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  1. 1.  What is Badminton? History & Development Equipments Rules Strategy Governing Bodies Competitions Comparison with other raquet sports
  2. 2.  Racquet Sport Rectangular court Divided by a net With a shuttlecock One or two opposing another one or two
  3. 3.  Traced to the mid of the 18th century British India British military officers “BATTLEDORE & SHUTTLECOCK”(Traditional English Game) Wool ball Back to England and established Newrules to the game BADMINTON
  4. 4. Racquets EquipmentsShoes Shuttlecock
  5. 5.  Light weight 70g-90g Include grip and string Strings are made ofcarbon fibers and most ofthe players use thinnerstrings Grip help to hold theracquet and most of thegrips are synthetic
  6. 6.  conical shape Feathers are embedded into a rounded cork basecovering a thin layer ofleather There are shuttlecocksmade of plastic andsynthetic
  7. 7.  Light weight Soles of rubber Have a littlelateral support
  8. 8.  Court Equipments Scoring systems and services
  9. 9. • Narrow court but the same length • Player has to cover whole courtSingle • Smashes are common & all the court is in use • Both will try to gain marks & maintain th matchDouble • Men are back & women are in front & play strong smashesMixed • Requir a great awareness & should be positionaldouble
  10. 10. There are world wide federations &the main one is BWF which that refersto BADMINTON WORLD FEDARATION BAC-For Asia BCA-for Africa BPA-for America BE-for Europe BO-foe oceania
  11. 11. The BWF organizes several international competitions.  Thomas cup  Uber cup  Sudirman cup  BWF Championship  Summer Olympics  Olympics
  12. 12. BADMINTON TENNIS TABLE TENNIS• Large but light weighted • Large and heavy weighted • Small and light weightedracquet racquet racquet• Uses a shuttlecock • Uses a tennis ball • Uses a lightly weighted plastic ball• One serve attempt • Two serve attempts • one serve attempt without the net service• Reaction time is less than • Large reaction time • The smallest reaction timetennis