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Ventue Lab TVP Surveyquestions


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Test Value Prposition Survey Question

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Ventue Lab TVP Surveyquestions

  1. 1. Free Online Surveys 1 2 3 4 Build your page Page1 Delete page Add Page logic Preview page Print Go Commercial This survey seeks to determine consumers preferences for " Home Delivery Service for Groceries and Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Lagos State of Nigeria. 1. Gender M F 2. Marital Status Single Maried 3. Occupation 4. Age Bracket 15-25 25-35 35-45 45-55 55-651 of 3 19/05/2012 09:39
  2. 2. Free Online Surveys 5. How much worth of Pepper, Tomatoes or Groceries do you consume in a week? ( rough estimates) N1,000-N5,000 N5,000-N10,000 N10,000-N15,000 N15,000-N20,0000 Other (Please Specify): 6. Where do you currently shop for groceries? Local Specialized Markets(i.e. KETU/MILE 12) Local Community Markets (i.e. Alade Market Ikeja) Specialized Malls (i.e. Shoprite) Other (Please Specify): 7. How often do you shop for groceries? Once a Week Twice a Week More than twice a week Once a Month Other (Please Specify): 8. How would you describe your overall shopping experience? Very stressful Stressful Enjoyable Very enjoyable Other (Please Specify): 9. If 1 & 2 above, are you willing to pay for a better shopping experience? Yes No2 of 3 19/05/2012 09:39
  3. 3. Free Online Surveys 10. Are you willing to pay to have your shopping done and delivered to you? Yes No 11. If Yes to 10 how much are you willingly to pay for a much better shopping experience? 10% of cost 20% of cost 30% of cost Other (Please Specify): 12. Do you think that online shopping and home delivery of groceries would work for you? YES NO Other (Please Specify): Add a Question Below Add a Page Below3 of 3 19/05/2012 09:39