World CTCUS2012 Scoopit Cytomics


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presentation at World CTCs USA 2012 on usage of scoop it in the cytomics field

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World CTCUS2012 Scoopit Cytomics

  1. 1. SCOOP.IT/CytomicsWorldCTCUSA 2012 November• Information overload + more and more grey literature)But when there are 200 000 000 tweets per day or more activity on the web in 60 seconds than you could produce in a whole life, how to be sure your online strategy is still efficient• How to surf the internet information wave? Published papers open source or not.... – Universities: Personal solutions – Companies: Press reviewing• University duty: helping colleagues and students
  2. 2. Access to black and white,and coloured literature...• Scientific publications – After Current Contents! – Publishers databases (Web of Science, ScienceDirect) – PubMed• Patents databases• Company Websites
  3. 3. Grey Literaturesince end of 90s,• Thesis, Reports• Patents• Scientific News Magazines (GEN)• Press releases, Press agencies• Internet – Websites, Blogs, Tweets? – Social networks (Facebook, Linkedin..)...RSS flux – So much information... it becomes grey
  4. 4. ConnectivismConnectivism:a theory of learning based on the premise that knowledge exists in the world rather than in the head of an individualOne aspect of connectivism is the use of a network with nodes and connections as a central metaphor for learning. In this metaphor, a node is anything that can be connected to another node within a network such as an organisation: information, data, feelings, images.Connectivism sees learning as the process of creating connections and developing a network.
  5. 5. Curation....... the process of establishing and developing long term repositories of digital assets for current and future reference by researchers, scientists, historians, and scholars.Enterprises are starting to utilize digital curation to improve the quality of information and data within their operational and strategic processes..• ..... is expression, action and passion!
  6. 6. Curation tools• Google news• Pearltrees,, Pinterest, TumblR• – Individual (5 topics, 1 curator) – Educational plan (30 topics, n curators) – Business – Posts proposed by robot, pages found by curator, posts edited by curator
  7. 7. .... CYTOMICSIs Curation the answer – Purpose: Knowledge watching – Material: information on internet • From « dog manure » to GOLD digging – Methods:among other tools • Choice of Scoop it – Results: one year experience – Future: U to B (University to Business)
  8. 8. Topic: From Flow cytometry to Cytomics(11/12)• Open 10/11 – Actualized almost every day, ever since• Up to 200 proposals a day, – Much Noise but 2-3 % highly specific posts• 1086 Posts on 44 pages• 2400 views from 1446 Visitors,• 17 Followers,• 52 Reactions, Score 56
  9. 9. Subjects covered in topicFlow cytometry to Cytomics• Basic, Applied and Medical Science – Flow cytometry (30%) – Rare cells detection (CTCs 15%, CECs, CMCs, CMMCs...) 20% – Technical developments (40%)• Published papers 20%, Grey literature >70%• Patents (10%)• University (40%) vs Companies (50%) (Press Releases)• Scientific Meetings (5%)• CME/CPD (5%)
  10. 10. Immunology topics covered 10/12by Educational planon behalf of ASSIM• Immunology (open 7/11; 2109 posts, 2484 visitors; 3400 views)• Mucosal Immunity (open 12/11; 349 posts, 208 visitors; 273 views)• Immunology and biotherapies (DIU) (open 7/12; 888 posts; 170 vis; 250 views)• Allergy and clinical immunology (DESC) (open 7/12, 57 posts, 37 vis, 48 views• Autoimmunity (open Oct 2012; 63 posts; 4 vis; 8 views)
  11. 11. Other topics coveredHematology (open 7/12, 253 posts, 88 vis, 115 views)CME/CPD (open 11/11, 611 posts; 265 vis , 420 views)Wuhan, Hubei (open 10/11; 614 posts; 595 vis; 1400 views)Nancy, Lorraine (open 11/11; 613 posts, 1122 visitors, 1700 views)TOTAL > 10 000 views in october 2012
  12. 12. Science/Knowledge watchingon Scoop it• A day to day duty for scientists and researchers like « Walking the dog »• Scoop it: a virtual space – to collect and keep highly selected informations • As well as others scooped by other curators in your community – to find them when required
  13. 13. Summary• Probably the best curation tool on the web• A virtual scientific news « journal » and database easy to browse with pictures• The « Search » function is far better than evoked• The human factor of curation is the added value compared to robots (SEO Search engine optimization)
  14. 14. UtoB (University to Business)Benefits for a companyInformation is selected according to your interets by specialists of the fieldYou do not miss specific informations from scientific or grey literatureYou can post specific informations about your own products to be visibleIf somebody does it for you!All the better Why not become a partner if you are interested by our topics?
  15. 15. Acknowledgmentson behalf of ASSIM• GC Faure• M de Carvalho• MC Béné• Wuhan doctorate students (Chen Min, Cai Huili, Tu Qian)• Special thanks to Guillaume Decugis CEO of