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Proposed MathMLCloud architecture


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This diagram shows our idea for doing server-side conversion of MathML to described SVG or PNG images that are backwards compatible with older EPUB 2 reading systems, browsers that don't support MathML and creates a bridge for support with future assistive technologies.

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Proposed MathMLCloud architecture

  1. 1. Cloud  or  Locally  Installed  2 Open  Source  Code   3 Web  Service  /  REST  API   1 MathML   <math> … </ math> MathMLCloud  Engine   Described  SVG   MathJax  SVG   Generator   SVG  to  PNG  Converter   ChromeVox  A11y   Math  UFls   Described  PNG   hKp://mathmlcloud   4 <math>…</math> X equals negative b…  
  2. 2. MathMLCloud  Process   1.  A  publisher  or  other  content  creator  using  a  MathMLCloud   integrated  product,  such  as  a  MicrosoO  Word  plugin,  or  a   proprietary  producFon  toolchain,  submits  MathML  code  to   the  MathMLCloud  API   2.  The  MathML  is  converted  to  an  SVG  image  using  MathJax.     There  is  an  opFon  to  convert  the  SVG  to  a  PNG  image.    The   MathML  is  also  processed  by  the  integrated  ChromeVox   math  uFliFes  to  generate  a  textual  descripFon.    The  API   returns  HTML/SVG  code  and  the  PNG  image.    The  HTML   code  contains  a  link  back  to  the  source  MathML  on  
  3. 3. MathMLCloud  Process   3.  The  returned  HTML  code  and  images  can  be  inserted  into  a   web  page  viewed  with  MicrosoO  IE  or  an  EPUB  viewed  with   the  Nook  eReader   4.  The  end  user  can  also  choose  to  click  to  a  webpage  on  to  see  the  original  MathML  or  to  provide   feedback  to  the  publisher  and  Benetech  as  to  the  quality  of   the  automaFcally  generated  descripFon.    By  being  able  to   access  the  source  MathML  the  user  can  take  advantage  of   other  current  or  future  AssisFve  Technologies  that  support   MathML.