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Tablas de daimiel


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Tablas de daimiel

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Tablas de daimiel

  1. 1. Tablas de Daimiel Tablas de Daimiel National Park (Parque Nacional de las Tablas de Daimiel) is a wetland on the La Mancha plain, a mainly arid area in the province of Ciudad Real. The Wetlands are located on the migratory routes of many species of birds DESCRIPTION AND SITUATION
  2. 2. Tablas de Daimiel HOW DID THIS ECOSYSTEM FORM?  Tablas de Daimiel formed as the result of overflows at the confluence of the rivers Guadiana and Cigüela, a fact favoured by the slight slope of the land.
  3. 3. Flora and fauna in Tablas de Daimiel
  4. 4. Fauna in Tablas de Daimiel  They are many animals (fauna)in Tablas de Daimiel :  Ducks  Water snakes  Frogs  Foxes  Eagles
  5. 5. Fauna in Tablas de Daimiel  Wild Pig  the otter  the rabbit  the tortoises  the carp  the barb
  6. 6. Flora in Tablas de Daimiel  They are many plants (flora) in the Tables of Daimiel :  Reed-(carrizo)  Brambles-(zarza)  Wild roses  Algae  Tamarisk.-(Taray)