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SocialCoding4Good Prez at Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2013


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SocialCoding4Good Prez at Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2013

  1. 1. Making an Impact through Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software GHTC 2013
  2. 2. How Did I Get Here?
  3. 3. MIT Loans Paid, 2 Startups and 24 Years Later… Come do social good with me! When can I start?
  4. 4. What Does Benetech Do? create software for Maximum Social Benefit solve large, critical problems in Areas of Need global literacy INNOVATION SCALE human rights environment
  5. 5. Technology Assists Students with Learning and Physical Print Disabilities Jessica, Steffon and Shane are three of 250,000+ members who can access Bookshare’s library of 210,000+ books, textbooks and periodicals with reading tools tailored to their special needs
  6. 6. Open Source in our Global Literacy Program Build Upon Create & Contribute Poet
  7. 7. Why: Economics
  8. 8. Why: Economics
  9. 9. Why: Innovation Needs Collaboration Benetech   W3C   DAISY   Academia   IDPF   LRMI   Benetech Organizational Truths ●  We prefer open to proprietary ●  We think we can do more together
  10. 10. Why: Expanding our Impact Bookshare / Chafee Qualified Other Disabilities (e.g. ADHD, Austism) and English Language Learners
  11. 11. Why: Harvest Volunteer Contributions
  12. 12. SocialCoding4Good Apply your tech skills to social good by volunteering with organizations like Benetech, which develop HFOSS Education Disaster Relief Human Rights Global Health Microfinance
  13. 13. Impact: Mifos Mifos is used by microfinance institutions around the globe to provide financial inclusion for more than one million people working their way out of poverty •  Deanna McCusker volunteered for three months, designing a user interface for the newly launched Mifos X software. She continues to contribute time to guiding its implementation! From basic 3-hour tasks to expert three-month projects, SocialCoding4Good matches volunteers + projects based on experience, skillset, and availability
  14. 14. Impact: Mozilla Webmaker At Cisco Back-toSchool Volunteer Day & Code Sprint, web developers created Mozilla Webmaker plug-ins for use in educational settings Mozilla’s Popcorn adds interactivity & real-time context to online video using browser technologies like HTML5 •  Cisco teams developed easy ways for teachers to create digital learning resources - like this invideo quiz, or this real-time feed that displays keywords and research links to information on a video’s topic
  15. 15. Impact: Mobile Martus Hack on projects and prototypes that will live on beyond the hackathon and become sustainable field ready products
  16. 16. Getting Involved ●  Visit ●  Fill out volunteer profile –  Skills –  Availability (hours, days, weeks) –  Open source experience ●  Get your employer involved –  Skills-based / probono employee volunteering programs for Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resources groups –  Current program partners include VMware, HP
  17. 17. Get involved: Gerardo Capiel Twitter: @gcapiel