M.A.C Design Audit


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A group presentation in Design Management Course, Brunel University, London

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M.A.C Design Audit

  1. 2. Aim To come up with critics, new ideas and improvements about the design based company M.A.C. With the design audit, we will find out how they used design in building their brand as well.
  2. 3. Triangulation Finding
  3. 4. Key Questions 1. Does M . A . C understand the designs role in its overall corporate plans? 2. Does M .A.C’s design idea affect the company business positively? 3. How do consumers respond to M.A.C’s design strategy ? 4. How does M . A . C design can help building in consumer loyalty? 5. What do media think about M.A.C’s strategy?
  4. 5. Does M.A.C understand the design role in its overall corporate plans ? “ Fashion and design are large parts of M.A.C’s DNA and we will always continue to be involved with the makeup artist.” Says M.A.C Senior Vice President James Gager.
  5. 6. Corporate Identity Uniformed character to uniformed typeface
  6. 7. Basic Products Simple packaging, Wide choice Appearing effect ion Over 1000 items provided
  7. 8. Limited Collection Trendiest concept Special packaging New technology 2~5 new launch every month
  8. 9. Visual Graphics Trendiest concept Theme Story Co-work with Industry Professionals
  9. 10. Store Colour Lighting Display
  10. 11. Retail / Branding Event Head quarter design Global event guideline Event kit
  11. 12. Employee Creative training class Theme day East meet West
  12. 13. Does M.A.C design’s idea affect the company business positively ? “ The design of new product is one of the key driver for M.A.C’s business. Average 25~30% sales come from M.A.C new/limited product every month, holiday season even more higher .” Valerie Foong, M.A.C Regional Director “ Unstoppable new collection launch is our secret to attract consumer keep trying and purchasing our product. ” Leslie Yang , M.A.C RRO Team Senior Artist
  13. 14. M.A.C Taiwan
  14. 15. How do consumers respond to M.A.C’s design strategy ? What do you think about the interior design of a M.A.C Cosmetic store? Which factor is most impressive? What do you think about the images that M.A.C Cosmetics use on their visual design? What do you think about the staff working in the stores? What do you think about the products of M.A.C Cosmetics? Questionnaire results 50+responses
  15. 16. Questionnaire results +50 responses
  16. 17. Int e rior design : V ery impressive But too professional How do consumers respond to M.A.C’s design strategy ? “ One way is to increase a brand value: Use design to encourage trust” “The Brand Gap” Neumeier, 2003 P roducts : T rendy S taffs : Inspiring P roffesstional A ttitude of the staff Visual Graphics : A ttractive But too strong for real life
  17. 18. How can design help in building consumer loyalty ? “ M.A.C drives consumer loyalty on design of trend and artists , consumers keep coming to counter for new products ,and also for artists’ professional advise ” M.A.C Sales Manager Jane Tsai Taiwan Design applies the power of the brand. A strong brand identity encourages customers to trust existing products and to try new ones. Design Council
  18. 19. What do media think about M.A.C’s strategy ? M.A.C does not use advertising as their marketing strategy; their strategy focuses on a very impressive, characteristic and full of personality design. Their most attractive features are: -Wild range choice of colours and textures -Clear product displayers -Professional make-up artist to take care of customers -Strong impressive visuals -Sponsorship fashion events Hence I think they successfully use design as a key factor to attract people. Yvonne Wang , Senior Beauty Chief Editor ,Vogue Taiwan
  19. 20. What do media think about M.A.C’s strategy ? AMEC Communication Effectiveness Awards Research Company :Echo Research Client: M.A.C Cosmetics 1. Very strong profile foundation M.A.C’s media profile around the world was 83% positive, with only six negative items recorded out of nearly 4,000 articles (International , not include U.S) 2. Predominantly Visual coverage: Much of the product coverage was mainly visual and special coding had to be devised to reflect the quality of visual coverage rather than textual mentions 3 . Key differentiating strengths clearly identified Top five descriptors: 1) Stylish 2) Innovation 3) Trendsetter 4) Wide range of colours 5) Cult. ‘Respected by the beauty and fashion industry’
  20. 21. SWOT Analysis Strength Weakness Opportunities Threat Strong visual Design Wide range, unique product offer Professional artists Creative senior design management team Innovation & developing personality Strong relationship with make up fashion industry in global Extend the consumer segmentation Too much design oriented than consumer oriented. Visual design is too edge and artistic to adapt usual life Artists are too professional image but not friendly enough Interior design is too could do approach consumers Competitor follow their pattern to wider the range of product and adopt into fashion industry Lack of strong market support that will lose their competitive on Strong design
  21. 22. Recommendation Understand the consumer need in order to extend the consumer segmentation To design some mass oriented products for general consumer to adapt Adjust the artist and interior design image for a more friendly appeal Come up with some localised or regional collections in varied cultures across the globe Focus on consumers bit more then design Give a different design to the basic product packaging to attract new consumers
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