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Google Earth Navigation


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Google Earth Navigation

  1. 1. Opens the same area in Google MapsAdd OverlayMeasuring ToolClick the N to reset to face north.Create a PlacemarkHide/Show the Sidebar1238250558800<br />Type a destination into the Fly To box and then click the search button.<br />Use the arrows to change the direction you are facing.<br />This allows you to turn Layers (overlays) on and off. Turn off layers to remove unneeded information.This is where any placemarks you have created / imported can be turned on/offUse the arrows to move in any directionUse to Zoom in or out.Created by Graeme Eyre ( Idea by Noel Jenkins ( Date the image was takenElevation of the land under the mouse cursor.Latitude and Longitude of the location of the cursor.Switch Between Google Earth/Sky/Moon/MarsChange Time of Day /SunlightShow Historical Imagery<br />