Writing an extended definition 2010


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Writing an extended definition 2010

  1. 1. Writing an Extended Definition EC/CR
  2. 2. Your word Your Word Dictionary Definition Personal Definition Synonyms/Antonyms Facts Beginning your research for this paper is like going on a scavenger hunt. You’ve got to thoroughly research your word before you even begin to think about writing. Your graphic organizer will have to be handed in with your final copy.
  3. 3. Dictionary Definitions A dictionary will provide you with a definition of a word. There are various types of dictionaries that give specialized information about words and concepts. Some dictionaries provide different forms of the word and may even tell the history or derivation of the word’s meaning. But some words are just not easily defined as they express abstract ideas or concepts.
  4. 4. Gather Information Consult a general dictionary as well as un unabridged dictionary. List both the denotative (literal) and connotative (associated) meanings for the word. Consult a specialized dictionary that defines words related to specific disciplines or occupations: music, literature, law, medicine, etc. Use http://www.visuwords.com to graphically explore the word further.
  5. 5. Gather Information • Check books like Bartlett’s Famous Quotations to see how famous speakers and writers have used the word. • Research the word’s etymology and usage. • Do a general search on the Web to see where the word pops up. • List synonyms & antonyms.
  6. 6. An Extended Definition Can be personal or objective (facts only). An extended definition explains what the word means to the writer and may allow a reader to see the word differently. Choose details that help readers understand the word’s denotation (literal) meaning as well as its connotation (associated) meaning. Some times when we examine what a word is, we have to look at what it is NOT.
  7. 7. To begin your definition use specific examples to illustrate your definition, but be sure that your examples are ones that the reader(s) can relate to. You might use synonyms, give examples, discuss the word’s origins, develop comparisons, tell what the word is not or create an anecdote to show the word in action. Before you begin to write, you have to extensively research and think about your word. Complete the graphic organizer.
  8. 8. Your task is to make the definition fresh by using your own understanding and experience to illuminate the word’s meaning. You are writing a definition that not only explains how the word is used, but also explains your understanding of the word. The best topics are abstract nouns, complex terms or adjectives connected to a personal experience.
  9. 9. education glamour beauty scholar negligent luck fiasco ambition poverty tyranny confidence phony clever tragedy social responsibility routine culture terrorism charisma virtue respectability pride courage good manners success love evil diploma
  10. 10. Introduction • Attention Getter – Traditional or dictionary definition – Contradictory image to illustrate definition • THESIS: State how you define the term
  11. 11. Outline of the Body Paragraphs • Background Information – May be unnecessary in this paper – However, you may need to provide some background about your connection to the term • Point one – The first part of your definition of the term. – Example to illustrate that point. – Analysis of how the example illustrates the point. • Point two – The second part of the definition of the term – Example to illustrate the point – Analysis of how the example illustrates the point. • Point three – The third part of the definition (if there is one) – Example to illustrate that point – Analysis of how the example illustrates the point • Point four, etc.
  12. 12. Conclusion • Review your definition's main points • Closing attention getter – Tie your conclusion back to the introduction – Close with an explanation of how your definition has affected you
  13. 13. For example, think of this word…
  14. 14. Introduction • Attention Getter – Traditional dictionary definition of patriotism – Contradictory image to illustrate definition • THESIS: Patriotism is speaking out when a person feels the country is right or wrong, voting, campaigning, and respecting others.
  15. 15. Body Paragraphs • Speaking out when the country is wrong – Vietnam – Slavery – Women's Right to Vote • Speaking out when country is right – Fighting against the Taliban – Health care reform • Voting – Making a choice based on one's needs – Being involved in the voting process • Campaigning – Finding a candidate that represents country's needs – Name of a candidate Respecting Others – Paying taxes – Respecting others’ points of view – Arab-American prejudice after 9/11
  16. 16. Conclusion • Review of patriot as a protestor, voter, and respectful citizen • Return to the idea in the introduction--the image of a patriot
  17. 17. Points Graphic Organizer – 100 points Wordle – 100 points Works Cited page – 100 points Rough Draft with complete ratiocination and 8 count – 100 points Peer editing – 100 points Final copy – 300 points Total – 800 points
  18. 18. MLA format DOUBLE SPACED 12 pt font Heading Pagination Works Cited page – center the title Works Cited