Scary Storiesfor Lateat Night Final3


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Draft 3 GBN Library Halloween Display

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Scary Storiesfor Lateat Night Final3

  1. 1. ._ X. l'p‘r; '.1*'; v:t; ’E“: ‘-'»’ Alfred Hitchcock < : '.A'(, . presents '7 g{l‘, "'; :3~‘ - {L 1'. stories I could not put this book down! Every story was suspenseful and exciting! I definitely stayed up late to read it, even though the stories creeped me out. One of my favorite stories was “it’s a Good Life, ” which is about a boy who has the power to control everyone in his town. It. .. gives me chills just thinking about it!
  2. 2. The Shining provided my first ,2. experience of being truly terrified by a book. Even if " you've seen the movie, read it. It's a page-turner i that will have you scared to W ("’»; ..’; '.r“1A it turn to the next page. Stephen King is the king of suspense for good reason. He creates interesting characters and then places WW5- them in unimaginably = Cor. iplancl creepy situations. You will love this book.
  3. 3. Early Stephen King ’ s"'i ° with great " V ‘ suspense and . ‘ tension. Standard vampire story in a more current H setting. Vintage . a King- lrfir. M e}, ret'
  4. 4. llfilllll W 2 mun: Ender’s Game is quite possibly the most entertaining book l’ve ever read. Calling it a page-turner doesn’t do it justice. I was so intrigued by the story that I read it during final exams, which is usually a week dedicated to nothing but grading and eating. But Ender’s Game grabbed me by the collar and wouldn't let go. GBN’s resident werewolf
  5. 5. I have read a few other Ludlum spy novels in the past and enjoyed his fast- . . , paced, page-tuming - fl ‘-'«»: ::. =.~'~: -.= :»r'2~. “.: '«: «5s. z2:s. =:«'= ' approach to writing even f L ’* , ’ though the characters M; -_ L. g - ‘ y are not always ‘sully , :3[. dmEc _z_. ;-; _ developed. t enjoyed the THE; 1. movies immensely and BOURNE was happy to heat‘ that | D_-EN. .T_| '|'. ,_‘/ _.. the story line in the novel ‘fl 3‘ is much differen-t. it's a ROBERT LUDLIJM great two-for-one read!
  6. 6. I read a book in RSD that I think you all recommended and . _ ” thought it was a real I page-turner: The Ms. — — Killers Cousin. I am Cunningham not usually a thriller person, but I thought this was really interesting!
  7. 7. The Davinci Code by Dan Brown had me IHE continually on the “edge e of my seat. ” I couldn’t put it down, even when I V wanted to. Every If chapter would always end with some cliff- , .' hanger, and I had to read on. lr. *i: 's. Ti«cl. ":1o
  8. 8. A thriller about a series of motherlson deaths. This page-turner whirred me from New York's sophisticated flurry to a secret, conservative Catholic organization based in . Rome. It is a shocking Mrs blend of genetics, Edd: to religion, and action "'9 " that left me breathless.
  9. 9. Author China Mieville's shiftless lead character Saul Garamond wakes to find he is the suspect of his father's murder. He starts to realize his life is in for some changes when a foul smelling mysterious stranger helps him escape jail. He learns that he is the king of the rats, his kingdom is threatened, and like it or not, he is _ involved. His allies, the spiders, " birds and others are involved in an epic battle for existence that you already know about. Based in r . ~- . '. ,._ - London in the 1900's, King Rat is E" “ E= m"m' a hectic journey of discovery driven by “Dram & Base" music. Mieville reveals a world that is ours, totally bizarre and real.
  10. 10. ‘L’ THE HOUNIJ [IF WE BASKERVILLES Mrs. Green This classic mystery kept me guessing the whole time! In The Hound of Baskervilles, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes unravels a mystery that has “hounded” a family for generations. You'll never suspect the ending. ...
  11. 11. The Alienist by Caleb Carr is a thriller set in turn of the century New York about early attempts to track a serial killer using forensic evidence and behavioral profiling. pr Part CSI, part Silence ms‘ of the Lambs, part l1*»r. *3[50l. ‘ll. Gangs of New York. I lived in NYC, so I loved the local details.
