Charleston Green Business Challenge Year 2 Participants


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Charleston Green Business Challenge Year 2 Participants

  1. 1. Awards and Kick Off
  2. 2. A. C. Corcoran• Anti-idling campaign for families picking up children• Held a Walk to School event
  3. 3. Alcoa- Mt. Holly• Huge water savings! Reduced by 7.77 million gallons resulting in savings of just under $15,000 • Alarms in their sewage lift station indicate excessive water use • Irrigate 2.6 acres with non contact cooling water used to cool their aluminum ingot• 123 energy efficient computer systems installed this year
  4. 4. The Art Institute of Charleston• “Last out, lights out” campaign• Swap shop for employees to exchange items
  5. 5. Auto Sound Specialists Alternative Energy Systems• Energy from four photovoltaic systems and a wind turbine• Green roof and garden on site
  6. 6. Avison Young• Big water savings: 190,291 gallons, a 76% reduction!• Donate old office equipment to Habitat for Humanity Store• Participated in a cleanup program to clean bike paths• Agents rent fuel efficient cars when traveling
  7. 7. Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments• Information is posted/shared via bulletin board, suggestion box and at staff meetings• Offer and Use Trident Rideshare
  8. 8. Blackbaud• Greenbaud, a group of employees leading green-focused efforts• Community garden run by employees and uses compost from the cafeteria and local businesses• Advocating for better bike paths on Daniel Island
  9. 9. Boeing• Installation of a 2.6 MW photovoltaic system• Purchased hybrid and electric vehicles• Stormwater is captured in onsite ponds for irrigation• Zero Waste to Landfill Policy
  10. 10. Carolina Green Fair• Use all energy star equipment• Landscaping incorporates native plants and uses a drip system• Grow herbs, tomatoes and fruit trees
  11. 11. Charles Ramberg Furnituremaker• Turn the water heater off for weekends and vacations• Extra skylights for natural lighting during daylight hours
  12. 12. Charleston County Aviation Authority• Volunteered gardening skills at a nursing home• Have a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan in which trained personnel inspect for possible leaks of contaminants monthly
  13. 13. Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission• Large Energy Savings: 21, 434 kWh saved• Established their location as a CSA food drop site• Found a local recycler to take their tyvek wrist bands from events
  14. 14. Charleston County School District- Administration• Practice green purchasing whenever feasible• Facility is Clean Zone certified• Sustainable Schools Initiative involves 3 goals: • sustainable, healthy schools • sustainable construction • sustainable curriculum
  15. 15. Charleston County School District - Operations• Sustainable Schools Initiative involves 3 goals: • sustainable, healthy schools • sustainable construction • sustainable curriculum• Received a $50k rebate check for its efficient lighting upgrades• Procurement department purchases locally made items
  16. 16. Charleston Water System• Adopted an initiative that resulted in a savings of 160,000 sheets of computer paper annually• Installed automatic meter reading infrastructure, reducing transportation emissions and cost• Recycling results have gone from an average of 150 tons of recycling in ’05 to 200 tons of recycling in ’12
  17. 17. Chastain Construction• Purchase wood locally from Hughes Lumber or Southern Lumber• Minimal landscaping with no irrigation• Energy Star computers and monitors
  18. 18. Circular Congregational Church• Huge savings. They cut their kWh by 67.8% and gallons of water by 73.4%, saving over $3,100!• Took inner city youth on 6 environmental outings this year• Refurbished stain windows and installed new storm windows• Held a Blessing of the Bikes
  19. 19. City of Charleston- City Hall• Low flow toilets• Geothermal heating system• Used historic blinds to reduce heat in summer
  20. 20. City of Charleston - Parks, Recreation, Safety, Health, and Wellness Building• Purchased 20 coffee mugs to reduce the need for disposable cups• Provide reusable cups for water. These change color with cold beverages. People use them just to see the color change!• Keep Charleston Beautiful received 1st Place Affiliate Award from Keep America Beautiful
