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Japan stats2014


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This slide deck has explain activity of Japan CloudStack user group in 2014

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Japan stats2014

  1. 1. Japan Community Activity 2014
  2. 2.  Users: 438 people has joined  Meetup: 7 times on several region – 16th: 46 people – 17th: 74 people – 18th: 14 people – 19th: 31 people – 20th: 22 people – 21th: 43 people  Event: 2 times in Tokyo – CloudStack Day: 430 attendees – Brithday: 59+Remote Users 16th User Meetup(Mar) 17th User Meetup(May) 21th User Meetup(Sep) CloudStack Day Tokyo(Mar) CloudStack Birthday Party(Nov) 18th User Meetup(Jun) 19th User Meetup(Jul) 20th User Meetup(Aug) 22th User Meetup(Sep)
  3. 3. CloudStack Birthday Party CloudStack guys celebrated 2 years birthday from first major release of ACS
  4. 4. Advent Calendar CloudStack Users blogging or shared slide deck day by day until Christmas Night