  12. 12. Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose is a nice tight murder mystery THF set in a medieval N / .j/ [E monastery. It will OF THE leave you hanging until the end as U M m; RT() our intrepid monk I . 4, ', battles a killer and ‘~_ Wm his superiors to . I _ I {_. ;Wfl_1e solve the mystery. I ' ’ "" ‘ “ I Vt’ ‘ . ~.. [., w-
  13. 13. Five seconds after viewing the inside cover of this book, I could not get the creativity of the premise out of my head. With this novel, Koontz brings to life multiple situations that require a decision between two equally deplorable options. The combination of Koontz's careful crafting of his vulnerable protagonist and his peppering of the plot with other memorable characters results in an exhilarating read that is impossible to put down. llilr. t: r(r. 'ic! {|
  14. 14. L/5;: i}, 1:? '_ L T I177 lul‘ i? .'lii$? N Ra-nil If llri in. - l jut) 'IiinAI1li~ Tu Ill. - Anything by James Patterson is fast-moving and full of suspense. They definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. Along Came a Spider is one of my favorites.
  15. 15. Ludlum’s books remind me of James Bond movies but with more substance, a more complex plot, and unfortunately fewer gadgets. I started reading them in high school and still do whenever he publishes a new book. If anyone has seen the movie The Boume Identity they should have a good idea what his novels are about. If the three books in this series are too much to bite off, any of his books are excellent. Win‘. .17 o ride: it
  16. 16. Caleb Carr has two chilling serial killer stories set in NYC in the 1890's, with characters like Teddy Roosevelt, J. P. Morgan, and the Delmonico (Restaurant) brothers: The Alienist, and The Angel of Darkness. Frill; f3.lla: ~:«evfich
  17. 17. It by Stephen King. Horror to the nth degree. In fact, it was so scary that I had to read it with the lights on; ) GBN’s resident werewolf
  18. 18. A group of old men sit around telling the ghost story of a beautiful woman from their youth. This book terrified me! She is so beautiful, and yet so evil. I love it when the old man teams up with a teenager to try and defeat the ghost. You'll have to leave the lights on after this one.
  19. 19. I ‘—‘" '“'—‘I: :;W: Redrum! Redrum! Figure out this word and you have the plot .5.qIfJi ‘ to this scary story which takes place in a remote, but beautiful mountain resort in Colorado. L “J . , I . , —l Danny sees dead people! !! The Th . _;’. W_1 I Stanley Hotel that inspired this ~ story really exists- in Estes Park, H Colorado. l*~*Ili'5«= l. ari; §;«err
  20. 20. .. EDCfi R I°II. POE / . v I I The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, by himself Long before Stephen King, there was Edgar Allan Poe, who laid claim to perfecting the short story as a legitimate form of fiction at the same time as he excavated the depth and breadth of the dark side of the American psyche. Stories such as "The Cask of Amontillado, " "The Masque of the Red Death, " "The Tell-Tale Heart, " and "The Fall of the House of Usher" never fail to astound for their combination of mystery, suspense, and horror. For full effect, make sure you read this volume by the light of a dripping candlestick! ifs‘.
  21. 21. ._ 4‘: I _ Tl-iF.1’. '-. ' t- . « . ..: _* ~‘. Ij‘Il ~—F " "“ " ' *1" _: V'‘ E‘ 1_I I _ WTQ s V [W 3.. .-lA}t. l'*. :‘. l. This is a terrific ghost story set in pre-Katrina New Orleans. A widowed mother of two remarries a renowned New Orleans chef only to find that her dead husband continues to haunt them and their children. Sounds kind of hokey, but it was really good. fiéirs. .. Biecciur
  22. 22. V , Any of the Roma sub Rosa series ‘ on Rome by Steven Saylor, such I ST E V P as me Venus Throw, Roman , l Blood, etc. These are detective ’RO. ,. ,., ‘m. M)Il novels featuring Gordianus the ~ I. ,~*, I l ’ Finder, who does investigative ’~I I I ' work for clients like Cicero, , I c r 4 : ;.. ~;; <t« . . ~' -7 . .r—‘ l , : ] Caesar, Pompey and others in F‘ l the First Century, B. C. These fl _ 4? are good "Whodunits" that paint l*~"l7'I= l3ll’9‘1I'*3°3V'°l‘ a real picture of early Rome.
