2013 IEEE CPMT impact conference agenda


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2013 IEEE CPMT IMPACT Conference Agenda (Oral Presentation)

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2013 IEEE CPMT impact conference agenda

  1. 1.   Plenary Speech  Special Session IAAC    Packaging Session PCB Session Poster Session  Day 1-October 22 (Tuesday) 13:30‐17:30  IAAC 2013 Opening & Meeting  Day 2-October 23 (Wednesday) ROOM  R 504 a+b+c 10:00‐10:20  Opening of IMPACT 2013   10:20‐11:10  Ricky Lee, President of the IEEE‐CPMT Board, HK Topic: From MOOREfication to LEDification   11:10‐12:00  Dyi Chung Hu, Senior Vice President of Unimicron, Taiwan Topic: The Challenges of IC Substrate in 3D Era   12:00‐13:30  Lunch & ALC Committee Meeting   13:30‐15:30  Panel Discussion‐ Sustainable Manufacture  Topic: Designing Electronic Products for Sustainable Manufacture  Chair: Dr. Charles E. Bauer    & Dr. Shen‐Li Fu   15:30‐15:45  Poster Session (PCB) / Coffee Break   ROOM  ROOM 504 a    ROOM 504 b  ROOM 503 ROOM 501    Session  【1】Advanced  Packaging (SPIL)  【2】IAAC‐ Global Business  Council  【3】Advanced Packaging I 【4】Advanced and  Emerging Technology    15:45‐16:15      Invited: EU153‐1 Andreas Ostmann(Fraunhofer) Invited: US123‐1    Qiang  Gao (Mflex)    16:15‐16:30  1 AS032‐1 1 TW085‐1    16:30‐16:45  2 EU083‐1 2 AS052‐1    16:45‐17:00  3 TW034‐1 3 TW145‐1    17:00‐17:15  4 TW064‐3 4 AS050‐1    17:15‐17:30  5 TW086‐1 5 TW087‐1    17:30‐17:45  6 TW124‐1 6 TW041‐1    17:45‐18:00  7 TW120‐1 7 TW122‐1    18:00‐20:00  TPCA Show & IMPACT‐IAAC 2013 Joint Reception & Award Ceremony (3F)   Day 3-October 24 (Thursday) ROOM  R504 b+c 09:30‐10:20  Yasumitsu Orii, Senior Manager of IBM Japan, JP Topic: Next Generation Computer System for the Era of Big Data  ROOM  ROOM 504 a    ROOM 504 b  ROOM 503 ROOM 501  ROOM 502 Session  【5】ICEP Japan Session 【6】3D Integration I  【7】Thermal Management I 【8】Modeling,  Simulation & Design I  【9】Green Materials &  Process 10:30‐11:00    Invited: AS082‐1  Chuan Seng TAN (NTU) Invited: AS150‐1 Masaru Ishizuka (TPU) Invited: US114‐1  Hong Shi (Altera)  Invited: (BSEF) 11:00‐11:15  1 AS081‐1  1 TW141‐1 1 TW146‐1  1 TW023‐1 11:15‐11:30  2 TW028‐1  2 AS093‐1 2 TW135‐1  2 TW072‐1 11:30‐11:45  3 EU001‐1  3 TW099‐1 3 TW133‐1  3 AS020‐1 11:45‐12:00  4 TW030‐1  4 TW138‐1 4 TW038‐1  4 TW142‐1 12:00‐12:15  5 TW105‐1  5 TW074‐1 5 TW053‐1  5 TW098‐1 12:15‐12:30  6 TW049‐1  6 TW022‐1 6 TW137‐1  6 AS021‐1 12:30‐13:30  Lunch ROOM  R 504 b+c 13:30‐14:20  K.W.Paik, Professor of Materials Sci. & Eng., KAIST, KR  Topic: Recent Advances in Anisotropic Conductive Technology: Materials & Processing                                  ROOM  ROOM 504 a    ROOM 504 b  ROOM 503 ROOM 501  ROOM 502 Session  【10】3D IC Forum  【11】Advanced Packaging  II  【12】Interconnections &  Nanotechnology 【13】Modeling,  Simulation & Design II  【14】Test & Quality 14:30‐15:00    Invited:  Michitaka Kimura  (Renesas)  Invited: US010‐1 Ning‐Cheng Lee (Indium)  Invited: Chris Bailey (Greenwich)  Invited:    TBD 15:00‐15:15  1 AS058‐1  1 AS008‐1 1 TW003‐1  1 TW025‐1 15:15‐15:30  2 TW064‐2  2 TW152‐1 2 TW056‐2  2 AS013‐1 15:30‐15:45  3 TW148‐1  3 TW014‐1 3 TW141‐2  3 TW091‐1 15:45‐16:00  Poster Session (Packaging) / Coffee Break 16:00‐16:15    4 TW036‐1  4 TW045‐1 4 TW141‐3  4 AS070‐1 16:15‐16:30  5 TW109‐1  5 TW132‐2 5 TW060‐1  5 TW151‐1 16:30‐16:45  6 TW089‐1  6 TW067‐1 6 TW088‐2  6 TW057‐1 16:45‐17:00  7 TW118‐1  7 TW127‐1 7 TW080‐1  7 TW055‐1 