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Wood Chips Operations Uruguay


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Wood Chips Operations Uruguay

  1. 1. Wood Chip operations at the port of Montevideo, Uruguay
  2. 2. The port of Montevideo is run by theNational Port Administration(Administración Nacional de Puertos orANP).The port of Montevideo is located on theleft bank of the River Plate at a latitude of34º 55´S and a longitude of 56° 14´W.The port of Montevideo has shown asteady growth in traffic for many years.Commercial cargo volumes have morethan doubled from 4.3 million tones in 2000to 9.1 million tones in 2008. Passenger Traffic: passenger traffic isMain categories of cargo in 2008: becoming another key element of •Containers: 54,4% Montevideos port economy: •General cargo: 9,3% •Ferry Traffic: 500.000 passengers and 65.000 vehicles carried. •Bulk cargo: 36,3% •Cruise traffic: 120.000 passengers
  3. 3. During 2008, Uruguay exported 1.9 million tons of forest products (Montevideo Port only).Over 750.000 tones of woodchips were exported in 2008.
  4. 4. Wood Chip: Wood Processing After the harvest operation, the wood is loading into trucks and is delivered to the mills.In the mills, the wood is cleanedwith pressure water, chipped andstorage in a pile, waiting to bedelivered to the port.
  5. 5. Wood Chip: Vessel loading The wood chips are delivered to the port by trucks. To load 38.500* tons is required 1900 truck loads. Is used 65 trucks during 8 days. *Average of tons per vessel loaded in 2008At the port there are 2 beltconveyors that have the capacityto unload 2 trucks at the sametime. This belt conveyor goesdirectly to the hold of the vessel.
  6. 6. Wood Chip: Operations in the vessel The wood chips are loading with an average of 300 ton/hour. The wood chips are distributed by two loaders in the hold of the vessel.Every hold is loaded withdifferent amount of wood chips inorder to stabilize the vessel untilit finished loading.
  7. 7. Summary of the operation at the port of Montevideo• 750.000 tones of wood chips wereexported in 2008• 65 trucks do an average of 1900loads to carry the wood chips to theport.• The vessel remains at the port anaverage of 8 days.
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