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Distance Learning Faculty Advisory Board


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DL FAB 10/09/12 presentation to Academic Governing Council (AGC).

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Distance Learning Faculty Advisory Board

  1. 1. Distance LearningFaculty Advisory Board AGC Information and DiscussionOctober 9, 2012
  2. 2. Faculty• Mike Light, Social Sciences (Co-Chair)• Garret Brand, Business (Co-Chair)• Gary Ebels, Criminal Justice• Lisa Gloege, Economics• Marne Apolo, Language and Thought• Nancy Forrest, Mathematics• Laurie Foster, Biology• SzymonMachajewski, Computer Applications• Deb Vilmont, Child Development• Charlotte Pease, Architectural Design• Anne Sherman, Disability Support Services• Brent Spitler, Business• Lori DeBie, Library
  3. 3. Staff (DLIT)• Eric Kunnen, Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies• MeeganWilli, Instructional Technologist and Designer
  4. 4. Rationale (HLC)• Development and ownership of plans for online learning extend beyond administrators directly responsible for it and programs directly using it.• Institution’s faculty have designated role in design and implementation of its online learning offerings.• Faculty members engaged in on-line learning share in the mission and goals of the institution and its programs and are provided the opportunities to contribute to the broader activities of the institution.
  5. 5. Goals• Provide feedback to the Distance Learning (DL) CAP and Professional Development CAP• Contribute to an ongoing quality and evaluation process for online courses• Participate in the review, establishment and recommendation of quality standards• Provide insight, support, advocacy, to advance instructional technologies• Provide guidance and support in identifying courseware development tools and related instructional technologies
  6. 6. Goals• Participate in expanding distance learning• Identify methods of streamlining course development and distance learning curriculum• Provide feedback about student orientation, retention, readiness, etc.• Provide feedback about surveys for improving distance learning
  7. 7. Connections• Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Guidelines for Distance Learning• New HLC Criteria for Accreditation (Feb 2012)• Distance Learning College Action Plan (AQIP CAP) & DL Strategic Plan• Student Success Initiatives• DLIT Department Plan• HLC Recommendations from Site Visit for Distance Delivered Education• Strengthening the Infrastructure of Distance- Delivered Education to Promote Student Success (Proposed CAP)
  8. 8. New AGC Subcommittee• Online Student Success• Online Course Quality• Facilitated Discussion and Feedback