17:00‐17:15  8 TW119‐1  8 TW124‐2 8 TW092‐1  8 AS012‐1 17:15‐17:30  9 TW039‐1  9 TW047‐1 9 TW088‐1  9 TW136‐1 Day 4-October 25 (Friday) ROOM  R504 b+c 09:30‐10:20  Hamid R. Azimi, Director, Substrate & Die Embedding Technology Dept. of Intel, USA Topic: Enabling Continuum Computing Thru Innovation in Packaging Substrate & Assembly ROOM  ROOM 504 a    ROOM 504 b  ROOM 503 ROOM 501  ROOM 502 Session  【15】iNEMI Reliability  Session  【16】3D Integration II 【17】LED & Thermal  Management 【18】Modeling,  Simulation & Design III  【19】HDI & Embedded 10:30‐11:00    Invited: TW064‐1  Vincent Wei (THEIL)  Invited:  Chien‐Yuh Yang (NCU) Invited: TW029‐1  Charlie Lu (Altera)  Invited: US113‐1 Yung‐Yu Hsu (MC10)  11:00‐11:15  1 EU094‐1  1 EU156‐1 1 TW104‐1  1 US046‐1 11:15‐11:30  2 TW139‐1  2 AS101‐1 2 AS131‐1 2 US155‐1 11:30‐11:45  3 TW090‐1  3 TW004‐1 3 TW149‐1  3 TW033‐1 11:45‐12:00  4 TW108‐1  4 TW065‐1 4 TW048‐1  4 TW024‐1 12:00‐12:15  5 TW090‐2  5 TW132‐1 5 TW018‐1  5 TW157‐1 12:30‐13:30  Lunch / Closing Ceremony / Paper Award / Lucky Draw    12:30‐18:30  Plant Visit & Culture Tour (Only for Overseas Attendees)  (2013‐8‐6)     
  2. 2. IMPACT-IAAC 2013 Type Date Session Paper Code Paper Title Author Invited 23-Oct Session 3 EU153-1 A New Generation of Power Packaging Using Embedding of Active Chip AndreasOstmann Oral 23-Oct Session 3 AS032-1 The Challenges of Power Rails Merger Option in a Power Distribution Network Design LI WERNCHEW Oral 23-Oct Session 3 EU083-1 Non-Etching Adhesion Promoter for Dry Film for Semi-additive Manufacturing – Advanced Dry Film RamiHaidar Oral 23-Oct Session 3 TW034-1 Heat-Resistance Study of Thermal Release Tape Chieh-YuanChi Oral 23-Oct Session 3 TW064-3 A Miniature Crystal Package of Using DPC Technology VincentWei Oral 23-Oct Session 3 TW086-1 ELECTROPLATING OF 111-ORIENTED NICKEL USING 111-ORIENTATED NANO-TWINNED Yi-ChengChu Oral 23-Oct Session 3 TW124-1 Phase Evolution and Nanomechanical Properties of Intermetallic Compounds in Solid-Liquid Tsung-YunPai Oral 23-Oct Session 3 TW120-1 Fabrication of nearly void-free Cu3Sn with nanotwinned Cu in microbumps for 3D IC packaging Wei-LanChiu Invited 23-Oct Session 4 US123-1 FPC deformation and its implications for the high frequency applications Qiang Gao Oral 23-Oct Session 4 TW085-1 On the Mechanical Behaviors of ACF-typed Ultra- Thin-Chip-On-Flex Interconnect Technology Under Chien-HaoMa Oral 23-Oct Session 4 AS052-1 A Novel and Green Electroless Copper AndyChow Oral 23-Oct Session 4 TW145-1 Study of Interfacial Reactions between Cu Substrate and Lead-Free Solder with Low Solder Volume for Ting-LiYang Th E l ti f i ld bilit ti Oral 23-Oct Session 4 AS050-1 The Evolution of organic solderability preservative process in printed circuit board application Kti HoTong Oral 23-Oct Session 4 TW087-1 A NOVEL THROUGH-HOLE FILLING TECHNOLOGY FOR NEXT GENERATION Tao-ChiLiu Oral 23-Oct Session 4 TW041-1 Cu Electroless Deposition by using Cu Nanoparticles as Catalysts for a Printed Circuit Board Metallization Yi-ChunChung Oral 23-Oct Session 4 TW122-1 Reactive Wetting of Molten Ga solder on Poly- crystalline, Single-crystalline and Pt-coated Cu Yi-kaiKuo Invited 24-Oct Session 6 AS082-1 Application of Low-k Dielectric as Liner in Cu-TSV for Stress and Capacitance Control Chuan SengTan Oral 24-Oct Session 6 AS081-1 300 mm Wafer 3D Integration Technology using Hybrid Wafer Bonding KazuyukiHozawa Oral 24-Oct Session 6 TW028-1 Effects of Overlaying Dielectric Layer and Its Local Geometry