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What is the Dow Jones?


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If you watch the news, you often hear about how the Dow Jones is doing. But what exactly is it? And what does it mean? These slides explain how you can edit a video explaining what the Dow Jones is, who invented it and why the Dow Jones is an important economic indicator. If you want to use this video as a template for your own explainer video or tutorial, feel free. It's easy to do, fast and free!

Published in: Economy & Finance
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What is the Dow Jones?

  1. 1. What is The Dow Jones? An editable Moovly video you can adapt to your needs
  2. 2. • You can watch it • You can embed it on your website • You can edit it – without being an expert What can you do with this video?
  3. 3. What kind of edits can you make? • You can make changes to the content (add, remove or modify content) • You can translate the video • You can use it as a template for your own videos
  4. 4. How to edit this video? Follow these steps to edit the video: