Monster Destruction


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Student Gdoc brainstorming presentation used for a collaborative Scratch programming project. Trial embed of a slideshare into mahara.

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Monster Destruction

  1. 2. The enemies will go to the border at the beginning of the game. Your goal is to Protect border by shooting the enemies. This Shooter can be changed if you want. This is just a rough draft.
  2. 3. This is the bullet which shoots at the enemies.
  3. 4. As the sprite dies, they reappear from the right side.
  4. 5. As you let more enemies in the border, then you will lose lives.Also, as you kill more enemies, the more kills you will have, and the more chances you will level up, As you level up enemy waves will increase and their movement will be faster.
  5. 6. Look next page for notes of these scripts.
  6. 7. This is the Script for the Mock up Scratch we did first, and it works when it hits the enemy it hides. Unfortunately, for our project right now  that isn't happening. and we tried copying it with the same exact scripts.
  7. 8. This is our script for the new one and it doesn't work for the bullet. Also, we liked what you did with the background.
  8. 9. May you guys try to fix the glitch of the bullet because once it hits the enemy it does not hide and just continues till the end of the scene..... and try to creat multiple levels which the enemies will go faster, and a boss level, and end of game :) Thats all for now.