on TSV-Induced KOZ in 3D IC PuShanHuang Oral 24-Oct Session 6 EU001-1 Thin Wafer Handling and Chip to Wafer Stacking Technologies Pauzenberger Günter Oral 24-Oct Session 6 TW030-1 Determination of the Equivalent Thermal Conductivities of a Through Glass Via TGV Structure Heng_ChiehChien Oral 24-Oct Session 6 TW105-1 Intermetallic Compound Growth Behavior during Multiple Reflows of Ni/SnAg/Ni and Cu/SnAg/Ni Yuan-weiChang Oral 24-Oct Session 6 TW049-1 The 3-D Parallel Processor applied to Matrix Inversion KarlCheng Invited 24-Oct Session 7 Application of Heat Transfer Enhanced Fins in Electronic Devices Cooling Systems Chien-Yuh Yang Oral 24-Oct Session 7 TW141-1 Thermal Characterization Improvement for High Power Package on Package PoP TingSu (2013-7-31 v)
  3. 3. IMPACT-IAAC 2013 Type Date Session Paper Code Paper Title Author Oral 24-Oct Session 7 AS093-1 Thermal Design Method of Printed Circuit Board with Measured Effective Thermal Conductivity DaijiKondo Oral 24-Oct Session 7 TW099-1 Thermal Radiation Material for Electronic Devices Applications ShaYi-An Oral 24-Oct Session 7 TW138-1 Microchannel Cold Plate for IGBT Power Electronics Cooling Jen-HauCheng Oral 24-Oct Session 7 TW074-1 Interfacial Reactions in the Cu/In/Ni Sandwich Couples at 280 °C Yu-HsiangWang Oral 24-Oct Session 7 TW022-1 The application of thermoelectric generator on cement furnace HsuCheng-Ting Invited 24-Oct Session 8 US114-1 Packaging Technology and Design Enablement for 56Gbps Line Rate and 1Tb Data Path Markets HongShi Oral 24-Oct Session 8 TW146-1 Signal Enabler in High-speed System Design by Using Hybrid Printed Circuit Board ThonasSu Oral 24-Oct Session 8 TW135-1 Analysis of LED Wire Bonding Process Using Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian and Explicit Time Kuo-NingChiang Oral 24-Oct Session 8 TW133-1 Analytical Deion of the Thermomechanical Stresses around a Through-Silicon Copper Via Sheng-TsaiWu Oral 24-Oct Session 8 TW038-1 A Novel Decoupling Capacitor for Power Integrity Application in High-Speed 3D-IC Package System RobertSung Oral 24-Oct Session 8 TW053-1 A New Detection Method for the Onset of PCB Pad Cratering GraverChang Oral 24-Oct Session 8 TW137-1 Transition Behavior in Large Deflection of Elastically-Bossed Unsymmetrically Layered Plate Chun-FuChen R li bilit E l ti ENEPIG Ult thi NiP d Oral 24-Oct Session 9 TW023-1 Reliability Evaluation on ENEPIG, Ultrathin NiP, and EPIG Surface Finishes in Soldering Applications Shih-JuWang Oral 24-Oct Session 9 TW072-1 Effective retardation of Sn-58Bi/Cu interfacial reactions with minor Ga addition Trong LanNguyen Oral 24-Oct Session 9 AS020-1 An efficient rough vacuum chlorinated separation method for recovery of indium from waste liquid EnMa Oral 23-Oct Session 9 TW142-1 High Frequency Substrate Materials with Highly Thermal Resistance and Low Dielectric Properties Feng-PoTseng Oral 23-Oct Session 9 TW098-1 A SIMPLE PRINTABLE ETCHANT FORMULATION FOR ETCHING Shin-ShinWang Oral 24-Oct Session 9 AS021-1 Powder Size Effect on Thermal Fatigue Property of Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu Solder Joints in High Density LED XinxinWang Invited 24-Oct Session 11 Advanced packaging and high-data transmission technology for “Smart Society" Michitaka Kimura Oral 24-Oct Session 11 AS058-1 Analysis of Stress Buffer Effect of Polyimide for Board Level Drop Test by a Finite Element Analysis NobuhiroAnzai Oral 24-Oct Session 11 TW064-2 Stress-Reduced Thick Copper Ceramic Substrate for High Power Module Applications VincentWei Oral 24-Oct Session 11 TW148-1 The First MIT 600 V / 450 A IGBT Power Module For EV / HEV Application Tao-ChihChang Oral 24-Oct Session 11 TW036-1 Grain Refinement of Solder Materials by Minor Element Addition Cheng KaiChung Oral 24-Oct Session 11 TW109-1 EFFECTIVE 3DIC CHIP MODULE WARPAGE WITH UF DESIGN BY ANALYTICAL METHOD LIPAI YUAN Oral 24-Oct Session 11 TW089-1 An Innovative Packaging Process for Low Power Loss Solar Modules HsinHsinHsieh (2013-7-31 v)
