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xyzmo’s enterprise digital signature platform allows contracts, agreements, NDAs, forms, or any document that requires a signature to be signed electronically on signature pads, payment terminals, the iPad, Android devices, with digital certificates or online via ‘click-to-sign’.

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xyzmo Company Overview

  1. 1. Page I 1 Customer Benefits Product Highlights  As simple as signing on paper  Transforms the way you work with your customers  Documents cannot get lost during delivery  Signatures or attachments cannot be forgotten  Reduced fraud through bullet-proof security and authentication―even in real-time  Seamless and fast integration in existing application and document flows  Support for multiple lines of business and channels  Accelerates POS processes, freeing up time for up-selling & cross-selling activities  Flexibility to use signature capturing devices and digital pens from the manufacturer(s) of your choice  Total and integrated solution for signature pads, mobile devices, and Web-based signing, all from a single source; deployed on-premises or in the cloud  Control and govern all steps in the completion and signing process of contracts  Based on open PDF standards, with no proprietary e-signature technology  Leading biometrical signature verification in real-time, with self-learning reference profiles  Highly scalable, robust server platform with straightforward server-side integration  Supports pressure sensitive pens for Android and iPad for the most natural signing experience, palm protection and high-quality signature recording  Offline signing with iOS, Android and WIN app Go Paperless with our E-Signature Solutions. SIGNificantly efficient! The SIGNificant platform provides you with the user interface and tools needed to define an optimal e-signature process and user experience. Whether for signature pads, interactive pen displays, mobile devices or Web-based signing, the platform’s building blocks make it easy to pick and choose the best combination of e-sign solutions and signature capturing devices for each use case. E-Signing in Shops & Offices Mobile Signing Real-Time Signature Verification Web-Self-Service
  2. 2. Page I Deployment and Integration Options Our framework allows businesses to choose the ideal e-signature solution for any type of process or channel. Some smaller businesses might consider our purely desktop-based approach, but for most use cases the server-based approach is preferred as it provides the following advantages:  The integration to existing systems is purely server-side, which is the natural choice for a server-based back-end architecture  The PDF document is only stored in the data-center and not automatically copied and distributed to the clients  Only one back-end integration for different deployment options: o E-Signing via Web Browser: Internet or intranet access is all that is needed for Web-based signing. No installation or download is required. Signature capturing devices are automatically detected o E-Signing on a Mobile Device: Combination of a central integration point with full support for filling and signing documents and forms offline in an iOS and Android app o E-Signing using your existing Apps: Client-side SDKs (Desktop, iOS, Android) enable a seamless integration of existing applications with the server platform, providing full control over the user experience. Use Cases Signing a document with your handwritten signature is socially well accepted around the world. Bringing it into the digital world has the big advantage of avoiding costly media breaches while conforming to already well- established user habits and business processes. This is why capturing a handwritten signature is still the best choice for getting documents signed in person, in real time, by presenting a document to a client. For Web-self- service and other scenarios where capturing a signature is not a preferred option we alternatively support signing with a token, digital certificate, one-time password and similar methods. E-Signing In- Shop / -Branch Mobile Signing in the Field Web-Self- Service  Flexibility to use signature capturing devices from the manufacturer(s) of your choice  Support for large pen-enabled signature pads & screens to view the whole document  Support for iPad and Android tablets  Support for Citrix and WTS  Option to verify a signature in real time  Supports signing on iPad and Android  Supports pen-enabled Tablet-PC  Supports laptops with small & light signature pads  Support for offline signing in all scenarios  Sign using Click-2-Sign, mouse or stylus  Sign using any device with any web browser  Distributing the URL to the signers is all it takes  No need to download or install anything
  3. 3. Page I 3 Signature Authentication More than just the image – 5D biometrical parameters A signature captured with SIGNificant is much more than just an electronic image of a digitized signature. We record―forensically identifiably―the handwritten signature of a person using all available parameters, such as acceleration, speed, and rhythm. These parameters are unique to every individual and cannot be reproduced by a forger. Real-time signature verification for highest process security In addition to a deep manual signature verification that a forensic expert can do anytime afterwards using the SIGNificant PenAnalyst software, xyzmo also provides a signature verification that authenticates a signature against a pre-enrolled signature profile database in real-time. As the system can use all recorded biometric data for its signature verification, the false acceptance/rejection rates it achieves are in the low one-digit percentage range. Its self- learning algorithm enables the system to stay up to date with changing signing habits over time. In addition, it has the advantage of lacking the invasive nature of other biometrical authentication methods such as fingerprint, face, or retina scan, all of which do not allow the simple switch to a different biometric signature in case the data is stolen. Much More Than Capturing a Signature Govern all activities Define all steps in the signing process, including the ability to position signature fields, and define the necessary attachments and group form fields into areas, which makes it easier to guide the signer through the document in the right order. Specify compulsory or optional tasks, and define policies to enable or forbid certain actions on or with the document, such as making annotations or saving, e-mailing, and printing documents. Add annotations and attachments Enter text or add attachments such as photos from the built-in camera of your device to the document. Fill out and sign PDF forms Fill in your form fields directly from within the SIGNificant application and allow automated form data extraction of signed documents. Form data to be edited can also be prefilled from external applications. Offline processing for mobile use cases Mobile use cases often involve situations where online connectivity simply is not possible. This is why SIGNificant allows you to work with your documents and form templates fully offline, enabling you to complete the data capture and signing process with customers without any server connectivity. You can even manage multiple documents and form templates offline. Necessary server synchronization automatically occurs in the background when internet connectivity is available, without a user interaction needed.
  4. 4. Page I 4 About xyzmo xyzmo is a private company based in Ansfelden, Austria with international offices in the United States and Romania. xyzmo and its predecessors have a combined history of more than 10 years of digital signature expertise. Our solutions have processed millions of electronic signatures to-date around the globe. Bullet Proof Through High Security xyzmo provides the highest level of security to avoid the faking of biometrically signed documents. Biometric encryption The biometrical signature data is encrypted asymmetrically using a public key directly while recording. Reading the signature for verification purposes is only possible through decrypting it with the corresponding private key, which can either be stored offline, e.g. at a notary, or when required online in e.g. a High-Security Module (HSM). Document binding The biometric signature is always securely bound to a unique document. Its fingerprint (hash) is encrypted together with the biometrical signature data making copy/paste attacks impossible. Integrity protection Once a handwritten signature is captured, a digital signature is also applied, which turns the document into a sealed PDF, making undetectable changes of the document content impossible. Standard Compliancy and Compatibility Full-conformance PDF and PDF/A e- signature standard Signed documents can be viewed by any standard PDF viewer. Documents are sealed with a digital signature compliant to the ISO standards for PDF. Thus, the digital signature can easily be validated with Adobe Reader and many other PDF viewers. Moreover, the digital signature can show the GPS coordinates of the location where the signature was provided. ISO/IEC 19794-7:2007 standard for biometric signature exchange Biometric signatures can be exported according to the ISO/IEC 19794-7:2007 standard for biometric signature exchange, providing full vendor independence of the signed documents. Compatible with major signature capturing devices and digital pens SIGNificant is compatible with signature capturing devices, pressure-sensitive digital pens and tablet computers from all major vendors. Trusted by the World’s Most Respected Brands © xyzmo Software GmbH | | T: +1-201-205-291-8 or +43-7229-88060