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Cyberbully powerpoint


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Published in: Technology
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Cyberbully powerpoint

  1. 1. My name is Adam
  2. 2. I am 13 years old
  3. 3. I like playing video games
  4. 4. hanging out with friends
  5. 5. shooting hoops with my home boys
  6. 6. My parents don’t know it…But…
  7. 7. I spend a lot of time on social network sites
  8. 8. Facebook Twitter Instagram
  9. 9. So do my “friends” at school
  10. 10. at least I thought they were my friends…
  11. 11. Until one day….
  12. 12. someone created a hate page…
  13. 13. about me…
  14. 14. “you’re ugly”
  15. 15. “you’re worthless“
  16. 16. “I wish you were dead”
  17. 17. “you should kill yourself”
  18. 18. They won’t stop…
  19. 19. more posts everyday…
  20. 20. Now it must be true…
  21. 21. I am ugly
  22. 22. I have no friends
  23. 23. I feel hopeless.
  24. 24. No one can help
  25. 25. Nowhere to turn…
  26. 26. His mental pain and torment continued…
  27. 27. I have no choices but to…
  28. 28. STOP!!
  29. 29. Adam does have choices
  30. 30. Don’t respond!
  31. 31. Delete your Accounts!
  32. 32. Talk to your parents, teachers, counselors…
  33. 33. What choice did Adam make?
  34. 34. Did he join the fight against cyberbulling? or…
  35. 35. Was Adam too desperate, hopeless?
  36. 36. He was….so…
  37. 37. Adam chose suicide
  38. 38. But wait!!
  39. 39. You still have choices
  40. 40. Take action, talk
  41. 41. Join the fight against Cyberbulling!
  42. 42. Did you know?
  43. 43. There are school-based policies that protect you against CYBERBULLIES Maryland Law Prohibits BULLYING, HARASSMENT, OR INTIMIDATION
  44. 44. Here is an example school-base policy steps in reporting of cyberbullying Students can report/and or discuss instances of cyberbullying with staff members Students can remain anonymous. Can place reports in the security box; however, our anonymity may not be guaranteed; actions may need your cooperation Staff member investigates, intervenes, as safety permits Reporting cyberbulling packets are given to students, parents at stare of school year source: pdf
  45. 45. What will happen? The principal; or assigned person determines if action violates school policy Parents will be notified Reports will be confidential; not made a part of student’s record source: pdf
  46. 46. What’s next? Will I know the outcome? Depends on the relationship of the parties involved. Maryland Law prohibits discussing contents of student discipline records with individuals other than student’s parents or legal guardians source: pdf
  47. 47. So, please….don’t give up…don’t give in…
  48. 48. Help is there for you!
  49. 49. A Parent Guide: How to Report: bullying, References A Parent Guide: How to Report: bullying, cyberbullying, harassment or intimidation against students. Harford County Public Schools retrieved from Gildenl Gildenlöw, Daniel (2005). Pilgrim. (Recorded by Kalle Kappner) on A Tribute to Pain of Salvation (CD) Europe: Century Media Records. Retrieved from Pottillo, M. (2013). My Name is Adam: Cyberbulling and School-Based Policies. Content Slides. Retrieved from C:UsersOwnerDocuments