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Au Psy492 E Portfolio Chinchilla G

  1. 1. 1<br />Undergraduate Studies ePortfolio<br />Gina Chinchilla<br />Psychology, 2011<br />
  2. 2. Personal Statement<br />When I was a senior in high school, I thought I had all the answers. I was on the National Honor Society, graduating at the top ten percent of my class, and looking forward to entering Rutgers University-Newark campus in New Jersey to study Psychology. Once I entered college, everything changed. I had my first taste of freedom and did not know what to do with it. On top of that, I had taken my first Psychology class, Principles of Psychology, and received a C+. With that, I changed my major and wasted the next several years at Rutgers University. My lack of maturity and direction played a tremendous part at that time of my life. Eventually, I left school and began working full-time as a Legal Secretary.<br />Working as a Legal Secretary allowed me to assist people in need. Being bilingual, I was called upon often to translate for clients. When their issues were resolved or they received answers to their questions, it felt comforting knowing they were helped. However, I found that I wanted to do more than just typing or translating to get people resolutions to their problems. After three years, I stopped working to start a family with my new husband. During this time, my friends and family seemed to gravitate to me when they had a problem and needed someone to listen. I provided them with the perfect ear and comfort when necessary. In time, I began to notice a trend developing as did they. My friends and some of my family members would comment that I would make a great counselor because I know how to listen and have empathy. Though I kept thinking about this in the back of my mind, hearing it from the people I care about made me more determined.<br />
  3. 3. Personal Statement con’t…<br />My husband, my children, and I left New Jersey and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in August of 2000. I began working at the Las Vegas Hilton by November of that year as a Valet Booth Attendant. Since I worked the graveyard shift, I was allowed to read at work. I took this opportunity to enroll at the College of Southern Nevada. I decided to pursue psychology and have not regretted my decision since. I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa in 2007. <br />I was unsure what area of psychology I would focus on until I began volunteering at my children’s elementary school. The more time I spent with the children the more of a desire I had to work with them. Moreover, as the PTA President for three years, I assisted in implementing school uniforms which afforded the parents a more economical way to dress their children for school. Furthermore, I instituted Family Movie Nights which allowed families to come together once a month to watch movies in the auditorium. Although I worked at the Las Vegas Hilton for over 4 ½ years and was nominated for employee of the month three times during that period, I knew that my heart belonged to the children. Therefore, I chose to work for the Clark County School District. I held two positions in the three year period employed with the district. The last position I held was as a Substitute Teacher. <br />
  4. 4. Personal Statement con’t…<br />I enrolled at Argosy University Online May of 2009 and will have completed my Capstone on June 29, 2011. I have taken the majority of my psychology courses at Argosy including: Research Methods, Ethics in Psychology, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Children and Violence, Cognition and Learning, Counseling Theories, Writing in Psychology, and Maladaptive Behavior and Psychopathology. Academically, my strength lies with psychology and my weakness is math, although, I did receive a B in my General Education Mathematics course. Furthermore, I received an A- in my Statistics course at College of Southern Nevada. Since my time at Argosy, I have been inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. <br />After graduation, I intend to enter the graduate program at Capella University and pursue my MS in Mental Health Counseling. This program will prepare me for state licensure eligibility (Capella University, 2010, p. 2). My future aspirations include becoming a Child and Adolescent Counselor as well as opening my own practice.<br />References<br /> <br />Capella University. (2010). Master of science (MS) in mental health counseling with a<br /> specialization in general mental health counseling. Capella University. Minneapolis, MN:<br /> Capella University. <br />