  23. 23. Set in New York in 1894, the story follows the investigation into a series of grisly murders. The title refers to " , our main character, a psychologist , _ , , , , , _ , (Alienist was the 19th century term . . for psychologist) who is attempting to track the murderer by using the new and untested technique of psychological profiling. Carr knows turn of the century New York and portrays the physical and historical settings with a keen eye for detail (the Investigative team's late night suppers at Delmonicos will leave you Mr- hungry). He even brings New York's Hoflne then police commissioner Teddy Roosevelt into the story. Suspenseful and historically fascinating, its a great read.
  24. 24. You'll never look and Fido or Kitty in the same way! A grieving father tries to %fi1D£r bring back his loved ones I» . ! . with disastrous results. It 'I. .., JEFlA‘L7"R also has a Chicago connection! !! Ffirs. Lamger
  25. 25. II, 1 *3’ 5;. ‘Ii, Hawthome's “Young “ ‘ ‘-1: ” - I3, - I Goodman Brown IS a short story that packs a punch with dark imagery, a hint of the paranonnal, and a powerful message. Poe's story, “The Black Cat, ” is downright twisted. PWm3
  26. 26. Seventeen year old Duncan ax discovers a tattered brown A , ,;--*-; ;;_--'j-, leather book--it is the journal of a . ‘?"j}§. ;"5‘~“. f'C“ Frfism serial killer! ! In it, the crazy ‘.5 l*£ZIaepg: «eI1 man describes his plan to kill a “’ , 4 4| woman he has been stalking on “’'E g ‘ the subway. "7 I I Read Acceleration to see what happens when Duncan gets involved. ..and in the end, comes into contact with the killer himself!
  27. 27. FIE] t'. RI: .t‘te: ' The Turn of the Screw, by Henry James Start with :1 vine»covered country mansion deep in the English countryside, whose owner chooses not to live there. Then add the owner's niece and nephew--_'oung, precocious, and orphzmed--who do live there, along with -.1 faitliful housel-; ceper'.1nd :1 succession ofhupless governesses. And now add the newest governess who intends to right the wrongs other predecessors. B/ IIIII1/. '.' There are ghosts with 'hI_Im to reckon, ghosts who wreak h'.1'I)C on the tranquility of this mansion and its itilmbitzmts. Or do they? "hose story do we believe? Until you read IIenr_j_l21nIes' nmsterful m_vster_v_, you will never know. . _ I3! I . ‘)I: v‘I’I. *.I. ..jIc_. ‘.*I‘I»: -.I~I. .:t. 3+2.’-'»“‘% I_§l4§l; _r. .~~I,5-. I Illlol II-IIIII IIIIIII IVIIIIVVII . .
  28. 28. ME‘. l. =L«o: '1'. i1e If you like good scary plots and really interesting characters try Stephen King's It---the story of a group of adults who battled a terrifying demon as children and now must face the same monster again in their adult lives. It appears to each person in the form of their worst fear or nightmare. King does a terrific job capturing the characters as children. He really seems to have their voices as they bond together, share their deepest fears, and try to defeat evil. It is a tad long, but a real page-turner.
  29. 29. I A. p , 4-. ‘-1 , R _ . H ‘ '1 ~u-“I”4H"" -r7r'1:I, *’1l‘. ‘—: ~". EV! H, ':TF:2—* '31": - L V ' ' , , _e _ «I1: ‘Mn- :4 1nIn1:4mI:4- ‘~ "‘| ". ;~‘ 5 ' 3,’ 11:: ": -’, g ll 4,, 1:, .'9l, n,l; I :4 I _I i I "L-. ‘ “ l y l L135‘!
  30. 30. Stephen King "<1-$5- ~ (V 7 5: )ILI¢! n:} .41.‘. 1-» la, »
  31. 31. The Alienist by Caleb Carr r: .«: v.“’It~eaa I ' . r -nu Q1 : |-ll; .l: ~l 'i_(‘ I I I! F ‘-. l-. .~. '
  32. 32. la-“‘ 7? . ' T’ _ 5"‘ Mrs. Langer . . . . v; nouII It-rr