Seattle community college district lean presentation october


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Overview of how Spokane Community Colleges used a Lean Process to refine their student services work.

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Seattle community college district lean presentation october

  2. 2. The Goal2 Impact  Improve student services by Washington eliminating activities that don’t add Student Services, IT, value for students and enhancing Business those that do Office Colleagues  Define value from the perspective of the student and meet all these criteria  Enhance student learning;  Modify the student learning at some level by changing its fit, form, or function;
  3. 3. Meet Joe3 Full- time, single, low- income, and working part-time while living in Spokane. First generation student, requiring some developmental classes. Wants a degree, is financially independent, and has access to a computer and
  4. 4. Joe’s NEW CCS Admissions, Registration and Financial Aid Processes4 From standard processes, foc us on student success, mea surement, and continuous improvement
  5. 5. Joe, Welcome to the World5 of Possibilities! Marketed and open to the public, CCS College Information Nights scheduled alternatively on campuses AND Information on all CCS programs on the student portal
  6. 6. Joe’s One-Stop: My Bigfoot6 Eight steps to becoming a CCS student regardless of the institution AND ALL CCS students are welcomed by the Chancellor and provided the same important guidance
  7. 7. Joe’s Road Map7 Common application, financial aid, add/drop, and update forms, done once and shared across the institutions Common deadlines, payment online, and fee waiver policy Tests available at all sites with drop- in, evening, weekend slots Common registration video tutorial, post-test triage, and orientation
  8. 8. Not Value-added but Necessary8 Parking pass payment Coding standards Project management and communication Training Student trial-run E-forms Sharepoint
  9. 9. Success Metrics9 Evaluation Item Did having a firm application deadline make a difference in student success? Retention of students during first quarter GPA of students during first quarter Do we see a spike in applications just before the deadline compared to previous years? (i.e., did having a deadline cause procrastinators to apply earlier, did they attend next quarter, or did we just lose those students?) For students who applied during the last possible month… o …before app deadline imposed (A90, B01): st  Attended 1 quarter nd  Returned 2 quarter st  1 quarter GPA o …after app deadline imposed (B12): st  Attended 1 quarter nd  Returned 2 quarter st  1 quarter GPA Looking at all applicants o …before app deadline imposed (A90, B01): st  Attended 1 quarter nd  Returned 2 quarter st  1 quarter GPA o …after app deadline imposed (B12): st  Attended 1 quarter nd  Returned 2 quarter st  1 quarter GPA Did having uniform processes and dates open more enrollment opportunities for students? Are there more concurrent enrollees and are they satisfied or successful in their concurrent enrollments? How effective were our interactions with students, was the information we shared consistent and correct, and are students better self-advocates? Info Nights evaluation (Pre/Post survey about content) NSO evaluation (Pre/Post survey about content) Triage focus group (Note focus group can also illuminate Portal, Info Nights & NSO) Are students using the new student portal and its components including the screen cast? Page hits (compare page hits from college sites to similar pages on portal) Portal videos – how often used?
  10. 10. More Metrics10 Is the new testing process working? # Tested, no-shows, repetitive no-shows, drop-ins, day and time of testing Are processes quicker for students? Before and after cycle times Has overall student satisfaction with student services improved? Noel Levitz CCSSE Are staff satisfied with the changes? What should be improved? Staff survey Are contacts (phone calls, emails) through the switchboard, admissions, and testing less, or less repetitive, or more individualized to student concerns? Have financial aid processes improved? # and % of student files packaged # and % of priority student files packaged before the first day of class
  11. 11. Coming Soon, Joe!11 Testing protocol Advising and FYI Waitlist procedures Book availability Portal v.2 and email protocol Contact: Dr. Janet Gullickson jgullickson@ccs.spokane.e du 509.434.5062