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Difficult Conversations - How to Have them


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A short PPT on how to have difficult conversations along with a 5 minute difficult conversation plan.

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Difficult Conversations - How to Have them

  1. 1. Difficult Conversations Or Tackling the Elephant in the Room
  2. 2. Why do we need to have difficult conversations?
  3. 3. At Some Point You Just Pull Off the Plaster, And It Hurts, But Then It’s Over and You’re Relieved
  4. 4. Tips for Success 1. Conquer your fear – no one likes conflict. 2. Do your homework – prepare 3. Make it about behaviour not the person (performance). 4. Be Positive – don’t just say what is wrong; say what and how it can be improved. 5. Choose words carefully. 6. Find the right setting. 7. Acknowledge, listen, and pay attention. 8. Be consistent. 9. Follow Up.
  5. 5. T.H.I.N.K True Helpful Inspiring Necessary Kind
  6. 6. Plan, but don’t script…
  7. 7. 5 minute …..Difficult Conversation Plan Why? What is the general reason? What happens if it is not addressed? Evidence? What is some specific evidence that is there is a problem? The more specific the better? When and Where? When are you going to have the conversation; where are you going to have the conversation? Warm Up? How are you going to signpost that this conversation is coming? Before During Plan: What are your key points; what are you going to say in order Questions: What questions might the other person have? After Follow Up Actions: Potential Escalation? Success Criteria: