From strategy to action


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Plans are nothing. Planning is everything. As part of the MCI Community Academy we share the MCI tips for managing a high growth company.

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From strategy to action

  1. 1. FROMSTRATEGY TO ACTION Jurriaen SleijsterExecutive Vice President
  2. 2. From Strategy to ActionPlans are nothing… …Planning is everything! (Dwight D. Eisenhower – 1890-1969 – 34th President of the USA)
  3. 3. The problem… Lose weight? Stop smoking? Work out more?
  4. 4. The problem… Improve service? Reduce costs? Innovate?
  5. 5. The problem… The main reason we don’t do “the right thing” is because the rewards and pleasures are in the FUTURE… …while the discomfort of doing it is NOW!Human beings are not good at “delayed gratification”
  6. 6. The problem… Or, as Freddy used to sing:“I want it allI want it allI want it all…and I want it now!”
  7. 7. From Strategy to ActionWhat really gets us going…? …a major crisis! (“When the excrement collides with the air circulation system…”) But we don’t want to wait for that every time…
  8. 8. From Strategy to ActionAnd how is it done…? Focus on the goal… Discipline to start it… One little step… Turning it into a routine… Publicly tracking, measuring and monitoring! We know this… but getting started is so hard!
  9. 9. From Strategy to ActionFocus is key…Successful action is not “what most of us do, mostof the time…” It is what all of us do, all the time!
  10. 10. From Strategy to ActionAnd you really have to want it…That is why the real role of management is to createpassion, drive and energy in people!
  11. 11. From Strategy to ActionHe who wins is he who gets more done!He who gets more done has to be passionate aboutgetting to the next level of successCreating & sustaining this ambition is management’sprimary task!
  12. 12. From Strategy to Action“The job of any leader is to build self-confidence in the people around him. Makethose people feel twelve feet tall. Clap forevery achievement, no matter how small,with everybody around you. That’s a hell of alot more important than some finitestrategy.” Jack Welch – former Chairman & CEO of General Electric In his book “Winning”
  13. 13. From Strategy to ActionSo: if you plan your strategy……the main outcome should be determination to get things done!
  14. 14. From Strategy to ActionAnd: if you want your people to live up to theircommitments & obligations……you must first live up to yours! People will never live up to higher standards than their manager exhibits
  15. 15. From Strategy to ActionThe key to really bring about strategic change… …is for management to visibly and irreversibly commit to change!
  16. 16. From Strategy to Action 5 super-duper tools to help you gofrom STRATEGY to ACTION!
  17. 17. From Strategy to Action – Tool 1:What you really need to do… …an exercise…
  18. 18. From Strategy to Action – Tool 1:Exercise: - Write on a sheet of paper the 5 most important things you have to do on Monday when you’re back in the office - Now number them in the order of their importance
  19. 19. From Strategy to Action – Tool 1:To Do: - Clean up the membership databaseIssue: - Our membership database contains many errors and out-dated information. We get lots of return mail. This creates unnecessary costs.Action: - Lesley to create a team of 4 admin people and to work in 2 days through all data, ranking every record from 1(hot) to 5 (dead / unknown) - Nominate 2 people to spend 2 weeks contacting all cat. 1 & 2 records to verify data is 100% complete & correct. - New rule: from next month every record used must be 100% updated & staff name entered. All other data will be deleted in 3m.
  20. 20. From Strategy to Action – Tool 2:Numbers! - No goal is properly defined until you can measure it! - Typical numbers used: • $ / Date / % / Quantity / Ratio - Everyone (person/dept/company) should have 1 or 2 critical numbers! - Measure often & regularly (e.g. weekly) - Build themes around it (Quarterly / Annually)
  21. 21. From Strategy to Action – Tool 3:People: set goals instead of job descriptions… - Example: Option 1: Option 2: - Fast, strong swimmer - Win three or more gold medals in the - Experienced with all Olympics across four or more strokes strokes - Break world and Olympic records in at - Competitive least 60% of races - Team player - Win and break records when swimming for team events
  22. 22. From Strategy to Action – Tool 4:RACIX - a Responsibility Chart - R = Responsible (who does the work) - A = Accountable (who is ultimately in charge, must approve) - C = Consult (whose opinion is sought, two-way communication) - I = Inform (who is kept up-to-date, one-way communication) - X = eXcluded (no formal role in the process) Conf. MD Conf. Conf. Member IT Finance HR Manager Assist. ship MgrConference C A R I X I Xbudget
  23. 23. From Strategy to Action – Tool 5:Score Cards - Set objective goals (SMART) - Keep them factual / avoid discussion - Focus on the key issues
  24. 24. From Strategy to Action – Tool 5: Example Score Card: (item) (scoring) (points) (weight) (score) HR Dept.Contracts Use standard model OK 80%+ = 5 5 10% OK 50-80% = 3 OK <50% = 0 Inform accounting re. OK 100%+ = 5 3 20% salaries OK 80-99% = 3 OK <80% = 0Induction Do 2-day staff induction OK 100%+ = 5 5 10% programme OK 80-99% = 3 OK <80% = 0 Provide staff handbook OK 100%+ = 5 0 15% OK 80-99% = 3 OK <80% = 0Training Etc… Etc… Etc… Etc… 65 pts 100%
  25. 25. From Strategy to Action – Tool 5:Score Card - benefits - Allows for benchmarking (year to year / depts) - Becomes like a “manual” - Helps identifying educational needs - Brings structure to management meetings - Basis for annual appraisal
  26. 26. From Strategy to ActionConclusion: Everyone has plans… execution is hard! You need focus and motivation Lead by example! 5 Tools: - Top 5 - Numbers - Goals, not job descriptions - RACIX - Score Cards
  27. 27. From Strategy to Action Make it so!