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  2. 2. IN WHAT WAYS DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE , DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS We decided not to involve the stereotypical element of aWe used blank screens with vulnerable female in our trailer, butcaptions to help the audience instead to make the trailer absentunderstand the storyline. We felt of the female sex. Thecaptions were better suited for a questionnaire we carried outhorror as a pose to a narrative voice brought us to this decision, asas it keeps the audience active and females were tired of seeingcaptivated females portrayed as victims and wanted to see something different. Dark settings to set a hostile atmosphere The soundtracks we used meet the conventions of a horror. We used a various range of these; creepy, sad, fast and slow sounds which worked well with activities occurring in the trailer
  3. 3. Introduces and allows theaudience to get to no the facesbehind 2GMEDIA2Keeping our audienceupdated was veryimportant to us as webelieve Is our foundation, its herecommunication is the were 2gmedia2 kept ourkey. This also tells our audience up to date with ouraudience that what latest activities.they say matters,building a strongrelationship andcreates a successfulproduction as werecatering to thererequests.
  4. 4. ANCILLARY Sticks to the color scheme of 2GMEDIA2 productions, allowing viewers to establish the synergy between different text. I,e MagazinesThe main focus of the poster isthe character located in thecentre, creating synergy as thebeing is also the main element ofour trailer. The mise en scene;umbrella keeps the identityunknown. The dark background fades in well with character not giving anything away, and forces the audience to research further into “Dark Secrets”
  5. 5. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATIONOF YOUR MAIN PRODUCTS ANDANCILLARY TEXT? We feel it was very effective as it was well thought out. What we kept constant: • The font (COPPERPLATE GOTHIC BOLD) with blood red color • The color scheme; Red, Black and White • The supernatural figure, as the main form of identification for “DARK SECRETS”
  7. 7. ROUGH CUT TRAILER FEEDBACK jszmwvU163N0RIzBi0XA&index=15&feature=plcp “Re arrange the order of the scenes, from day to night, so its flows better and more easy to“Add captions to direct understand”the storyline” “Use some fades because the cuts to the next scene are to sharp” “Some shots are too close with parts cut out of the frame”
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY USED For viewers to watch our trailerHD Camera tocapture our shotsin high definition