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Granite Countertop Q and A


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Granite Countertop Q and A

  1. 1. Granite Countertop Granite Counter Tops
  2. 2. Can I Cut on Granite Countertops? Granite Counter Tops
  3. 3. Yes, you absolutely can. The average knife is made of steel and isunable to make a scratch in granite. As a mineral, granite canreally only be marked up by another mineral such as sand oranother piece of granite. Granite Counter Tops
  4. 4. As we said before, the average knife is made of steel, and will notmake a mark on the granite. Really, you wouldnt have to worryabout cutting on your granite countertop unless you were using aknife made out of granite. Since knives are not typically made ofgranite or any other mineral, you could purchase a granitecountertop color and feasibly not purchase another cutting boardas long as you have your kitchen. A lot of people go this exactroute, as a matter of fact. Granite Counter Tops
  5. 5. Should You Cut on Granite Countertops? Granite Counter Tops
  6. 6. Whether or not you should cut on is an entirely separate matterfrom whether or not you can. In this regard, cutting on a granitecountertop is much the same as jumping off a bridge in to a river.Sure, you could strictly speaking, but that does not mean that youshould. The potential consequences of jumping off a bridge in toany body of water are certainly higher than cutting ongranite, but the using your granite countertop as a cutting boardcarries consequences nonetheless. Granite Counter Tops
  7. 7. For one thing, using a granite countertop as a cutting board ismore than likely to ruin your cutting knives. Most people are sofocused on making sure the granite wont be hurt by the knifethat they never consider the dulling and damaging effects thegranite has on the knife. Granite, as we saw before, is a mineral. Granite Counter Tops
  8. 8. The kinds of stones that are used to sharpen knives are also amineral, and are effective because of their ability to removejagged edges of a blade, resulting in a smooth, sharpened edge.Granite will do the same thing, only not in smooth, even strokeslike a whet stone will. Instead, the granite will take ragged chunksfrom your knife and reducing the knifes efficacy as a cuttinginstrument. Granite Counter Tops
  9. 9. Something that people dont often realize about granitewhen cutting on granite countertops is that it can be stained.Because granite is such a dense material, it is highly resistant tostains, but it can still happen. Water, of course, will not leave astain, but darker liquids like fruit juices and oils, absolutely willstain granite if left on the countertop for more than 20 minuteswithout being wiped up. Granite Counter Tops
  10. 10. Thus, when you use your countertop as a cutting board, which istypically done in the midst of preparing a meal, you not only runthe risk of causing permanent damage to your cutting knives, butyou also run the risk of permanently staining your granitecountertop. All things considered, while you absolutely can cut onyour granite countertop, you probably shouldnt. Granite Counter Tops