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Agripro pres4real2

AGRIPRO is a web and mobile device connecting first and foremost investors/buyers with farmers/sellers in the agribusiness industry in Africa. Second Agripro is mobile farm/agribusiness management tool for all actors in the agricultural value chain; farmers, bankers, fertilizer companies, insurance companies etc.

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Agripro pres4real2

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Opportunity Land FARMING Agriculture
  3. 3. Opportunity waste insufficient fund
  4. 4. Solution NGO
  5. 5. Solution A Web and Mobile App connecting investors and farmers Clubs for farmers, graduates and students in universities and colleges Training and education. Physical training and Sales of video materials Help farmers to make informed decision and predict outcomes of their farms using GIS Technology Consultancy in the Agribusiness
  6. 6. Solution
  7. 7. Solution
  8. 8. Solution Full name: Abona Ntong Alias: Popoyo Age: 46 Sex: male Cell: +2338522477 Region: Northern Region
  9. 9. Solution
  10. 10. Value proposition ““AgriPro is aAgriPro is a webweb andand mobilemobile serviceservice that employsthat employs technologytechnology andand duedue diligencediligence to connectto connect investorsinvestors withwith farmersfarmers saving timesaving time andand moneymoney && increasing profitincreasing profit””
  11. 11. AGRIPRO is a consulting firm for the Agribusiness industry in Africa aimed at connecting investors with credible and prospective agri- business entrepreneurs.
  12. 12. AGRIPRO through our service delivery will increase financing available for Agribusiness and simultaneously increase productivity and efficiency of farmers and other Agribusiness entrepreneurs.
  13. 13. Agriculture contributes to: 28% of Ghana’s GDP $11.2 billion$11.2 billion Market size Ghana Investment Promotion Council
  14. 14. • Social MediaSocial Media • CooperativesCooperatives • Investors NetworksInvestors Networks • Africans in the DiasporaAfricans in the Diaspora • Venture CapitalistVenture Capitalist • Directly visit investorsDirectly visit investors Strategy: to-market
  15. 15. Idea Validation Survey Direct Calls Physical conversation
  16. 16. mm