P3.1 Rudi Multi Trading Co Ltd. The Second Freedom for Women


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P3.1 Rudi Multi Trading Co Ltd. The Second Freedom for Women

  1. 1. About Us• Aimed at achieving SEWA’s objective of strengthening farmers based on Gandhian phylosophy on strengthening village econony.• RUDI Multi Trading Company was established with an objective to strengthening small women farmers by setting up Rural Distribution Network• Ensuring the food security of rural women and thier house holds of production through the use of better technology on .• Creating multiple employment opportunities by way of bulk procurement directly from the farmers and a well organized sales and distribution network.• Share profits amongst the members of the rural self-help groups, which will bring a positive change in the economic condition of the
  2. 2. Products
  3. 3. SOCIAL IMPACT• Rural women and House Hold’s migration level has been reduced due to employment security through Rural Distribution Network.• Health has been improved the women and children due to consuming Good quality of ‘RUDI’ products.• Rural women able to provide quality education to their children.• Due to increase in income the women able to save money.
  4. 4. Social Impact Farmers DistributionProcessing Units Accountants Quality Control Warehousing Marketing (sales)
  5. 5. Our Vision Strengthen the rural economy & Help villages become Self Sustaining By creating a company that helps scarce rural resources circulate within the villageMarket Access Quality Goods Employment Self Provide direct Make high quality Provide multiple Sustainabilitymarket access for daily goods more employment Help RUDI, small rural available and opportunities to District agricultural affordable for the members of Associations, andproduct producers rural consumers SEWA Self Help Groups become financially self sustaining
  6. 6. Our Business Structure RUDI MULTI TRADING COMPANY LTD (MARKETING)Processing Centre Warehouses cum Non RUDI cum retail stores Productsretail stores Distribution Hubs cum retail outlets (SALES ) RUDI WOMEN (RURAL SALES)
  7. 7. The JOURNEY Till Now Achieved Achieved a a turnover turnover of of Rs.4 Two more Rs.3.5 crores in processing crores in 2010-11. centres, one 2008-09. Second RUDI each in Anand Processing and Patan Centre started districts, in Surendra- inaugurated in nagar district March 2008. 2.5December 8, cr.2004:First RUDI on August 24,Processing 2007 1.5 croreCentre inSabarkanthadistrict on apilot basis
  8. 8. THE JOURNEY TILL NOW• Total Turnover: Year 2007-11 is Rs.14.00crore• Total number of farmers covered: 10, 000• Total number of Rudibens: 3000• Average monthly income of Rudibens: Rs.3,000- 15,000• Total number of processing centers: – There are 4 processing centers • 1. Dhrangadhra - Surendranagar • 2. Pij – Anand • 3. Radhanpur – Patan • 4. Aniyor - Sabarkantha
  9. 9. The Journey CONTINUES
  10. 10. Marketing Approach• Collective Marketing• MLM Marketing• Mobile Marketing- I T and Money transfer• Door to door Marketing
  11. 11. Our Supply Chain Small ruralNote: Process varies slightly by district shops RUDIbens & Rural Aagewan consumers RUDI Small Bens Door to door Local rural Rural sales, sales farmers Distribution from home, Hub etc. Rural farmers District Government from other Association Mid-Day Meal SEWA Districts purchasers Plan District RUDI Large Wholesale Retail Shops Association Rural agricultural Processing Distribution markets Urban Center Hub consumers SEWA Sister Operations: Arogyasewa Household Bens, Etc. RUDI goods purchasers SEWA Special manufacturers Initiatives (Anapoorna RUDI Urban Scheme) Distribution Hub Hotels, Canteens, Hostels, & RestaurantsProduction Purchasing Processing Distribution Consumption
  12. 12. Sustainability• Farmers and women producers groups become economically independent through regular employment & income.• The processing centers will be sustain through high volume production and making profit,• The district Association and the RMTCL will become economically independent py providing financial service and marketing service.
  13. 13. RUDI SCALING UP• RUDI expanding at national level to reach Rs.100 cr• Livelihood security of 9,30,000 farmers and rural women• Food security of farmers and rural communities.• Capacity building for farmers and rural women become owners and managers of their business.
  14. 14. RUDI MULTI TRADING COMPANY LIMITED Marketing Company For The Rural Producer Groups Promoted By SEWA GRAM MAHILA HAAT 8, Navarang Colony, Nr. Kashmira Chamber, B/H. Mount Carmel School,Opp. Navarangpura Railway Crossing, Navarangpura, Ahmedabad – 380 009. Tel.: 079 – 26589729, 26574880 Fax: 079- 26574678 www.sewarudi.com E-mail: sgmh1@dataone.in