  4. 4. IMPACT-IAAC 2013 Type Date Session Paper Code Paper Title Author Oral 24-Oct Session 11 TW118-1 Effect of Ag Concentration on Ni-Sn Interfacial Reaction for Micro joints Jen-JuiYu Oral 24-Oct Session 11 TW119-1 Necking of low-bump-height solder induced by reactive wetting of solder on Au finishes in print Chih ChiaHu Oral 24-Oct Session 11 TW039-1 Periodic Pulse Reverse Cu Electroplating for Through Hole Filling Fang-YuShen Invited 24-Oct Session 12 US010-1 A Novel Epoxy Flux On Solder Paste For High Reliability POP Assembly Ning-ChengLee Oral 24-Oct Session 12 AS008-1 Effects of Wire Type and Mold Compound on Wearout Reliability of Semiconductor Flash Fineline GanChong Leong Oral 24-Oct Session 12 TW152-1 High Performance Ag-Pd Alloy Bonding Wires for IC and LED Packages Hsing-HuaTSAI Oral 24-Oct Session 12 TW014-1 An Efficient Evaluation Method for Packaging Interconnection CHIA YENLEE Oral 24-Oct Session 12 TW045-1 Wet Processes for Glass Surface Metallization and Cu Filling Through Glass Vias TGVs Shao-PingShen Oral 24-Oct Session 12 TW132-2 An Investigation on Nanoscale Bondability between Cu-Al Intermetallic Compound HSIANG-CHEN HSU Oral 24-Oct Session 12 TW067-1 A novel Ga-based TSV Interconnection with Pt UBM Hao-miaoChang Oral 24-Oct Session 12 TW127-1 Electro-Thermal-Mechanical Modeling of Wire Bonding Failures in IGBT Huang-KangTseng Oral 24-Oct Session 12 TW124-2 Chemical and Thermal Reductions of Carboxylate- Protected Nanoparticle-based Ag Conductive Films Tsung-YunPai THERMOMIGRATION IN MICRO BUMPS OF Oral 24-Oct Session 12 TW047-1 THERMOMIGRATION IN MICRO-BUMPS OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL INTEGRATED CIRCUIT Wei-NengHsu Invited 24-Oct Session 13 Chris Bailey Oral 24-Oct Session 13 TW003-1 Simulations and Characterizations for Stress Reduction Designs in Wafer Level Chip Scale Ming-CheHsieh Oral 24-Oct Session 13 TW056-2 The Reliability Performance of Copper Wire Bonding BGA Package by Way of HAST Methodology DemLee Oral 24-Oct Session 13 TW141-2 Investigation of Thin Package Warpage TingSu Oral 24-Oct Session 13 TW141-3 Electrical Performance Study for High Speed Memory Products TingSu Oral 24-Oct Session 13 TW060-1 IC-Package Co-design by Computational Thermographics Jui-HungChien Oral 24-Oct Session 13 TW088-2 Simulation for Film Structure Impact Strength Evaluation Chih-MingShen Oral 24-Oct Session 13 TW080-1 Design optimization for wafer level package reliability by using artificial neural network Po ChenLai Oral 24-Oct Session 13 TW092-1 An Efficient and Effective Simulation Approach for Solder Joint Reliability Prediction of Through- LinSheng-Chuen Oral 24-Oct Session 13 TW088-1 A New Edge Strength Evaluation Method and Apparatus for Flexible Brittle Material Chih-MingShen Oral 24-Oct Session 14 TW025-1 Unusual IMC Growth in 3D-IC Solder Joints Cheng-EnHo Oral 24-Oct Session 14 AS013-1 Joule Heating Effects on the Formation of Thermomechanical Fatigue Cracks YongZuo (2013-7-31 v)