  21. 21. City of Charleston 3rd Floor- 75 Calhoun• Great transportation initiatives: • An abundance of bike parking • 3 bikes are available for employees’ errands or meetings • City pays for employees’ transit passes • Provide EV charging stations• Increased cardboard recycling by 99% and other recycling by 6%• Repurposed over 5000 CDs
  22. 22. Crop Up• Composts. Even has a worm box in the office for paper• Uses green cleaning supplies and purchases locally• Donates services to a given group once a season
  23. 23. Daniel Island Academy• Anti idling campaign for families picking up children• Hosted a computer recycling collection day• Children plant and maintain gardens as part of their education• Encourage the parents and students to ride their bikes to school
  24. 24. Durlach Associates• 25 Calhoun Achieved LEED Core and Shell and Faber Centre received ENERGY STAR in 2012• At Parkshore Centre – one tenant retrofit from T-12 to T-8 lights resulted in 18% fewer fixtures and 51% less wattage• Contribute to a vast variety of local environmental groups
  25. 25. Duvall Catering and Events• Great Savings: although they moved to a larger space this year . . . • They cut their energy usage by 5.5% • They cut their water usage by 64.5% • They saved over $3,000
  26. 26. DwellSmart• Generate one waste bin of landfill trash per week• Monogrammed hand towels in the bathrooms• Collect compost• Use discontinued wood flooring samples to make shelves and product display boards
  27. 27. Francis Marion Hotel• Banquets and restaurants use produce from local farms when possible• Housekeeping and kitchen cleaning products are environmentally friendly• Have a green purchasing policy
  28. 28. GrowFood Carolina• Centralized aggregation and distribution to cut travel of all farmers• Consolidate produce box orders from all of their farmers into one large order, saving 35 farmers from making independent trips• Use a smaller fuel efficient vehicle when making longer trips
  29. 29. Hawthorn Suites• Huge energy savings: 67, 053 kWh, and over $6,500.• Employees use assignment sheets for carpooling, and 10% of employees bike or walk to work• All of the proceeds they make from scrap metal and recycling goes to charity
  30. 30. Holiday Inn Express and Suites Mt. Pleasant• The roof collects rainwater that is used for irrigation• Native vegetation used in the landscaping• Carpool signup board
  31. 31. Honest-1 Auto Care• New Recycle Center on premises for Cans, Plastic & Paper• Recycle oil, metal parts, tires, ink cartridges and batteries• Used tires are used to create rubber mulch for playgrounds• Promote an Environmentally friendly Oil product called G-Oil to use in your car for Oil Changes, that is bio-degradable
  32. 32. IFA-ROTORION• All replacement items are Energy Star stamped when available• Stormwater check-offs are done frequently• Cintas provides them with environmentally friendly products• Recycle their paint totes and plastic wrap
  33. 33. Kiawah Island Community Association - Administration• Over $3,000 in energy savings• Started composting their coffee grounds and filters• They participate in the SC Adopt-A-Highway program and SC Beach Sweep
  34. 34. Kiawah Island Community Association - Maintenance• Saved over 52,000 gallons of water, a 15% decrease• Capture water from vehicle and landscaping equipment wash down, and clean it with a bacterial digestion tank that breaks down the oil, grease, herbicides and pesticides• Used "Kill-A-Watt" to determine phantom loads of equipment throughout the facility
  35. 35. Kiawah Island Community Association - Recreation• Large energy savings: over 47, 000 kWh (a 13% decrease) by means of energy efficient devices, programmable utilities, and regular servicing• Low Flow toilets and faucets• 4 of the 9 employees carpool at least 3 days a week
  36. 36. Kiawah Island Community Association - Security• Irrigation system is fixed with a rain detector. They also use drip irrigation• Compost coffee filters and grounds which is then used by their Landscape Department
  37. 37. Kiawah Island Golf Resort and Nature Center• 6% reduction based on cost• Accept ALL electronics internally and externally. Their May pick-up from e-cycle secure reported over a ton of e-waste.• Began composting in March and composted 200K lbs by November.