  5. 5. Resume<br />Gina Chinchilla<br />EDUCATION<br /> <br />Argosy University Online, Chicago, IL<br />B.A. Honors in Psychology 2009-2011<br />Major: Psychology<br />GPA: 3.65<br /> <br />College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, NV<br />Major: Psychology 2003-2008<br />GPA: 3.54<br /> <br />Rutgers University, Newark, NJ<br />Major: Psychology 1987-1992, 1997<br />
  6. 6. Resume con’t…<br />AWARDS<br /> <br /> Dean’s List, Argosy University Online December, 2010<br /> National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Argosy University Online October, 2010<br /> Phi Theta Kappa, College of Southern Nevada April, 2007 <br />Experience<br /> <br /> Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV<br /> Substitute Teacher- Elementary/Middle School August, 2007-September, 2008<br /> Taught fourth grade for five months, collaborated on curriculum, graded all written work and exams, tutored students in mathematics. <br /> Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV<br /> Instructional Assistant/Library Aide August, 2005 -August, 2007<br /> Checked-out student and teacher’s books, inventoried books, assisted with special needs students in the library, interacted with the students during library time as well as during lunch duty and assisted children with their work (Math, Reading, and Writing) whether in English or Spanish.<br />
  7. 7. Resume con’t…<br />Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, NV<br /> Valet Booth Attendant November, 2000 – March, 2005<br /> Assisted Supervisor with the weekly schedule including vacation and sick hours, able to work well under stressful situations and diffused problems for supervisor at the Hilton, provided exceptional customer service as the patrons waited for their vehicles or valeted their vehicles, nominated as Employee of the Month four times in the four and a half years employed at the Hilton as well as nominated in February 2003, as a candidate for the Upward Mobility Management Program offered by Park Place Entertainment.<br />VOLUNTEER<br /> <br /> Prince of Peace Church, Las Vegas, Nevada<br /> Catechist/Teacher 2005 - 2008<br />Taught First Communion catechism classes to fourth-graders and Confirmation I, II to high-school students.<br />
  8. 8. Resume con’t…<br />Walter V. Long ES, Las Vegas, Nevada<br />PTA President 2003 - 2006<br />Began as PTA Vice-President in September, 2003 and became President in November because the President quit. Organized and created a fully functional PTA board. Organized Family Movie Nights for parents and students to spend time together watching movies in the Multipurpose Room. Sold snacks and beverages to supplement each movie night and contributed some of the money to different grade levels or sponsor field trips. As President, approved the funding of teacher's training and assisted in the implementation of the Clark County School District Standard Student Attire. <br />Parent Volunteer 2001 - 2005<br />Assisted the Kindergarten teacher with bilingual students concerning testing, and learning their alphabet, numbers, and shapes, assisted in the office when necessary with answering phones, filing, made copies, answered parent’s questions, etc.<br />LANGUAGES<br /> English – native language<br /> Spanish – speak fluently and read/write with medium proficiency<br />MEMBERSHIPS<br /> National Society of Collegiate Scholars<br /> Phi Theta Kappa<br />
  9. 9. Reflection<br />Looking back, I consider my academic journey to have been a mixture of ups and downs. The beginning of my journey started at Rutgers University in 1987 when I was immature and did not value my education. Eventually, I grew up and, after moving across the country, enrolled at the local community college to pursue psychology. I doubted my abilities as I thought back to my former college days of not applying myself. Nevertheless, I began to understand the concepts easily enough, completed my assignments, and studied. As a result, I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa. <br /> I was then inspired to continue my education and enroll at Argosy University Online. Since being at Argosy, I can confidently say I have acquired the skills necessary to formulate reasoned opinions on a wide variety of psychological perspectives and theories. Courses such as Cognition and Learning, Child and Adolescent Psychology, and Maladaptive Psychopathology and Behavior have prepared me well. When presented with a research question related to psychology, I have no doubt as to how to locate appropriate sources such as peer reviewed journals. I have experience in writing literature reviews and a research proposal. Prior to attending Argosy, I had never written either. Writing in Psychology and Research Methods, two courses that challenged me, provided me with the skills that will benefit me in my continued academic journey.<br />