  5. 5. IMPACT-IAAC 2013 Type Date Session Paper Code Paper Title Author Oral 24-Oct Session 14 TW091-1 Temperature-dependent failure mechanism of SnAg solder joints with Cu under-bump-metallization after Chung KuangLin Oral 24-Oct Session 14 AS070-1 Remotely-Controlled Tensile Test of Copper-Cored Lead-Free Solder Joint in Liquid Using Permanent NaoyaTada Oral 24-Oct Session 14 TW151-1 The Effect of Current Stressing on Grain Growth Tin and Orientation Yu-LungLin Oral 24-Oct Session 14 TW057-1 Inhibition of Whisker Formation by Forming Uniform Intermetallic Layer Han-wenLin Oral 24-Oct Session 14 TW055-1 Effect of grain orientations of Cu seed layers on the growth of 111-oriented nanotwinned Cu Chien-MinLiu Oral 24-Oct Session 14 AS012-1 The Growth Behaviors of Whisker in Eutectic SnBi Solder under High Temperature Isothermal Aging SihanLiu Oral 24-Oct Session 14 TW136-1 Investigation of the Characteristics and Impact Energy of the Pneumatic Hammers Used in Highly ChenYeong-Shu Invited 25-Oct Session 16 TW064-1 Through-Ceramic Vias TCVs Interposer of Using Direct Plated Copper Technology for 2.5DIC VincentWei Oral 24-Oct Session 16 EU094-1 FABRICATION, ELECTRICAL CHARACTERIZATION AND RELIABILITY PRADEEPDIXIT Oral 24-Oct Session 16 TW139-1 Investigation of the process for Glass interposer Ching-KuanLee Oral 24-Oct Session 16 TW090-1 Wafer Bonding Type Selection for 3D IC Designs Shih-HsuHuang Oral 24-Oct Session 16 TW108-1 Strength Evaluation of Thin 3D-TSV Memory Chips by Pin-on-Elastic-Foundation Test PuShanHuang T t Ri Mi i i ti th h Si lt Oral 24-Oct Session 16 TW090-2 Temperature Rise Minimization through Simultaneous Layer Assignment and Thermal Through-Silicon-Via Shih-HsuHuang Invited 25-Oct Session 17 TW029-1 Review on Silver Wire Bonding CharlieLu Oral 24-Oct Session 17 EU156-1 Electro-Optical PCBs for Optical Interconnects in Data Centers MarikaImmonen Oral 24-Oct Session 17 AS101-1 Analysis of Hot Spot Temperature in Power Si MOSFET with Electro- thermal Analysis RisakoKibushi Oral 24-Oct Session 17 TW004-1 The Analysis of the Thermal Resistance Structure of LEDs by Measuring Its Transient Temperature Wei-KengLin Oral 24-Oct Session 17 TW065-1 Implement of a Silicon-based LED Packaging Module with Temperature Sensor ChingfuTsou Oral 24-Oct Session 17 TW132-1 Thermal Design for High Power Arrayed LED Heat- Dissipating System HSIANG-CHEN HSU Invited 25-Oct Session 18 AS150-1 A THERMAL DESIGN APPROACH FOR NATURAL AIR COOLED ELECTRONIC MasaruIshizuka Oral 24-Oct Session 18 TW104-1 Finite Element Analysis for Shear Test of ubumps Hung-AnTeng Oral 24-Oct Session 18 AS131-1 Fatigue strength around through hole in printed circuit board TakahiroKinoshita Oral 24-Oct Session 18 TW149-1 On the Non-Polarity Effects of the Bi/Ni Interfaces under Current Stressing LiuYu-chen  Oral 24-Oct Session 18 TW048-1 Three Dimensional Compression Molding Simulation for Wafer Level Packaging Chih-ChungHsu Oral 24-Oct Session 18 TW018-1 Thermal and Thermo-Mechanical Simulations on Ben-JeLwo (2013-7-31 v)
