Innovation And Education Bringing The Inner City Into The 21st Century


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Innovation And Education Bringing The Inner City Into The 21st Century

  1. 1. Innovation and Education: Bringing the Inner City into the 21st Century
  2. 2. Josette Bonafino, Moderator Executive Director of MYX: Multicultural Youth eXchange Stacy Holland Co-President and COO, Philadelphia Youth Network Dave Phillips Public Affairs Specialist, State Farm Michelle Grimley Program Manager, Charter Education Grant, School District of Philadelphia Desiree Booker (aka Myrikal) High School Student, Performer, Anti-Violence Advocate
  3. 3. Josette Bonafino Executive Director MYX: Multicultural Youth eXchange
  4. 4. innovations in education Bringing the Inner City into the 21st Century
  5. 5. Stacy Holland Co-President and COO Philadelphia Youth Network
  6. 6. Dave Phillips Public Affairs Specialist State Farm
  7. 7. Michelle Grimley Program Manager Charter Education Grant School District of Philadelphia
  8. 8. Character Education and The School District of Philadelphia
  9. 9. What is Character Education? • Instilling virtues, values, behaviors and reasoning capabilities • Positively effecting student’s ability to make best possible moral choices
  10. 10. Character Education and U.S. Department of Education • Funding increased dramatically during President Bush’s administration (FY 2001) • Goal: Build safe schools and strong character • Supported in the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools-award federal grants across the country
  11. 11. Character Education and The School District of Philadelphia Awarded two Partnerships in Character Education Grants: FY 2002-2006, FY 2006-2010 Targets specific regions, schools, classrooms for participation
  12. 12. Program Information • K-8 classrooms implement character education/service learning projects-currently 93 k-8 teachers involved from forty-one schools • 10 District high schools implement senior project program graduation requirement for all seniors
  13. 13. Character Education connection to Service-Learning Team building in classroom Emphasis on character traits through literature and community interactions Service-learning project as the “application” and real world application
  14. 14. Skills emphasized k-8 character education/ service-learning project Communication and research skills Connecting with the community and organizations Reading, writing and presentation skills Caring, responsibility, respect Service to others
  15. 15. Skills Learned through Senior Project Program • Thesis focused research paper writing skills • Presentation skills • “Soft Skills”-creativity, time management, patience, persistence, etc
  16. 16. Future of Program • Funding for Partnerships in Character Education Program cut in FY 2009 budget 50% Character Education will be folded into new student engagement initiative for U.S. Department of Education (TBA)
  17. 17. Future of Program in District? • $500,000 annual grant budget will end June 30, 2010 • Learn and Serve funds may continue • Potential connection to Dr. Ackerman’s Imagine 2014
  18. 18. Desiree Booker (aka Myrikal) High School Student Performer Anti-Violence Advocate
  19. 19. A Journey through the Life & Career of “Myrikal”
  20. 20. Overview of Music Career • Began rapping at age 10, and composing lyrics at 12. Started with R.A.R.E. • Over 150 performances throughout tri-state. • Won Amateur Night at Apollo • AMTC Millie Lewis competition in Florida: 2nd place singer/songwriter. 1st place creative runway. 900 contestants. • Opened up for Chaka Khan & Musiq Soulchild at N2N Annual Festival. • Anti-Violence youth advocate/ motivational speaker. Invited to speak at schools, churches, seminars, and youth programs. • Recorded a song demo at age 12; Released my 1st album at 14 entitled “The Evolution of a Revolution, Myrikal”. • …and the list goes on.
  21. 21. What do I advocate? • Pro-education • Anti-Violence Why???
  22. 22. What influences me? • Community/ youth/ peers • My preceding successors • My teachers and music colleagues • My Lord and Savior And ultimately… My Mama
  23. 23. The Power of music & art • Universal Language • It can have a large influence on how we think, feel, and live. Ex. John Mayer vs. Billie Holiday. • MYX 2009 Audio Arts program • MUSIC MOVES ME
  24. 24. Looking into the future • Continue to pursue my music • Finish my 2nd album • 4 year college degree/ Law school • High hopes of becoming a District Attorney someday.
  25. 25. “Invisible”
  26. 26. Question & Answer
  27. 27. Please complete the survey being distributed by the volunteers. Surveys may be returned to the volunteers or at the Registration Desk in Ballroom A.
  28. 28. Thank you to our sponsors