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2015 Teen Masters National Championships Overview


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An overview and step-by-step instructions for participating in America's national championship event for bowlers in high school and younger.

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2015 Teen Masters National Championships Overview

  1. 1. 2015 Teen Masters National Championships Overview Mastering Sport – Mastering Life
  2. 2. INTRODUCING THE TEEN MASTERS America’s Longest Running National Championship Youth Bowling Event 2014 National Champions
  3. 3. TEEN MASTERS OVERVIEW  Annual event started in 1997  Over $1.4 Million in college scholarships awarded  Boys & Girls divisions  Two Age divisions  High School  14 & Under  Only youth bowling event on ESPN  Focus on developing the whole child
  4. 4. 2015 TEEN MASTERS NATIONAL FINALS South Point Bowling Plaza Las Vegas, NV June 28 – July 3  Singles Competition  Live coverage on Xtra Frame  HS Champions advance to ESPN  Blue Man Group Performance  Fun Side Tournaments  Pizza & Dance Party
  5. 5. THE SKILL ENVIRONMENT: BALLS To level the playing field, competitors are each limited to one PBA Skill 2.0 and one PBA Skill 3.0 ball PBA® Skill 2.0 (plastic) PBA® Skill 3.0 (urethane) Both versions contain the same low-differential core (0.009), leaving the bowler responsible for the ball's motion while coverstocks reduce flare and oil absorption.
  6. 6. SKILL BALLS - Not Just For Teen Masters The PBA Skill bowling balls are the perfect compliment to every serious bowler's arsenal. They are excellent control pieces for dry lanes and/or low volume sport shots, broken down and "choppy" lane conditions.  91.4% of Teen Masters bowlers believe the Skill Environment helps them in regular competition  A 2014 Junior Gold title was won using the PBA Skill 3.0  A 2014 USBC Youth Open title was won using the PBA Skill 3.0
  7. 7. THE SKILL ENVIRONMENT: OIL Because ball flare and oil absorption have been reduced, low-volume oil patterns are possible: The Teen Masters Skill Patterns and Kegel KOSI files are available for download under the RESOURCES tab on SKILL LONG  38’  6.92 mL of Oil SKILL SHORT  30’  7.84 mL of Oil
  8. 8. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS SCHEDULE Friday, July 3 – Sunday, July 5 Collegiate Masters with same PBA Skill balls and Skill oil patterns. Open to Teen Masters bowlers. A printable schedule is available by clicking here: Saturday, June 27 3 PM Kegel Klinic #1 (optional) 5 PM Special Olympics Unified Doubles (optional) 8 PM Commissioner’s Reception (optional) Sunday, June 28 9 AM Kegel Klinic #2 (optional) 12 PM Orientation & Practice – Squad A (mandatory) 3 PM Orientation & Practice – Squad B (mandatory) 7 PM Welcome Celebration @ Blue Man Group (optional) Teen Masters bowlers receive 1 free ticket Monday, June 29 Long Oil, 6 games 9 AM A Squad 3 PM B Squad 8 PM Double Trouble (optional) 9 PM Kegel Kup & Blind Draw Team Challenge (optional) Tuesday, June 30 Short Oil, 6 games 9 AM B Squad 3 PM A Squad 8 PM Double Trouble (optional) 9 PM Stroke Play (optional) Wednesday, July 1 Mixed Pairs, 6 games 9 AM A Squad 3 PM B Squad Cut to top 25% of boys and 25% of girls regardless of age 8 PM Double Trouble (optional) 9 PM Friends & Foes (optional) Thursday, July 2 9 AM Top 25%, Mixed Pairs, Games 19-24 Cut to top 18 boys and 18 girls 9 AM Match Play Madness 1 (optional) First entry free for those who missed the Teen Masters cut 11 AM Match Play Madness 2 1 PM Match Play Madness 3 2 PM Round Robin Match Play, Mixed Pairs, Games 25-30 5 PM Kegel Kup Championship on Xtra Frame 8 PM “It’s Almost Over” Pizza & Dance Party (optional) Friday, July 3 9 AM Round Robin Match Play, Mixed Pairs, Games 31-36 10 AM Match Play Madness 4 12 PM Match Play Madness Finals 2 PM Round Robin Match Play, Mixed Pairs, Games 37-42 5 PM National Champions Trophy Presentations