  6. 6. IMPACT-IAAC 2013 Type Date Session Paper Code Paper Title Author Invited 25-Oct Session 19 US113-1 Multi-island platform for realization of wearable electronics Yung-YuHsu Oral 25-Oct Session 19 US046-1 Integrated Metallization System for High Density Interconnects and Modified Semi Additive processing KeshengFeng Oral 25-Oct Session 19 US155-1 Striking the Balance – Driving Increased Density and Cost Reduction in Printed Circuit Board Designs GaryLong Oral 25-Oct Session 19 TW033-1 A Novel Cu Plating Formula for Filling Through Holes Jhih-JyunYan Oral 25-Oct Session 19 TW024-1 Investigation of Through Hole Filling by Electrolytic Cu Deposition Using Electron Backscatter Hsin-HuiHua Oral 25-Oct Session 19 TW157-1 Advanced Thin Copper Electroplating Process for HDI Microvia Filling Application Ming-YaoYen Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 AS002-1 Properties and interfacial microstructure of Sn-Zn-Ga solder joint with rare earth Pr addition YeHuan Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 AS016-1 Study on properties of Sn–9Zn–Ga solder bearing Nd XuePeng Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 AS054-1 Research of Carbon Conductive Treatment Direct Plating Technology on PCB ShiyouYu Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW100-1 Power density effect on the microstructures and thermoelectric properties of p-type Bi-Sb-Te ChenTai-Sheng Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 AS117-1 Design and Reliability Analysis of Voltage Reference Circuit in 180 nm CMOS Process YasuhiroTakahashi Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW015-1 A flame-retardant CCL composite made of mCOC/glass/CNE with low dielectricity LinYung-Tan THE FAILURE INVESTIGATION OF THE Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW027-1 THE FAILURE INVESTIGATION OF THE POLYMER BALL INTERCONNECT UNDER Cheng-ChihChen Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW056-1 The Methodology to Monitor Gaseous Contamination in Data Centers DemLee Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW059-1 Anisotropic grain growth and crack propagation in eutectic microstructure under cyclic temperature Yu-ChunLiang Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW063-1 When “Signal" meets “Temperature" AlbertChen Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW129-1 Responses of the Environmental Stress Screening System Activated by Different Combination of Le HongChuong Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW103-1 PROCESS FEASIBILITY OF A NOVEL DIELECTRIC MATERIAL IN A CHIP Yu-weiHuang Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 AS026-1 Comparison of PEG6000 and EPE2900 as suppressors in copper electroplating bath for microvia NingXiao Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 AS037-1 Direct Deposition of Protective Ni Films on Cu Circuits by Replacement Reaction DongTian Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 AS043-1 Effect of Thiosulfate in Non-Cyanide Electroless Gold Plating from the Sulfite BingLi Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 EU112-1 Advanced Via Filling for improved Within-Unit Distribution HenningHuebner Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW140-1 Electroless Nickel deposition on the hybrid polyimide Yi-LingLo Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 US154-1 A High Reliability, Stress-Free Electroless Copper Process for FPC, Polyimide and Rigid-Flex WilliamBowerman Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 AS017-1 Study on Mussel-inspired Chemical Deposition of Silver on the Surface of Polyimide Film for FPC YanqingWang (2013-7-31 v)
