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Oracle apps functional


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Oracle apps functional

  2. 2. Save it. Ctr+s must.I’v to take another locations.For this another location options +symbol (add new) in task bar
  3. 3. Save it.Another location take newLocation name : goa11
  4. 4. Save it.We just created locations (hyd,pune11,goa11)Step 2: Now I want to create organizations and assign each organization for locationsNav : setuporganizationsorganizations
  5. 5. My organization is : mm hyd12
  6. 6. Save thisAfter save.. come for organization classifications tab in this formGive name: inventory organizationEnable the enable optionAgain save it.
  7. 7. Click others tab : In inventory organization we have the options /parameters like 1. accounting informations 2. inventory informations
  8. 8. 3. receiving informations 1.accounting information:In accounting information , we have to enter the parameters likePrimary ledger, legal entity,operating unitsFor these parameters I’l give default option that is vision operations..Because when ever we go with our own multi organization.. then we should enterour own primary ledger option, and every thing.. so just we are using defaultparameter option for these things..
  9. 9. Click ok.
  10. 10. Click ok in the above accounting information form.Then save it.Now, accounting information is completed in our organization.Step 2: Enter inventory information. Click others options
  11. 11. Enter inventory information optionIn the below screen
  12. 12. Here observer carefully..My organization is : mm hyd12My organization code: mmhCalendar :vision01Enter costing information in below screen..
  13. 13. Yellow fields are mandatory in any form.White color fields are optional
  14. 14. Revision ,lot,serial and lpn tabStarting serial number you should mention.. ex:01 or 02 etc.,Now go with extendable tab arrow mark..Other Accounts tab
  15. 15. Click Other Account tab:Enter mandatory fields information
  16. 16. Then save this..When you save this costing tab information nevar change..Save .Step 3:RECEVING OPTIONS:
  17. 17. RECEIPT DAY EARLY,DELAY,TOLERANCE ACCOUNTING INFORMATION YOU SHOULD ENTER AND THEN SAVE IT Now it has been completed. We created one organization , for this organization we entered 1.accounting information,2. inventory information 3.receiving information. II. Create another organization as mm bglr12 : Organization: mm bglr12 Location : Bangalore
  18. 18. Save .2. click others** here our organization : mm bglr12 Previous organization:mm hyd12 Now , I want to assign mm bglr12 organization is as member organization to mm hyd12. So, now master organization is : mm hyd12 Member organization is : mm bglr12
  19. 19. Mm bglr12 organization code is mbg Item master organization (master org) is : mm hyd12Remaing costing , and each details are same as previous organization.Coming to receiving option.
  20. 20. Note : Here we don’t give any parameter information manually .. except inventoryinformation. Because.. from master org (mm hyd12) to retrive information of thatorganization assigned to member organization(mm bglr12)..III. Create another organization as MM GOA11 Here organization: mm goa11 For this organization I’l assign this org as a member under master org (mmhyd12)Nav: setup organization copy  maintain interface
  21. 21. You should give your organization nameGroup codeLocationOrganization codeAnd click populate interface table optionNav: setup  organization copy launch organization
  22. 22. Here am gving model organization is mbg(mm bglr12).Actually previus mmbglr12 organization .. for this.. I created master organization ininventory information option. Then master organization will automatically assignedcosting, other accounts,receiving parameters automatically.Similarly.. for this mm goa12 organization..Assigning this organization to master organization..
  23. 23. But retriving parameter options automatically for mm goa12 from mmbglr12(member org) .. but not from master org..This is one kind of copy org scenario..Then submit.And save.For this you want to check the statusGo withNav: viewrequests
  24. 24. Out status is in bottom option identify with name and request id.Status is completed , normal..View out put..That’s it.So, up to now we to create locations2. how to create organization3. how to create organization is a member to other organization (master)4. using organization copy option5. using launch organization option6. member to member information copy
  25. 25. Now, see the master organization, members organizations like... Mmhyd12 ---------------- (master organization) | -------------------------------- | | Mmbglr2 mmgoa11 ------ (member organizations)DEFINE SUBINVENTORIES INAN ORGANIZATIONS:Simple way of expaination: INVENTORY: which means keep the goods, items, etc., in stock locations INVENTORY ORGANIZATION: collection of stock locations That stock locations in an particular organization called SUB INVENTORY. INVENTORY ORGANIZATION | | | ORG1 ORG2 ORG3 | | | Invnentory inventory inventory | | | Sub inv sub inv sub inv1.Define subinventories in mm bglr12 :Change the organization as mm bglr12Nav:setupchange organizationNav: setup organizationssubinventory
  26. 26. In this way you should assign subinventories to each organizations.
  27. 27. ORGANIZATION ACCESS: Previously we used login with : operations Pwd : welcome This is default login . But I want to create my own user name, password For giving the access (responsibilities)to this user only, so 1.How can I create user id 2. how can I responsibilities 3. how can I restrictions to the particular user.Create responsibility: Responsibility : system administrator
  28. 28. Nav : securityresponsibilitydefine
  29. 29. DEFINE LOGIN WITH YOUR OWN USER NAME :Responsibility:system administratorNav: securityuserdefine
  30. 30. In this above form I am able to creating login details for my own id.Username:mmuserPassword:mmbala MmbalaYoushould give two time pwd in that columnI am giving responsibilities in this above form My own inventory :mminv System administrator Invenotory visin operations
  31. 31. Check the organizations access in you own inventory see belowEx: actually we have 3 organiations like Mm hyd12 Mm bglr12 Mm goa11 My master org: mm hyd12 (mih) Under master org we assigned remaining orgs are as a memberorganizations. I want to give access only for my own responsibility :MMINV But not INVENTORY VISION OPERTAIONS. Then see how can I give restrictions for my own inventory(mminv) fororganizations.EX:Mih (mm hyd12) access from mminv, but not from inventory vision operations(usa)how it will ?
  32. 32. MIH is not visible in inventory vision operations (usa) ..Mminv only has the permission.. it vsibile only in mminv. ---------------------------------XXX--------------------------------