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.NET Introduction


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Very general introduction to the .NET development platform. Most of the presentation really consists of actual demoing... these slides are supporting the discussion...

Online version available at:

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.NET Introduction

  1. 1. Introduction to the .NET Framework Gerard Braad
  2. 2. Agenda What is .NET Advantages of using .NET How .NET works Visual Studio IDE
  3. 3. What is .NET Programming framework Part of the Windows OS foundation for new products integration Virtual Machine CLR - Common Language Runtime MSIL/CIL - Common Intermediate Language
  4. 4. What is .NET - BCL vs. FCL Base Class Libraries Common Language Infrastructure CLR is an implementation of ECMA 335 so is Rotor... and Mono... Framework Class Libraries BCL including the Microsoft namespace User interfaces, data access, security, XML...
  5. 5. What is .NET - History since 2000 CTP January 2002 1.0 April 2003 1.1 November 2005 2.0 November 2006 3.0 November 2007 3.5