  10. 10. Reflection con’t…<br />Perhaps the most challenging aspect of my academic experience has been APA formatting. However, I can finally say I have learned how to appropriately use APA formatting. Further, my writing has developed into a more concise, clear, and organized style. I have extensive understanding of ethics and diversity which I acquired through my Ethics in Psychology as well as Social Psychology courses. I am able to identify the issues and challenges related to both ethics and diversity in the field of psychology. <br />At Argosy, I have learned how to apply active listening skills, accept and utilize feedback, apply theories to explain everyday events, and use psychological principles to solve problems. Counseling Theories, Interpersonal Communication, and Interviewing Techniques among other courses have primed me to enroll in graduate school. Argosy has been a wonderful experience that has proven to me that I can achieve what I set out to do. In October, 2010, I was inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and, upon graduation, I will graduate Cum Laude. For me, this is a great accomplishment, one I know I will always remember.<br /> <br />
  11. 11. Table of Contents<br />Cognitive Abilities: Critical Thinking and Information Literacy<br />Research Skills<br />Communication Skills: Oral and Written<br />Ethics and Diversity Awareness<br />Foundations of Psychology<br />Applied Psychology<br />Interpersonal Effectiveness<br />
  12. 12. Critical Thinking and Information Literacy <br />Cognitive abilities: Assignments or projects that demonstrate problem solving, analysis, synthesis, appropriate use of information resources, etc. <br /><ul><li>ChinchillaG.M3-A2_Final Project.doc
  13. 13. ChinchillaG.M4-A3_Final Project.doc
  14. 14. M7-A2 Decision Making in Groups.doc</li></li></ul><li>Research Skills<br />Research skills: A copy of a research proposal, a survey developed, etc.<br /><ul><li>ChinchillaG M8 A1_Final Project.doc</li></li></ul><li>Communication Skills- Written and Oral<br />Communication skills: A topic paper, presentation outline, or PowerPoint that demonstrates my written and oral communication skills. <br /><ul><li>ChinchillaG.M2-A2_Psychological Tests.doc
  15. 15. AU_PSY492_M7_A2_Chinchilla_G.pptx</li></li></ul><li>Ethics and Diversity Awareness<br />Ethics & Diversity Awareness: A copy of a paper that demonstrates my understanding and/or analysis of ethical and diversity issues in psychology. <br /><ul><li>ChinchillaG.M6-A2_Final Project.doc</li></li></ul><li>Foundations of Psychology<br />Foundations of Psychology: Assignments, papers, or projects that demonstrate my understanding of basic concepts, theories, and empirical findings in one or more of the domains of psychology<br /><ul><li>Cognition M3 A2 Project Chinchilla G.doc
  16. 16. Social M6 A3 Final Project Chinchilla G.doc</li></li></ul><li>Applied Psychology<br />Applied Psychology: Assignments, papers, or projects from courses and/or an internship that demonstrates ability to apply psychology to personal, social, and/or organizational problems. <br /><ul><li>I O M2 A2 Resrch and Data Collect Chinchilla G.doc
  17. 17. Interpersonal M7 A2 Reflect ChinchillaG.doc
  18. 18. Substance M4 A2 Relation with Sub Abuser ChinchillaG.doc</li></li></ul><li>Interpersonal Effectiveness<br />Interpersonal Effectiveness: PowerPoint presentations, videos of presentations that demonstrate my ability to communicate effectively, appreciate diversity and cultural sensitivity and awareness of my impact on others. <br /><ul><li>Medication Risks for ADHD Children.pptx</li></li></ul><li>My Future in Learning<br />When I began my journey in 1987, I never dreamed I would not have completed my goal back then. Here I am twenty-four years later attaining my first goal - Bachelor in Psychology. I could have given up many times for many reasons, but I seemed to be driven this time. Not only am I receiving my degree, but I am graduating with honors. Thinking back on all that I have learned, I realize that I have a love for learning, psychology, and children. Because I know this, I will enroll in a Masters program that will allow me to eventually open my own practice as a Child/Adolescent Counselor. <br />
  19. 19. Contact Me<br />Thank you for viewing my ePortfolio.<br />For further information, please contact me at the e-mail address below. <br /><br />