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P3.1. Working with (inter)regional innovation platforms: CRP on Roots, Tubers and Bananas


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Graham Thiele

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P3.1. Working with (inter)regional innovation platforms: CRP on Roots, Tubers and Bananas

  1. 1. Working with (inter)regional innovation platforms: CRP on Roots, Tubers and Bananas Graham Thiele Program Director
  2. 2. Overview• RTB, structure and impact pathways• Three types of innovation platform• Action research on partnerships• Linkage mechanisms with systems’ CRPs and innovation platforms
  3. 3. A collaboration of:+ a wide spectrum research-for-development stakeholders & partners
  4. 4. Our crops Banana Cassava Potato Sweetpotato Yam Other R&T Plantain
  5. 5. RTBs share • Genetic complexity (> grains) • Vegetative propagation, similar seed systems • Perishability, bulkiness and post harvest/value chain options • High potential: > yields & livelihood outcomes • Low profile: “women’s crops”
  6. 6. Program StructureThematicUpstream R4D fundeddirectlyDownstream R4D projectsfunded by specific donorsLinkages for outcomes?
  7. 7. Impact Pathways
  8. 8. Partnership action research 1. Potential innovation platforms and how do they work? • Value chain (Papa Andina) • Varietal development (Red Latin Papa) • Cropping systems (CIALCA) 2. Basic principles in building platforms? 3. How are scientists and others actually partnering? • Network mapping 4. What are the linkage mechanisms with RTB?
  9. 9. Ecuador Bolivia Local Local Partners Partners Farmers Strategic Strategic Farmers Partners Partners Coordination: CIP-Papa Andina Strategic Peru PartnersCollective LocalLearning Farmers Partners Strengthen capacity with Stakeholder strategic partners Platforms
  10. 10. Innovation processin Peru triggeredspillover in Ecuadorand Bolivia ResearchCreative idea
  11. 11. Red LatinPapa - 12 Member Countries
  12. 12. Red Latin Papa INIA Peru CORPOICA and UNC INIA Colombia VenezuelaProvides potato germplasm PROINPA Germplasm Working Neiker and Bolivia CCBAT Regulatory Group Spain FrameworkFeedback loop to management and Political Dissemination Impact Working Groupcommittee on participatory Working Management Groupvarietal trials Committee INTA INIA Argentina Information Seeds Ecuador and Learning WorkingAdjusts breeding strategy Working Group GroupImprove germplasm provided INTA INIA Costa Rica INIA Uruguay Chile
  13. 13. 1. Flowering Stage Participatory Breeding / 4. Post-harvest ev. Varietal Selection (PVS) to involve stakeholder in selection & dissemination2. Harvest Stage 3. Organoleptic ev. Mother & Baby trial design • •• •• • •
  14. 14. CIALCAEnhance productivitybanana and legumecropping systemsCountry levelorganization: Rwanda,Burundi and DRCKnowledge resourcecenters: out-scaling toescape country silos
  15. 15. CIALCAKnowledge resourcecenterContextualvalidation andadaptation ofknowledge productseg control of bananabunchy top disease
  16. 16. Partnership actionresearch (ILAC)RTB actornetwork mapsNode colours bytype oforganization CG-CG, CG-ARI Other colors= other orgs Node size set by degree centrality
  17. 17. RTB actornetwork mapsNewcollaboration
  18. 18. CRPHumidtropicsAction areasLarge overlap withRTB “hotspots”IncorporatesCIALCA
  19. 19. Challenges to partnering for outcomes 1. RTB predominance linkages among CG and ARIs 2. Limited engagement of non-HQ scientists and downtream R4D partners 3. Limited coordination across CRPs 4. CRPs are reconfiguring innovation platforms – how? 5. Compatibility “honest broker role” and accountability for outcomes?
  20. 20. Linkage mechanisms: CRPs and innovation platforms 1. Joint priority setting with stakeholders 2. Joint construction of impact pathways with stakeholders 3. Shared research sites and R4D activity 4. Learning alliances across regional innovation platforms 5. Shared action research on partnerships to “get it right”, in context of increased organizational complexity 6. Monitoring evolution partnerships