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Advanced Qtp

  1. 1. For QTP Scripts & documents visit: Advanced QTP (In VBScript Orientation) Audience Profile: Participants should have Knowledge/Experience in the below given:  Software Testing Concepts,  Computer Programming,  Database Fundamentals,  Test Automation and WinRunner or QTP Basics. Style of Presentation:  Medium to High Level  Programming Orientation Program Outline: (Duration 50 Hours) I) Chapter- (1) Test Automation o Test Automation Basics, o Functional Test Automation, o Tool based Test Automation, o Types of Test Tool o Script based Test Automation II) Chapter- (2) QTP IDE o QTP Basic Features o Key Elements of QTP Tool III) Chapter- (3) The QTP Testing Process o Test Planning, o Generating the Basic Test, o Enhancing the Test, o Debugging and Running Tests IV) Chapter- (4) VBScript (Basics to Advanced) o Data Types, Scalar Variables, Arrays and Constants o Operators o Conditional Statements o Loop statements G.C.Reddy, QTP Trainer, Hyderabad (9247837478) 1
  2. 2. For QTP Scripts & documents visit: o Procedures o Coding Conventions o Regular Expressions o Pre-Defined Functions o Methods, Objects and Classes V) Chapter- (5) Working with Files o Computer file System o Working with Drives and Folders o Working with Flat Files o Working with Word Docs o Working with Excel Sheets o Working with PDF Files VI) Chapter- (6) Automating Windows based Applications o Validating Object’s States o Input Domain validations (Data type, size and range) o Output Domain Validations (Calculations, Search Operations etc.) VII) Chapter- (7) Database Testing o Database connections o Data driven testing using a database o Data Validations o Database comparisons VIII) Chapter- (8) Automating Web Applications o Web Objects Identification, o Validating HTML/CSS, o Client-side Validations, o Web Indexing, o Content Checking, o Cookies Testing, o Interface Testing and Database Testing etc… IX) Chapter- (9) Error Handling in QTP o Error handling guidelines o Synchronization o Debugging o Error Object G.C.Reddy, QTP Trainer, Hyderabad (9247837478) 2
  3. 3. For QTP Scripts & documents visit: o Recovery scenarios X) Chapter- (10) Automation Framework Design & Implementation o Test Automation Framework o Types of Framework o Framework Structure o Developing a Robust Automation Framework XI) Chapter- (11) Miscellaneous o AOM Scripting o Optimizing QTP Scripts o Working with Windows DLLs/API programming o Integration with Quality Center o Configuring QTP Program Highlights: More than 20, Different type of File System and System Administration Examples. More than 30, Different type of Windows based Real time Scripting Examples. More than 30, Different type of Web based Real time Scripting Examples. Instructor Profile: Mr.G.C.Reddy has 7+ years of experience in Software Testing. He has worked with Citation Softech (Hyderabad), Jognics (Bangalore) and Sun Technologies (Hyderabad). And also with Mind Q Systems (P) Ltd, NageswaRaos Testing Tools (P) Ltd and Suresh Reddy’s Smart Solutions. G.C.Reddy has -worked as a Network Administrator, COBOL Developer and Test Analyst - built Automated Framework for Sun Technologies -prepared Software Testing materials for Mind Q Systems (P) Ltd. and NageswaRaos S/W Testing Tools (P) Ltd. - prepared more than 1000 Resumes in the area of Software Testing. For Manual Testing Documents visit: G.C.Reddy, QTP Trainer, Hyderabad (9247837478) 3