Fresno proteus foster family agency


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Fresno proteus foster family agency

  1. 1. By Crystal Gonzales
  2. 2.  Proteus Foster Family Agency is an non-profit organization  Proteus FFA is state funded  Proteus FFA was established in 1997  Fresno Proteus is dedicated to turning those tragic beginnings into happy endings  The agency main goal is to provide appropriate placements for children and support for our foster parents
  3. 3.  Fresno Proteus FFA Staff have credentials ranging from bachelors to Masters Degrees  Proteus FFA staff consist of a MA Director, a supervisor with a MSW, two social workers, and a case manager  The staff is diverse and bilingual  They are always available 24 hours 7 days a week
  4. 4.  Proteus FFA is a social service organization with deep ties into the communities they serve  They serve within the boundaries of Fresno county  Fresno Proteus FFA serve children, youth, adults and families
  5. 5.  These children range from newborns to 17 years olds  Thousands of children in California’s foster care system require temporary out of home care because of parental neglect, and abuse  Many of these children come with behavior problems such as:  anger outburst  Eating disorders  Bed wetting  Sleep problems
  6. 6.  Proteus FFA foster children also enter the system with psychiatric diagnoses such as:  ADHD/ODD ( Attention deficit hyperactivity /oppositional defiant disorder)  PTSD (Post traumatic stress)  RAD (Reactive attachment disorder)  Autistic spectrum disorder  MR ( Mental retardation)
  7. 7.  “Proteus Foster Family Agency mission is to identify, train and mentor quality foster parents to provide a safe, structured and nurturing environment for foster children”
  8. 8.  The major emphasis is on a therapeutic setting within the foster family home designed to meet educational, social and psychological needs of each child  Proteus FFA workers work with foster parents to provide a supportive and stable environment for children who have been victims of abuse  The agency provides foster parents with trainings appropriate to the type of child being served.  Proteus FFA certifies homes through home inspections and licensing to determine appropriateness of a child in placement.
  9. 9.  Proteus FFA makes social justice by placing these children in appropriate homes where they can be safe from abuse  Proteus FFA fights for the rights of children who are vulnerable and who have been victims of abuse.
  10. 10.  Behavior problems in foster care  vior_foster_care/  Proteus Inc. Fresno County Programs-Foster Family Agency 