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xyzmo SIGNificant’s signature solutions enable a 100% paperless activation process for mobile operators. In today’s economic climate it is essential to improve operational efficiency and seek cost cutting potentials. On the other hand, the customer is the core of all business transactions, especially within the Telecom Market, therefore having a competitive advantage in customer experience is key to getting more business. Whenever paper is involved, waiting times for customers are high and the mobile operator sales personnel’s time to focus on the needs and wishes of their new customers is limited due to the their administrative work.

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xyzmo 4 Telcom White Paper

  1. 1. Solutions for Telecom Companies White Paper xyzmo-SIGNificant for Telecom Companies xyzmo SIGNificant’s signature solutions enable a one hundred percent paperless activation process for mobile operators. By embedding xyzmo SIGNificant’s signature solutions, mobile operators add digital signature capabilities to their existing infrastructure, closing the gap in going fully paperless by completely eliminating the need to print service agreements and sales receipts for signing at the POS (Point of Sale). xyzmo SIGNificant products are being used by leading telecommunications companies world-wide including T-Mobile, Vodafone, Wind, Cosmote, KPN, Nashua Mobile, BelCompany, Si,mobil, Mobitel. With xyzmo a captured electronic signature is much more than just an electronic image. xyzmo records the handwritten signature of a person using parameters of pressure, acceleration, speed and rhythm. These parameters are unique to every individual and cannot be easily reproduced by a forger. Once a signature including all the biometric parameters has been embedded into a document it is turned into a signed and sealed PDF. Benefits of using xyzmo’s technology:  To dramatically speed up the activation process in your retail stores,  Enables your company to generate more revenue at POS,  Lets your organization save money by going paperless with your service agreements,  Easily accepted by your customers / very similar to the current paper-based process,  Convenient and easy to integrate into existing IT environments,  Offers your company the benefits of a secure, electronic environment,  Money saving solution / Guaranteed ROI in 12 months.
  2. 2. Solutions for Telecom Companies White Paper Enhance your existing Infrastructure ... with all functionalities for a totally paperless process Swipe Scan Data Capture Signature Capture Driver’s License/Credit Card Using a Soft Keyboard Using a Signature Pad, Tablet PC, etc. Convert & Seal Email & Store Verify Document Convert any document Send documents via email Verify signed & sealed documents to PDF and seal it Store and Retrieve documents Attach Document Validate Signature Click2Sign Attach scanned passport, driver’s Signature is compared to either biometric Sign any document using a PIN license or any other document or static part of the profile in real-time code sent by text message or (one-time or batch mode) email.
  3. 3. Solutions for Telecom Companies White Paper Digital Signature Platform Overview  Handwritten Signature Capturing – Our captured electronic signature is much more than just an electronic image. We record the handwritten signature of a person using parameters of pressure, acceleration, speed and rhythm.  Biometric Comparison of Signatures – xyzmo’s top-notch version of the SIGNificant Biometric Server features a new generation of signature comparison capabilities, enabling the performance of real-time biometric verification of a person’s signature to the SIGNificant platform by comparing the recorded parameters of their handwritten signatures against their pre-enrolled profile. Therefore documents are only processed if their signatures have been authenticated.  Option for an Inking Pen Solution – The SIGNificant Inking Pen Solution enables the appearance of the signature on paper at the same time the signature is captured electronically. This capability is relevant when there is a need to capture and record a handwritten signature both digitally and physically, such as in countries or sectors where electronic signatures are not yet legally binding and require a physical archive of signed documents.  Signing with Certificates – Beyond the possibility of capturing a handwritten signature by using a broad range of signature capturing devices from various manufacturers; smart-cards, tokens and software certificates are also supported by our solutions.  Using Click2Sign for Web Transactions – SIGNificant Click2Sign for web-based e-transactions offers various ways to identify a signatory over the web; from a simple ―I agree‖ checkbox to a sophisticated challenge/response protocol using different channels (SMS, email etc.).  Document Attachment – With the SIGNificant solutions any document, like a scanned passport, scanned driver’s license or any other native document can be attached.  Server or Client Based Solution – SIGNificant solutions can be based either on a Server or on a Client, depending on the requirements. The SIGNificant Server enables signature processes from multiple disparate or interconnected business processes to support signing and verifying within a consistent technology platform. The SIGNificant Client is especially suited to professionals whose working conditions do not include online connectivity on a regular basis, or those who wish to work offline/local.
