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How associations can use sustainability for member value


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Business case for sustainability
How associations can integrate sustainability to deliver enhanced member value and organizational success

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How associations can use sustainability for member value

  1. 1. Business case for sustainability How associations can integrate sustainability to deliver enhanced member value and organizational success Guy Bigwood President Elect, Green Meetings Industry Counci, July 09
  2. 2. I’m president-elect of the The premier dedicated global community for sustainability education, research, policy and standards for the meetings and event industry
  3. 3. MCI Group Sustainability Director Largest integrated global event and association management company 210 Million Euros Turnover 35 Offices 800 People
  5. 5. Creating a More Sustainable Global Marketplace Trusted advisors on sustainability Organisers of for associations, corporations, COP15 destinations and venues worldwide Specialized expertise in Sustainable Event Management Educating our industry and driving change through the activation of sustainable business practices and standards MCI is recognized as a thought leader for CSR in our fields of work. Guy Bigwood Group Sustainability Director Guy Bigwood, Group Sustainability Director
  6. 6. MCI ASR implementation framework We advise our clients to consider the following areas Social Responsibility Strategy Sustainable Public Affairs Communications Events Responsible Sustainability HR & Talent Member Management Services Responsible Sustainable Investment & Operations Governance & Office
  7. 7. Example “Climate Change” Clients Climate Meeting Consulting and Sustainable Destination Advisory Sustainable Event Organisation Services - UN Global Compact Summit, NYC - Estoril Convention Bureau - UN COP15 Climate Change - Visit Denmark Conference, Copenhagen - Costa Del Sol Convention Bureau - World Business Climate Change Summit, Copenhagen Hotel and Venue Consulting - International Climate Change - Bella Center, Copenhagen Conference, Hong Kong - Estoril Congress Center - World Mayors Climate Change - Clarion (First Choice) Hotel Group Summit, Copenhagen - European Wind Energy Association Pro-Bono Consulting - World Water Week, Stockholm - MPI, IAPCO & GMIC Event - UAE Environmental Ministry Associations - UK Department of Environment - Philias (CSR Europe) - Conama Environmental Congress, - Autism Society of Ireland Madrid - NCH – the Children's Charity - Accion Natura
  8. 8. RISK! and Opportunity
  9. 9. CRISIS !
  10. 10. CRISIS !
  11. 11. CSR is DEAD
  12. 12. Crisis killed CSR
  13. 13. CSR 2.0 is BORN
  14. 14. Business Driven SUSTAINABILITY
  15. 15. Integrated Triple Bottom Line Integrated, Balanced Strategic Approach
  16. 16. Environment Anti Profit Corruption INTEGRATED SUSTAINABILITY Human Poverty Rights Labour Rights
  17. 17. Private Public Environment Anti Profit Corruption INTEGRATED SUSTAINABILITY Human Poverty Rights Labour Rights
  18. 18. sustainability is here to stay (It is not a fad)
  19. 19. the ng t si in s o pa p a re ing e pp W ti
  20. 20. The pragmatists are getting into action
  21. 21. We are going into the tsunami (tornado)… .. because there is a need! Mega Trends New Issues 1. Climate Change 2. Governments Legislation 3. Generation Y 4. Corporate sustainability programs and CSR Opportunities 5. Focus on carbon 6. Growth of green meetings New Business New Metrics Models
  22. 22. Paradigm SHIFT
  24. 24. And it effects you – (or should do) SR Strategy Industry Advocacy Communications (lobbying) Member Services Events Green Office Investment & Operations Talent Procurement Management (HR) (Supply chain)
  25. 25. So • What's driving the change • What are the risks and opportunities • What does the future hold • Who are some of the changemakers
  26. 26. RISK! and Opportunity
  27. 27. RISKS! Physical Regulatory Reputation Financial
  28. 28. Climate Change is long term and its effects are only just beginning CO2 1850 1900 1950 2000
  29. 29. Global average temperature set to increase by minimum 2ºC by 2050 Without change 6ºC change predicted for 2100 Are your members offices, factories, buildings, homes being designed for that
  30. 30. How will climate change affect my members
