the hot beverages from the Mini Cappuccino all by themselves.18
  20. 20. The Keurig Brewing Systems“Brewing excellence one cup at a time.”. B-3000 B-150 19
  21. 21. MANUAL BREWERS Let us customize your kitchen with a brewer that fits your needs. Newco RC2– Pour Over • No plumbing required • Portable for easy relocation • Fast brew time • Can be used with glass or LPS thermal dispensers * Automatic with faucet models available Newco AK3 • Durable stainless steel construction. • Three individual warmers for keeping additional pots hot • Portable. Designed for brewing anywhere there is electricity, no plumbing required. • Low cabinet height restrictions make it easy to place • Can be used with glass or LPS thermal dispensers • Fast brew time Bunn Pour Over Brewer • Brews 2.9 gallons (11 litres) of perfect coffee per hour. • Attractive, space-saving to fit any counter. • Separately controlled warmer. • Highest quality workmanship and materials throughout for long dependable life * Available with thermal or glass pots20
  22. 22. AUTOMATIC BREWERS Newco Ace - LP • Three station low profile brewer • Hot water faucet separate from brewing reservoir • Allows for glass decanters or thermal • Durable stainless steel construction Newco Ace - D & LD • Portable thermal dispenser with handle & attached base allows the user to transfer beverages easily to other locations of the office. • Hot water faucet separate from brewing reservoir. • Dispenser base allows for cup sizes up to 12oz • Stainless steel construction. Stands required for LD dispensers D Brewer Newco - Airpot LD Brewer • Portable thermal dispenser with handle allows the user to transfer beverages easily to other locations of the office. • Pump action dispensing seals in heat • Top end spout allows for larger cup size availability • Hot water faucet separate from brewing reservoir. • Stainless steel construction. • Available dispensers: Black & Sliver w/ sight gaugeNewco Ace - Multibrewer• One gallon capacity, double that of standard containers helps you get through “peak” periods.• Sight gauge for coffee level viewing.• Easy access with faucet-dispensing containers.• Best suited for large volume areas 21