Playing For Dollars The Growing Of A Video Game Industry


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Playing For Dollars The Growing Of A Video Game Industry

  1. 1. Playing for Dollars: The Growing of a Video Game Industry
  2. 2. Mike Worth, Moderator Founder, Game Music, Inc. Dennis Manning Scindocs, LLC Lou Tranchitella 3D Artist Hardik Bhatt Developer, Comcast Grant Shonkwiler Game Programmer and Designer Megatouch Games Frank Lee Professor, Department of Computer Science, Drexel University
  3. 3. Playing for Dollars: Growing a Video Game Industry Cluster Presented by Mike Worth Co-Founder, VGI Philadelphia
  4. 4. What are Videogames? Interactive entertainment powered by a combination of hardware and software Virtual Worlds/MMO's (WoW, 2nd Life) makes $1 billion per quarter Website-based games (Chill, Nickelodeon) Social Games (Club Penguin) bought Club Penguin - $350 million Mobile Games (iPhone, cell phones) Fieldrunners – 1.6 million sales, 3$/unit Handheld Consoles (Dsi, PSP) Console Games (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3) PC Games
  5. 5. Why Are Videogames So Great? 41 billion dollars revenue in 2008 Double Digit Growth of VG Industry Film, TV, Music Declined in Revenue 250k Employees worldwide Integral in Social and Ethical Improvment Multi-Disciplined Product College and Graduate Degrees Average Salary...
  6. 6. What a Video Game Professional Makes If you have a bachelor's degree, and are a/an... Producer: $81,000 per year Programmer: $79,000 per year Composer/Sound Designer: $71,000 per year Game Artist: $66,000 per year Game Designer: $64,000 per year Tester/“QA“: $43,000 per year Average Salary: $70,000 per year
  7. 7. Who Plays Videogames? Average age of gamers is 35 #1 Demographic: Males, 18-25 #2 Demographic: Females, 30-55 43% of gamers are women 25% of gamers are over 50 68% of households play video games 84% of video games are rated E for Everyone E10+ for 10 and older T for Teen
  8. 8. Why should a City Develop This Industry? 250K employed worldwide Ubisoft in Toronto, 800 employees, invests $500 million Industry establishes itself in the community Employment for expanding technology degrees Fore-front of technology Project NATAL, Drexel's Lazybrains Technological innovations Community of diverse and educated professionals
  9. 9. Why is it the right time to build this in a city? Golden Age of Entertainment Software Steady, double digit growth through 2009 Entertainment that is: Inexpensive Convenient Social Large underserved markets Emerging mid-level, mid-price markets Variety of distribution channels Variety of revenue models
  10. 10. How do you create an industry? 7 Sectors Mutually supportive Government Academia/Universities Existing Studios Incoming Studios Investors and VC's Community Media
  11. 11. VGI Philadelphia The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." George Bernard Shaw
  12. 12. How are we going to do it? Market Region to the Game Industry Provide Financial Assistance to Start-Ups Attract Existing Companies to the Region Educate and Inform the Community Establish Game Incubator Program Connect Business Owners to Capital Provide Legislative and Organizational Support
  13. 13. And now... time for questions!
  14. 14. Please complete the survey being distributed by the volunteers. Surveys may be returned to the volunteers or at the Registration Desk in Ballroom A.
  15. 15. Thank you to our sponsors