  7. 7. IMPACT-IAAC 2013 Type Date Session Paper Code Paper Title Author Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 AS017-2 Study on Mussel-Inspired Deposition of Copper on the Surface and Hole of FR-4 Epoxy Glass Fiber YanqingWang Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW005-1 OPTICALLY-INDUCED DIELECTROPHORETIC TECHNOLOGY FOR PARTICLES ChenHsiu-Hsiang Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW096-1 Investigation of Interfacial Reactions in the Sn/Fe-xNi Couple Yi- ShanLi Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW111-1 The Investigation of the Inkjet Printing Metallization Technology on Flexible Substrate Yan-YuNian Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW116-1 The Inkjet Printing of Catalyst Pd Ink for Selective Metallization Apply to Product Antenna on PC/ABS Po-ChiangWang Poster 23-Oct 15:30-15:45 TW128-1 Surface Clean of Readily Oxidized Metals for Interconnections with Organic Acid Vapor Shang-KunHuang Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW011-1 WiFi SiP Module Using IPD Rx Balun Applications Hin-HanChuang Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW084-1 Cu Pillar Bump-on-Trace BoT Design for Ultra Low- K Packaging HaroldWu Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW097-1 TSV-less BSI-CIS Wafer-Level Package and Stacked CIS Module Zhi-ChengHsiao Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW102-1 Reflow Heat Source Impact on IMC formation of micro bump interconnection for 3D package Yi-ChianLiao Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW107-1 NDERFILL ADHESION ENHANCEMENT VIA OPTIMIZATION OF PLASMA TREATMENT FOR Chi TungYeh Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW066-1 Interfacial reacions between pure tin and electroplated copper substrates fabricated using different formulas WuJe-Yi F ti f lt ti i t f i l l i th A Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW075-1 Formation of alternating interfacial layers in the Au- 12Ge/Ni joints Ming-yuehTsai Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW143-1 Warpage study of power module WeiLi Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW031-1 Novel Assembly Framework of Bi-Layered Molding Materials for 3D-ICs Packaging LeeChang-Chun Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW040-1 Low Consumption of a Novel Accelerator in Cu Electroplating Applied for Through Silicon Vias Wan-YunHsiung Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW106-1 Effect of different SnAg thickness on interfacial reactions in microbumps of Ni/SnAg/Cu Yi SaHuang Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 EU156-2 Optical Backplane Demonstrator with 10Gbps Video Transmission Link on Printed Circuit Board Using Qian Xia Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 AS130-1 Precise intermetallic compound identification at the interface between eutectic SnIn solder and Cu Zhi-QuanLiu Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW035-1 Thermomigration of Ag in Pb-free SnAg solder joints MulaineShih Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW061-1 CU WIRE HAST FAIL MECHANISM INVESTIGATION FOR BGA PACKAGE Chih HungChang Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW068-1 Development of Automotive Products by using Cu wire bonding on Active Pad Structure for ABCD Hsin-EnCheng Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW077-1 Interfacial reaction in Cu/Pb-free solders/Co couples during reflowing process Shen ChangLee Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW095-1 Effect of Cu layer microstructures on Sn whisker formation IDiyatmika Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW125-1 Study of Microstructures and Peeling Test of Inner Lead Bonding Joints Chih-FanLin (2013-7-31 v)
