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Mobius slideshare - how to measure value using outcome metrics


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Mobius is a model that links your organization's strategy to your team's delivery in a clear and measurable way. It compliments your existing delivery method by bringing a focus to estimating and tracking the effectiveness of your organization.

It lets you:
Change the collective focus from delivering more output to delivering better outcomes
Clearly and confidently prioritize your work by highest value
Estimate, track and report the business value your team delivers
Measure actual progress towards your organization's most important objectives

Mobius is visual, intuitive and pragmatic. No more fuzzy vague statements about value. Prove it with data.

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Mobius slideshare - how to measure value using outcome metrics

  1. 1. Möbius Gabrielle Benefield 1
  2. 2. What is Möbius? Möbius is an outcome delivery framework. Gabrielle Benefield 2
  3. 3. The left side of Möbius sets the strategic outcomes. The right side delivers ideas rapidly and measures their impact. Gabrielle Benefield 3
  4. 4. We can use the Möbius canvas to model the steps. Gabrielle Benefield 4
  5. 5. The first step is to create the vision and strategic objectives. Gabrielle Benefield 5
  6. 6. The deep dive is for rapid research and learning. Gabrielle Benefield 6
  7. 7. The next step is to create Target outcomes to measure value against progressively. Gabrielle Benefield 7
  8. 8. Once we have the target outcomes, we can think of potential solutions that might help us achieve them. Gabrielle Benefield 8
  9. 9. Delivery is where we work on the options. Options could be things we choose to implement or to test out an idea with an experiment. Gabrielle Benefield 9
  10. 10. As options and experiments are delivered, the results are measured against the target outcomes. Gabrielle Benefield 10
  11. 11. The teams adapt continuously, delivering more outcomes and creating more options. Gabrielle Benefield 11
  12. 12. Möbius works in a continuous flow. Teams don’t have to go in a sequence but can move where they need to around the loop. Gabrielle Benefield 12
  13. 13. This is an example from an e-commerce company. Often the initial objectives and vision are not very clear nor measurable. They also point to solutions or symptoms rather than targeting the real problems. Objectives for an e-commerce platform 1. 2. 3. Increase shopping cart conversions Make it user friendly Help users find what they need quickly Gabrielle Benefield The deep dive will help us understand what is really going on and where to focus. 13
  14. 14. To get information for the deep dive, we combine data gathering and customer research to build a clear picture. We find out what the problems are, what is really going on, why it is happening and who is impacted. To answer: Who do we target? What problems are we solving? What’s really going on and why? Gabrielle Benefield 14
  15. 15. 45% leave at checkout-shipping The system data tells us where we are losing a lot of customers. 29% leave at checkoutpayment 15% leave at checkoutconfirmation Our customers tells us the website is way too slow and frustrating to use. 11% proceed to checkoutcomplete 11% total Gabrielle Benefield 15
  16. 16. Next we create Target outcomes. These help us measure value progressively at multiple levels and tell us when we have reached our business objectives. To answer 1. What are the target outcomes? 2. How will they be measured? 3. Who will measure them? 4. When will they be measured? 5. What baseline are we measuring against? 6. Is there a desired target? Why? Gabrielle Benefield 16
  17. 17. Creating measurable outcomes Outcomes are the desired results that deliver value. Examples • Increase revenue by 15% • Increase checkout conversion rates by 19% • Decrease time to create a report by 4 minutes Gabrielle Benefield 17
  18. 18. We create a descriptive name of what we want to improve. Increase checkout conversion rates Then we set the baseline (starting point) to measure progress against. Starting point Target Currently only 11% of people complete checkout 30% of people complete checkout The specific measurement is less important than creating alignment and clarity of what the business really needs. Gabrielle Benefield 18
  19. 19. Creating measurable outcomes Not all outcomes have to be quantified in a lot of detail. Outcomes at the beginning of a new piece of work might be to learn and uncover deeper outcomes. Another outcome might be to prove that you can deliver the work by building a small end-to-end slice as proof that it is possible. We can also turn the quality levels and constraints into target outcomes so these don’t get forgotten. Gabrielle Benefield 19
  20. 20. Once we have the target outcomes, we can think of potential solutions that might help us achieve them. To answer: 1. What can we do to meet the target outcomes? 2. Which options can we implement or run an experiment on? 3. How can we compare our options? 4. How do we prioritise the options? Gabrielle Benefield Options are not a promise to deliver, they are the paths we can take to achieve our goals. Until we test and measure them they are merely a guess. We don’t fix our options in advance as we want to take advantage of new opportunities quickly. 20
  21. 21. Start with the Target Outcome Decrease page load times To create options, we generate ideas based on our deep dive research that might help achieve the outcome. Option A: We should build an extra datacenter for our customers in other countries. Cost: $$$ In this example, we think that the slow website pages might be causing our users to abandon their purchases so we need options to fix this. Option B: Maybe it’s the network. Shouldn’t we test that out first? Cost: $$ Option C: What if we simply compressed or cached the images better? Cost: $ Gabrielle Benefield 21
  22. 22. We now want to deliver our options rapidly by running an experiment or releasing something to our users. We try to deliver value rapidly where value is learning, risk reduction, and outcome generation. Actions to take 1. Implement and release an option 2. Run an experiment to validate value Gabrielle Benefield 22
  23. 23. Option A: Implement image caching. Option C: Experiment with a sample set of users Option B: Run a network trace route to diagnose issues. We might decide to implement Option A. This is low cost and low risk so we just push that live and measure the results. For Option B, we have to do some more research to see if the network is causing any problems before we start to work on it. For Option C, Instead of building a new datacenter which is very expensive, we can run an experiment by renting a small piece of a datacenter locally and testing it with a small percentage of our users. Gabrielle Benefield 23
  24. 24. Our team tries to get feedback and hit the outcomes with the least amount of effort. Goal mapping helps us set a goal and find the simplest path to reach it. TO Step Step Search for book Call and pay Goal Find one book and get it shipped Decrease time to find a book TO Step Enter payment details Decrease time to pay Step Save payment details Step Pay with a one step pay button Gabrielle Benefield Goal Setup one step pay option 24
  25. 25. Teams track outcomes and options visually during delivery. Outcomes Options Decrease time to find products Option Decrease page load time Redesign search results In Progress Done Research Research Clickstream analysis Split test redesign Option Research Setup local datacenter Datacenter split test Australia Option Research Research Cache page elements Test caching one page Trace route analysis Gabrielle Benefield 25
  26. 26. As options and experiments are delivered, the results are measured against the target outcomes. Measure progress 1. Did we positively impact the target outcome? 2. By how much? Gabrielle Benefield 26
  27. 27. How much progress did we make? Decrease time to find products Current: 5 minutes We saved 2 minutes Baseline: Target: 7 minutes < 3 minutes Decrease page load time Current time: 9 seconds Baseline: 12 seconds We reduced page load speed by 3 seconds Target: < 4 seconds Gabrielle Benefield 27
  28. 28. How much value did we deliver? Increase checkout conversion rates Gabrielle Benefield The improvements impacted conversion rates by 6%. This will increase revenue by $7.2 million annually. 28
  29. 29. I can create some forecasts of outcomes delivered over time to report back to management. Gabrielle Benefield 29
  30. 30. We are constantly adapting our model based on feedback. When we see the value diminish, we can choose other options or outcomes to explore Point of diminishing returns Outcomes (value) x Time Gabrielle Benefield 30
  31. 31. The more we increase our ability to learn and improve, the faster we go around the loop. Gabrielle Benefield 31
  32. 32. Blog at: Download the canvas at: Read more about Mobius at: Gabrielle Benefield 32