  38. 38. Latto and Associates• Went from 60% to 100% recycling• Sponsored a shredding and recycle event for all of their clients• Purchase locally as much as possible
  39. 39. Liollio Architecture• Have a detailed Environmental Policy statement• Regularly donate product samples and used office furniture for re-use• Staff have been Adopt-A-Highway volunteers for years
  40. 40. Lowcountry Local First• Programs are focused on community sustainability. They include the Buy Local and Eat Local programs including • CSAs • Farm Apprentice Program • Bank Local • Local Works• Purchase everything they can locally including office supplies, event supplies, management of payroll, website, and other business services•
  41. 41. McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture• They schedule regular lunch seminars dealing with sustainable building materials • Keep equipment not regularly used, unplugged• Designed eco friendly Charleston Crisis Ministries
  42. 42. Meadors Inc• Their entire architecture team is LEED AP or LEED Green Associate. They also have 1 HERS Rater and 8 members of USGBC. Follow LEED purchasing guidelines on all projects regardless of LEED status.• Believe that the greenest building is the one that is already built• Offered advice on Clemson’s Vertical Farm Charette
  43. 43. Dental School• Saved over 275,000 gallons of water! • 1 gpf toilets and 0.5 gpf urinals • Sinks have 0.5 gpm aerators and are hands free • Reduced amount of grass around building
  44. 44. Natural Designs Woodturning• All hardwood is from Certified Sustainable sources or is a domestic "crop" wood that is responsibly forested• Their colorful scraps are donated to a local school art program• They compost their domestic shavings
  45. 45. Natural Investments Money With A Mission• Website is run by solar power• Employees drive hybrids• Installed a gravel driveway so as not to create an impervious surface
  46. 46. Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough• New buildings adopt LEED certification standards• Employees can elect public transport stipend in lieu of parking benefit• On demand switches installed to reduce after-hours HVAC needs and cost
  47. 47. Notso Hostel• Spray foamed all the buildings and got 5% savings in energy cost• Have two rain water barrels and a tankless hotwater heater and 3% savings in water costs• Vermicomposting• Reuse cloth napkins instead of paper ones
  48. 48. Preservation Society• Increased recycling by 2,340 gallons by conducting a waste audit• Their magazine, Preservation Progress, is printed on 30% post consumer waste paper, is Rainforest Alliance Certified and FSC Certified• Only purchase recycled content paper products from Southeast Paper Supplier, a regional small business
  49. 49. South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control EQC Region 7• Recycled corks (10 lbs.), shoes (30 lbs.) , Terracycle materials, packing materials, paper, plastic and aluminum (over 7000 lbs)• Have a swap area for items that are still useable but need a new owner• Use vermicomposting (worm composting)
  50. 50. SC Department of Health and Environmental Control- Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management• Staff use hybrids vehicles for work in the field• Staff adopted a section of beach at the Isle of Palms for clean up• As an agency, we promote marine debris prevention and mitigation
  51. 51. SPARC• Increased their workforce by 63% but increased energy consumption by a mere 7%• Installed 520 Energy Management System that tracks all HVAC, Lighting & Plugs loads in real-time• Set profiles for every day of the week, deactivating unnecessary  systems when building is unoccupied• Installed waterless urinals 
  52. 52. Stubbs Muldrow Herin architects• Great All-Around Savings: • Over 4% energy reduction • 45 % water use reduction • 22% garbage reduction • 54% recycling increase• Held another Alternative Transportation Month
  53. 53. Sustainability Institute 113 Calhoun St.• Start/up - shut/down policy for the building requires that all electronics are turned off or unplugged at the end of the day• Staff doubled and recyclable volume increased by 638%!• Able to see energy use through an online tool
  54. 54. Sustainability Institute Greenhouse• Have an on site vegetable garden• Have a zero waste policy, and a green purchasing policy• Keep a log for paper and van use• Energy Conservation Corps members took a pledge to eliminate single-use plastic bags
  55. 55. Total Life Care• Purchase wind credits• Offer recycling of print cartridges and glass bottles to their clientele• One employee out of four bikes regularly to work
  56. 56. Verde• There is a composting and recycling station in the dining room for customers• Their produce is sourced locally when possible• Bicycle is their main delivery vehicle• Donated 40 lbs of compost to the Green Heart Project community garden
  57. 57. The Vision Center at Seaside Farms• Decreased energy use by 17.5%!• Keep HVAC system maintained every 6 months and change their filters regularly• Started using PaperKarma to unsubscribe from junk mail
  58. 58. Waste Services• Implemented "green invoicing” to track what they send to the landfill and what can be recycled• To limit the amount of gas used, they have a tracking system on each truck• Compost food waste
  59. 59. Whitesides Elementary• Use water from their retention pond for their HVAC system• Have a no idling policy• Provide recycling of popsicle sticks and juice bags• Incorporated sustainability into education through a program on recycling and locally grown produce
  60. 60. Wild Dunes Resort• Installed a new HVAC system in the rooms which will turn off if the windows are opened or if no-one is in the room• Recycle their cooking oil• Eliminated Styrofoam in shipments• Planted an herb garden for their restaurants
  61. 61. Sponsor The Sustainable Warehouse is a nonprofit operating a vast warehouse of building materials for reuse. They manage full scale deconstruction and soft strip to achieve the recycle and reuse rates that they think are necessary to relieve the burden on the landfill!
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  67. 67. Sponsor FOOD WASTE DISPOSAL
  68. 68. Sponsor September 22, 2013 NEW LOCATION James Island County Park
  69. 69. Awards and Kick Off