  8. 8. IMPACT-IAAC 2013 Type Date Session Paper Code Paper Title Author Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW009-1 Nugget Shape Control in Resistance Spot Welding P. S.Wei Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW042-1 Electrical Model Analysis Measurement of TSV to TSV Coupling Capacitance YangShiuan-hau Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW078-1 Molded Underfill for Flip Chip Package ChenYu-Kai Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW084-2 Bill of Material and Geometry of FCBGA Impacts on Packaging Warpage HaroldWu Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW132-3 Electrochemical Migration Failure on FR-4 PCB Plated with Cu by Hygro-Thermo-Vapor Pressure HSIANG-CHEN HSU Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW147-1 Electrical Performance of Through Silicon Via TSV and Print Circuit Board Through Hole You-YiChen Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW076-1 Passive Cooling of a Pico Projector Having a Plate- Fin Array Jin-Cherngshyu Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW079-1 Study on thermal conductive BN/VGCF/polyimide resin composites ChinSi-Yi Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW121-1 Electrically Insulating and Thermal Conductive Materials with Defect Controlled Graphene Chen LungLin Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW126-1 An Analytical Model for Thermal Failure Analysis of 3D IC Packaging Jia-ShenLan Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW134-1 Thermal Performance of a Loop Thermosyphon with Fe3O4 based Nanofluid HuangChun-Hsien Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW134-2 Study on Single Direction Circulation Flow In Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe HuangChun-Hsien Ch t i ti d f t d f k d Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 AS051-1 Characterization and performance study of packaged micropump for drug delivery Vinaya kumarK.B Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 AS073-1 Packaging of Polyvinylidene fluoride nasal sensor for biomedical applications RoopaManjunatha Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW007-1 Parameters Optimization of Electroporation Chip for Gene Transfection Yung-Chiang Chung Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 AS019-1 Two-layer materials of polyethylene and a carbon nanotube/cyanate ester composite with high dielectric BinghaoWang Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW006-1 Thermal Stability of Hydrogen Annealed Aluminum Doped Zinc Oxide Films Investigated by Thermal Shang-ChouChang Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW062-1 Cu wire Development for Thin QFN Package using Die Attach Film DAF Ho-ChinHsieh Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW069-1 Film Over Wire FOW Selection for Copper Wire Application Ming-WeiLee Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW110-1 The investigation of dielectric properties measurement method Meng-ShengChen Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW115-1 Fabrication of Robust Polyaniline Thin Film Electrodes on the Surface of Elastomeric Kuan-HsunLi Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW115-2 Investigating the Influence of Various Organosilanized Substrates and Dopant Species on Kuan-HsunLi Poster 24-Oct 15:45-16:00 TW144-1 High Thermal Conductivity Underfill study for fine pitch Cu pillar bump HuangHuei-Nuan (2013-7-31 v)