  31. 31. 9 billion in 2050 6.5 billion in 2005 The world 5 billion in 1987 population 3 billion in 1960 is increasing 2 billion in 1930 1 billion in 1800 250 million in 1 5 million 10 000 bef. JC 5 000 bef. JC 0 1000 2050
  32. 32. How will resource demand affect my members and their products
  33. 33. Living beyond our means De cl inin gr eso ur c es Sustainable Supply A Sustainable Future Current n Sustainable Demand Reality mpt i o co nsu ce s our in g re as In cre Source:The Natural Step
  34. 34. RISKS Physical ! Regulatory Reputation Financial
  35. 35. Governments are finally getting into action The most important meeting of our lifetime
  36. 36. Outcomes COP15 ty ea Tr ate ng lim ts es orti C rge Tax rep ng Ta nd on K di n in o a rb , U • B rb ws Ca ark C 2a La ry nm • O dato ; De C n • a rea dy M Al • –
  37. 37. What are the risks of legislation in my sector
  38. 38. RISKS Physical ! Regulatory Reputation Financial
  39. 39. What are the reputation risks to my industry
  40. 40. Detergent in Cornwall
  41. 41. Attracting New Members Generation Y 81% Employees want to join a company that makes a difference
  42. 42. RISKS Physical ! Regulatory Reputation Financial
  43. 43. CRISIS How are your Revenues Sponsorship Expenses ?
  44. 44. In Every Risk there is OPPORTUNITY!
  45. 45. Remember the pragmatists
  46. 46. They will be increasingly integrating sustainability into their products and services
  47. 47. Looking at the Bottom of the PYRAMID
  48. 48. Billion Have Billion Don’t
  49. 49. They will be increasingly integrating sustainability into their products and services
  50. 50. What are you DOING to help your members create sustainable products and a marketplace
  51. 51. How can you help them Improve performance!
  52. 52. What are you doing to reduce the risk of poor legislation and increase your members´ business opportunities
  53. 53. There is an opportunity and need Leadership Knowledge Advocacy Tools
  54. 54. So what are the early adopters doing to demonstrate leadership
  55. 55. Have you joined the UN Global Compact • World’s LARGEST voluntary corporate citizenship initiative • 7000 participants in 130 countries around the world • Policy platform, framework and dynamic community
  56. 56. Made a Commitment to embrace, support and enact, sustainability within your sphere of influence?
  57. 57. Signed the ASAE Global Principles?
  58. 58. So what are the leaders doing to accelerate CHANGE
  59. 59. The Soap and Detergent Association Sustainability Strategies • Enhance perception of industry and its products – Communicate product value to consumers – Develop communication vehicles that effectively present industry perspective
  60. 60. SDA Sustainability Strategies • Improve sustainability / product stewardship – Raise awareness of SDA’s definition of sustainability for the industry – Promote product stewardship in companies throughout chain of commerce
  61. 61. Communicating sustainability • Incorporate sustainability into meeting, exhibit themes
  62. 62. So what are the leaders doing to accelerate CHANGE
  63. 63. ns pir ing I cat ing A dvo du cat ing ing E mm unicat C o ing S upp ort
  64. 64. So what are the leaders doing to accelerate CHANGE
  65. 65. Introducing New Services
  66. 66. Members need measurement tools
  67. 67. Sustainability Reporting and Lifecycle analysis is in huge demand Carbon Emissions ENERGY USAGE EMISSIONS 5% PAPER and FOOD EMISSIONS 4% CITY TRANSPORT EMISSIONS 0% AIR TRANSPORT EMISSIONS 91%
  68. 68. Consumers need Standards and Certification
  69. 69. Explosion in Certification
  70. 70. The good ones, deliver real value
  71. 71. 5-15% Price Premium for Certified green property sales and rentals Locum Destination Review
  73. 73. Minimize RISK! Maximize OPPORTUNITY!
  75. 75. As we go through the tipping point
  76. 76. ina ble su sta i on of rvices Select nd se uc ts a prod ill only w e ncre as i
  77. 77. The business case for sustainability Increase Revenues Cost Savings New revenues from growing Operational Efficiencies green demand Our Obligation & Responsibility People - Planet Brand Profit Staff Motivation Reputation Better place to work Competitive Differentiation PR Exposure Industry Leadership
  78. 78. “A great organisation is one that makes a distinctive impact and delivers superior performance over a long period of time” Jim Collins What does this mean for your association?
  79. 79. THE END almost
  80. 80. You have the power to influence change
  81. 81. A S S C
  82. 82. Ask Suppliers Sustainability Credentials
  83. 83. For more info please visit My Blog: