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Presentation for Startup

  1. 1. Dear: Two Local entrepreneurs, *(in order of tallest haircut)” GUESS WHAT?
  2. 2. Is Awesome. (who am I telling?)
  3. 3. Here’s what you don’t know
  4. 4. I (Gus Chaveste) (THAT’S ME!) Would be PERFECT for the Start-up Co-founder position.
  5. 5. Oh yeah? Why is that? I’m so glad you asked!
  6. 6. Let’s go through what your looking for-
  7. 7. Someone who is Competitive As an executive officer to CEO I succeeded at the following: Recruited 2000 plus W-2 employees for sister company resulting in increase in revenue 11M in 12 months Recruitment and placement of over 350 Realtors resulting in increase in revenue 20M in 12 months Assisted in the Acquisition of 8 Realty companies resulting in increase in revenue 220M in 24 months.
  8. 8. Someone who is Entrepreneurial As an independent representative I succeeded at the following: While stranded with little money and no way of coming back from the Philippines I used my last $300 to buy a position in a MLM that I had seen an opportunity in. Quickly I became known as “The American power speaker” who recruited 600 members in 9 months without knowing the visayan language resulting in P200,000 plus ($2,500)in monthly revenue and me becoming an area developer. I’m not even Filipino! lol
  9. 9. Someone who is Self Driven As an overweight unhealthy person I succeeded at the following: Implemented a new goal to become healthier and disciplined myself to be consistent in my cardio (Zumba) workouts And healthy eating habits Resulted in me Successfully losing 75 lbs in the last 12 months and always being happy  I just Do!
  10. 10. Someone who is Innovative As a person who is always thinking of possibilities I succeeded at the following: I created the first Real Estate Virtual Office (Elite RE) creating an online back office for real estate professionals to work from home, but have all marketing and support tools wherever they have internet connection. In the 90’s someone asked me how could he make money off of the 2Pacs un-realesed Machiavelli songs which he had numerous unedited and un-mastered music tracks, because he was 2Pacs friend. The end result was he made $120,000 in 6 months before Source magazine ran an article stating the Machiavelli bootlegs were coming from Sacramento! Just kidding…Unless you take me serious! LoL
  11. 11. Someone who is Problem Solver As an executive officer to CEO I succeeded at the following: I was given a project with a 6 month completion deadline and a budget for 4 full time employees. The project was to retrieve 4 years of completed Real Estate transactions files in storage, scan them and also enter buyer information into a database for future company prospecting. I hired 2 student interns and 2 full time employees and the project was completed 4 months ahead of schedule at half the budget.
  12. 12. Here’s my experience
  13. 13. My Page.
  14. 14. My Page.
  15. 15. My Page.
  16. 16. And lastly I wear many hats!
  17. 17. And most importantly
  18. 18. I am a doer
  19. 19. So why do I want to work for
  20. 20. I get a rush when watching people and companies grow.
  21. 21. And I would love to help you build!
  22. 22. Thanks for watching! I’d love to come by and meet with the both of you to possibly share some ideas. Email: 916-757-9285