  4. 4. Solutions for Telecom Companies White Paper Typical POS Architecture Completely Signature Pad Independent SIGNificant is a device-independent solution, meaning it enables the use of a broad range of signature capturing devices from various manufacturers. As some companies require basic signature pads, while others require more advanced devices, a signature pad independent solution offers the necessary flexibility and leads to improved satisfaction rates due to the fact that each customer integrating this solution can choose the signature pad that fits their needs most. Examples are:
  5. 5. Solutions for Telecom Companies White Paper Case Study As of September 2008 T-Mobile USA Inc. launched an ambitious program called the Five Minutes Activation (―5MA‖), which drastically reduces the new cell phone activation time in the company’s more than 1,500 nationwide corporate stores from 35 minutes to only 5 minutes. Being an integral part of this program, xyzmo SIGNificant provides a unique, secure, reliable and scalable electronic signature technology fully integrated into T-Mobile USA Inc’s existing activation platform that allows T-Mobile USA Inc. to process all new Service Agreements and sales receipts in all corporate stores nationwide (currently more than 10,000 point of sale stations) fully electronically. The full technical integration was completed by only one xyzmo consultant managed by Accenture in a record time of less than one month. The activation process in T-Mobile USA Inc. stores is now much faster, more efficient, effective and secure thanks to the use of various functions of the provided xyzmo SIGNificant technology: the Service Agreements are now automatically populated with accurate data captured while scanning/swiping a Driver’s License or Credit Card of the new T-Mobile USA Inc. customer; the Social Security Number is securely entered on a soft keyboard on Ingenico 6780 devices and no longer shared with the T-Mobile USA Inc. sales personnel; customers review the electronic Service Agreement before electronically signing it on the Ingenico 6780 devices; the Service Agreement becomes an electronic original when it is sealed with the xyzmo SEAL, which is the superior sealing method of the xyzmo digital and electronic signature solution; storing the electronic Service Agreements directly into the existing T-Mobile USA Inc. document management system from EMC ―Documentum‖ and sending it to the customer by email concludes this fully enabled electronic process at the point of sale, which completely eliminates paper- based service agreements and sales receipts, thus eliminating the cost of paper, printers, toners, courier costs (i.e. FedEx), Scanning, long-time archiving at Iron Mountain, etc. and the labor associated. The completely new shopping experience guarantees customer satisfaction: customers now enjoy better service and assistance from the T-Mobile USA Inc. sales personnel due to the fact that they have extra time to focus on the needs and wants of their new customers; at the same time, waiting periods are substantially shortened — signing happens on a signature pin pad that is part of the Ingenico 6780 Device exactly as it would be on a paper-based Service Agreement.
  6. 6. Solutions for Telecom Companies White Paper About xyzmo SIGNificant xyzmo's next-generation, e-signature suite adds digital signature capabilities to your existing infrastructure, closing the gap in going fully paperless by completely eliminating the need to print documents for signing. Speed up your processes with a solution that offers a fast, complete, and secure way to process all of your transactions electronically so you can reduce costs and accelerate your business. xyzmo is the world's most complete, open, and signature pad independent electronic signature software company. Thanks to our signature solutions, stamping and signing remain as easy as ever, but are performed directly in the electronic document and can be integrated with any existing application or document workflow procedures. xyzmo SIGNificant is a private company based in Ansfelden, Austria with international offices in the United States and Germany. To learn more about xyzmo-SIGNificant’s solutions, please visit: