10 Things You Should Know About The Creative Economy


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10 Things You Should Know About The Creative Economy

  1. 1. # 1 Quick Definitions • Creative Class – Richard Florida 10 Things You Need to Know • Creative City – Charles Landry About the Creative Economy • Creative Economy – John Howkins If You Want to Succeed • Creative Industries Peter Kageyama Creative Cities Productions Bottom line … # 2 Challenge of Attracting Talent All about talent It is related to everyone’s job but not Creative, innovative people of all kinds. specifically outlined in anyone’s job #3 – Talent is not just young people Not my job! Talent (and value) exists in every age  group: • Recent Grads • Young Professionals • Married with Kids • Empty Nesters Not My Job! • Retirees
  2. 2. BTW – ¾ of Households Live W/O Kids #4 - Want to attract Google to Your City? “We go to the coolest, hippest place in a region where we think  young, smart, energetic people will want to live and work.” Grady Burnett, Google – Ann Arbor #5 Creative Economy is about whales & krill BTW - Counting W2s in 1099 World #6 – Talent (especially young) is tribal #6 – Talent (especially young) is tribal
  3. 3. #7 We Don’t Believe Marketing #7 New Media Models  RU rdy 4 convo 140 chrctrs @ a time? #8 Make Community Values Visible & Persistent This applies to companies too… too… #9 #10 The war for talent is a shooting war
  4. 4. Bonus: We want the IPhone of cities #10 – We want the IPhone of Cities #10 The war for talent is a shooting war Thank You & Welcome to Philadelphia