Why football is a journy


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Why football is a journy

  1. 1. By: Will Stecker
  2. 2. thIn 6 grade tackle football started. It was a big deal for me because I loved football but tackle didn’t start till th 7 grade but Mr. Sage started a team. That year I was nervous because it was the first year we could hit people and I think it was just a big deal to be in pads and in a helmet.
  3. 3.  That year was a good year for us we all worked very hard on in off the field. Even though it was our first year we still went 4-1.
  4. 4.  I was very happy to be playing for Coach Sage again; this was one of my favorite years for football. We all had a bunch of fun just because or coaches worked us hard but we still were just like a big family.
  5. 5.  We fought and things but at the end of the day we were still one team and we had one goal, and that was to win. That’s also exactly what we did; we didn’t lose one game that year. I was very excited but that was our downfall.
  6. 6.  Over the 8th grade summer I started working out and going to a lot of football work outs. But when the season rolled around Sage got moved up to varsity and my team got stuck with a coach who played favorites and just his son and I hated him for that I wanted to quit, but I knew I would regret that for high school.
  7. 7. I knew I wanted to be someonesome day, quitting just because acoach screwing over one yearwouldn’t be worth it. Besides thatbeing my worth year it was also myteams worst year to we went 3-2.
  8. 8.  The reason why I think that year was our worst year is because we all thought we were the best because we won all our games last year we would win it all the next year, so we didn’t work as hard.
  9. 9.  9th grade summer was a great year because I knew I was going to love that season, because coach LaJoie and He was my favorite coach because he knew that I could be a great football player but I had to earn it during the off season. He made a better player and a better person in general.
  10. 10.  . 9th grade was my best year as a football player. I started every game on offense and defense. This was one of our average years as a team we were 6-3 and every game we lost was a nail bitter.
  11. 11.  This is why football has been such a journey for me, but it has been a journey worth all the pain, hard work, sweat, time, and blood.