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Social Media Resume

  1. 1. Hello, My name isGiancarlo BaglieriThis is my online social media resume! Let`s get started!
  2. 2. I am currently an Accounting Majorat Durham College inOshawa, Ontario, Canada 3 Year Business Administration Advanced Diploma Program Fall 2010 Honour Roll
  3. 3. I work at a Greek Restaurant inPickering, Ontario, Canada Have been a waiter for about a year part-time as I make my way through college
  4. 4. Some Things I’ve Done… Worked at Re/Max West Realty Brokerage, Inc. for 3 years, maintaining the condition of the office Online Blogger Social Media Account Personal Facebook Personal and Business Twitter Created YouTube Channels that host video content weekly Created websites for friends/family, etc.
  5. 5. I`ve always been involved in SocialMedia marketing and understandthe importance of internetacknowledgment Facebook Twitter YouTube MySpace Flickr Currently enrolled in a Social Media class that teaches me how to properly exploit social media to the best of its abilities
  6. 6. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel Amortization Schedules SUM, Average, MIN, MAX NPER, Rate, PMT, PV, FV Sorting and Filtering
  7. 7. Enrolled in The Ontario RealEstate Association In the process of obtaining my real estate licence
  8. 8. I run an online Blogger account All my blogs are about Social Media and how it affects society in a more in depth form to provide readers with the full experience of social media.
  9. 9. Experience in Web Design/Coding HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and Photoshop Took courses in school that specialized in web design
  10. 10. Volunteer Work Bowing Fundraiser in 2009 Selling Tickets to raise money for my REP soccer team
  11. 11. Interests Accounting Real Estate Sports Fitness Technology Motorsports
  12. 12. Affiliations GoodLife Fitness Club Member 2010-2012 Ganaraska Forest Club Member 2008-2012 OREA Real Estate Course 2011-2012 Pickering Soccer Club Member – 2002 - 2010
  13. 13. Awards/Achievements 2010 Fall Honour Roll Student – Durham College 2003 M.V.P of the year – Pickering REP Soccer 2007 Faces of the Future Award LOSSA Soccer Champions – St. Mary Catholic Secondary School Soccer team
  14. 14. I want to help improve yourbusiness, in any way that I can!
  15. 15. Contact Me @ the following… (416) 305-9876 Twitter – baglierigc Facebook – Giancarlo Baglieri LinkedIn – Giancarlo Baglieri
  16. 16. Share This Document! Connect people with this document and spread the news! Download, Print, and Share! Credit to this idea goes too…
  17. 17. THANK YOU!