  9. 9. THE ‘SIDE’ EVENTS EXPLAINED Kegel Lane Play Klinic - $50 • An overview of the PBA Skill bowling balls and oil patterns • Strategies for competing in the Skill environment • Approximately 1 hour of practice time with Kegel personnel available to answer individual questions. Teen Masters Special Olympics Unified Doubles - $25 A Teen Masters bowler will partner with a Special Olympian to bowl 2 games. Both receive commemorative T-shirts. Commissioner’s Reception - $12 per person A social gathering for bowlers, parents, siblings, relatives, friends and yours truly. Soft drinks, water, beer, and wine will be served. Double Trouble - $10 per person Any two bowlers form a doubles team, male, female or mixed • Bowler A rolls game 1 while Bowler B rolls game 2 • Bowlers A & B roll game 3 Baker style • Three game total is posted to standings Kegel Kup - $10 per person • Four person, co-ed team event, 3+1 or 2+2 • All team member must attend school in the same state • Eight games of Baker format with each team member rotating through the lineup after each two games Blind Draw Team Challenge - $10 per person • 4-person teams are formed by drawing names • Eight games of Baker format with each team member rotating through the lineup after each two games Stroke Play - $10 • Every roll of the ball counts as a stroke • Frame with a strike counts 1 • Frame with a spare counts 2 • Receive a penalty stroke for each pin left standing (example: 8, miss = 4 strokes) Friends & Foes - $10 • Draw for lane assignments, four to a pair • Bowlers on top are Friends: they bowl doubles against the two bowlers on the bottom • Bowlers on top are Foes: they bowl singles against each other • 2 points are awarded to each team member for doubles win, and 1 point for each singles win. Match Play Madness - $15 (first entry free for those who miss TM cut) • Draw for lane assignments, four to a pair • Top bowler on pair: 20 bonus pins. 2nd on pair: 10 bonus. 3rd on pair: 5 bonus. 4th on pair: 0 bonus. • Change pairs after every game. • Four games: bowl against 12 different opponents • Top bowlers from each squad, both boys and girls, advance to knock-out bracket. It’s All But Over Party - $15 per person • Soft drinks & pizza • DJ & dance floor • Family and friends are invited, but parents are not allowed to embarrass their kids. With the exception of the Unified Doubles, entries and tickets for side events will be available onsite in Las Vegas. The Unified Doubles may be purchased now in the Pro Shop – participation limited to 60 bowlers.
  10. 10. PARTICIPATION EXPENSES PBA Skill Bowling Balls*  $139.90 for both balls  Same balls as 2013, 2014, & 2016  Includes shipping to your home Registration  $250 until May 27  Includes  Practice session  Three days and 18 games of Teen Masters competition  Admission to Blue Man Group ($99 ticket)  Two personalized jerseys from High 5 Gear ($179.90 retail value)  A lifetime of friendships & memories! *If you already own the PBA Skill 2.0 and 3.0, you do NOT need to purchase again.
  11. 11. REGISTERING FOR NATIONALS Step 1: Log into your YOUTH BOWLER account on Step 2: Click ENTER EVENTS Step 3: Select DIVISION & SQUAD by inputting your jersey information Step 4: ADD TO ORDER LIST by clicking the blue cart to the right Step 5: Click OK Step 5: To order the PBA Skill bowling balls, click PRO SHOP Step 6: Select each desired WEIGHT for the 2.0 and the 3.0 Step 7: ADD TO ORDER LIST by clicking the blue cart to the right Step 8: Click OK and then CHECKOUT Step 9: Provide payment information and click SUBMIT uses the most current encryption technology and only has access to the last 4 digits of your credit card number.
  12. 12. FOR MORE INFORMATION Contact: Gary B. Beck Killer ‘B’ Promotions PO Box 11 Batesville, VA 22924 Mobile: 434-227-0205 Fax: 270-477-2340 Email: Website: