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Curriculum Vitae Luis Martinez Funes


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Updated May 2014

Published in: Business, Education
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Curriculum Vitae Luis Martinez Funes

  1. 1. Luis Fernando Martínez Funes Social Business Analyst Estado de México, México. Tw itter: @Gaw ed Linkedin: ed E-mail: 1 de 3 Objective To make an impact and difference in the digital industry overall. Helping raise the bar professionally and ethically to the benefit of all through the creation of best practices, research, standards, etc. To develop myself at a firm in which my knowledge of business, data analysis and social media/ social business can be used as a strong asset in areas such as Professional Services, Strategic Planning, Customer Service, Consulting and Advising Decision Makers; while at the same time be challenged and helped to further develop my skills. Also, maintaining a steady personal and professional growth into high tier positions without compromising my values, always acting with honesty and integrity. Expertise Areas  Social Business (Web 2.0, Monitoring, Social CRM) and networking.  Social Media and Community Management.  Digital Marketing  Business Management Consulting with a high tier perspective.  Business, financial and market analysis.  End-product logistics, order fulfillment and customer service. Skills  High ethic standards; self-disciplined; accountable; proactive  Customer focused with a strong interest in customer experience  Leader and teamwork profile, Team player, Empowerment, Multitasking, Goal oriented, High pressure and frustration handling abilities.  Community management and research skills, monitoring, developing insights, crisis management, CRM initiatives through social media.  Strategic Planning and Thinking, Creativity.  High skill in data gathering, sorting and analysis. Problem analysis, evaluation and solving. Numerical skills.  High communication skills both in writing and speaking. Experience and training for communicating with different social level and cultural audiences. Oral presentations. Clear, objective and concise communication.  Blogger and networking; community management  Technological skills and knowledge: o Windows (all versions). o Office: High level in Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2003-2007. Beginner level in Access. o SAP R3 basic level o Smedia: WordPress, blogger, posterous, twitter (several clients), Facebook, LinkedIn, hi5, Orkut, foursquare, wikis. (Advanced) o Smedia tools: Radian6, Brandwatch, Ondore, Analitic, Topsy, AgoraPulse, Hootsuite, Viralheat, SproutSocial, Klout, Alterian SM2, Sysomos, UberVU, Spredfast, SocialBro,  Languages: Spanish (Native); English (Advanced); French (Intermediate) Work Experience FuneStrat, México, D.F., México, Owner – Strategy Director, March 2008 - to date. Strategy and Internet Consulting to SME and agencies. Focused on Social Business, monitoring and analysis strategies to leverage the power of internet and web 2.0 tools so that faster and leaner processes can be achieved with a customer centric culture. Achievements: 40 projects (mainly small and medium enterprises) during existence with positive outcomes in ROI or efficiency improvements. Several in-company trainings on social media, community management, social business, social media monitoring, analysis, etc. Over 200 people trained. Achieving high status as a Latin-American Industry analyst in the Social Monitoring, analysis and social business functional areas Projects include: Social business strategy, Social monitoring strategy, Social monitoring and management tools evaluation, maps of conversations, influence analysis, decision and customer service process design using monitoring and 2.0 tools, community conversation analysis, community management and networking. Keynote speaker in over 30 different events including international appearances to talk about monitoring and analysis, also teaching monitoring and analysis classes in different diploma courses in LATAM.
  2. 2. Luis Fernando Martínez Funes Social Business Analyst Estado de México, México. Tw itter: @Gaw ed Linkedin: ed E-mail: 2 de 3 Solvis Consulting, México, D.F., México, Social Business Consultant, November 2009 – August 2011. In charge of the Social business and monitoring initiatives. Led evaluation and selling processes; consulting and coaching for clients in social media, social CRM and social Business issues. Manager and Expert of the social media monitoring initiative (SMM) in the Mexico and Central American region. In charge of consulting, training, profiles configuration and customer relationship building for the Radian6 analysis platform distribution. Helping clients achieve a perfect monitoring effort with the scope and reach to fulfill their business objectives in marketing, PR, CRM and Sales. Achievements: 20% Conversion rate of leads. 90 accounts acquired. High customer satisfaction. Invista, México, D.F., México, Business and Market Analyst, June 2007 - March 2008. High Management decision support through the gathering and analysis of market and/or financial data developing points of view and recommendations such as: new investments, pricing, competition analysis. Also developed mathematical and financial models to help Directors’ decisions Achievements: New Business development through recycling profits analysis. New market explored and achieved through negotiations with major Indian client for new packaging ideas and ventures. Invista, México, D.F., México, Customer Service Analyst, February 2006 - June 2007. In charge of order fulfillment and customer service for the plastic packaging materials area. Give full support to the commercial and sales area through the entire sales and order fulfillment processes. Also support and assist customers when required to do so by them Achievements: Redesign of the balanced scorecard and order control methods for the Business unit. Redefinition of key performance indicators for the area improving the delivery delays rate and efficiency by 20%. McKinsey & Co. Inc. México, México, D.F., México, Business Analyst, February 2005 – February 2006. Management consulting for some of the major multinational firms. Entry level focused on data gathering, sorting and analysis plus financial and mathematical modeling to help develop efficient and creative solutions for the client. Also participant in the theoretical and practical development and implementation of said solutions. Achievements: Designed a control system using KPIs for the financial area of a major NOC. This board allowed the improvement of the contracts and suppliers payments processes. Also assisted in the reorganization of the Corporate Operations division of the same NOC to achieve greater efficiencies and improve results all over the country. Education Universidad Iberoamericana, Distrito Federal, University, B.S. in Chemical Engineering September-2004, Score: 8.15/10 Biotechnology Subsystem. Member of the Alumni society of chemical engineering serving as public relations secretary; also assisted in the organization of 3 Chemical Engineering Seminars and 1 International Chemical Engineering summit. Continuous Development Diplomas Community Management and Digital Marketing Strategy 2013 Interlat, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Universidad Panamericana. México, D.F. and Bogotá, Colombia Full diploma course on social media and social business strategy as well as digital marketing strategy creation and management while also serving as part of the faculty for the Monitoring and Analysis module. Social Media and Social CRM Course 2009 Solvis Consulting. México, D.F. Training on best practices to utilize the social media and web 2.0 technologies for the benefit of the community and the customer improving the CRM process through the use of social interactions and analysis
  3. 3. Luis Fernando Martínez Funes Social Business Analyst Estado de México, México. Tw itter: @Gaw ed Linkedin: ed E-mail: 3 de 3 Global Forum of Marketing and Innovation; Expomanagement; Special Management Programs: Sales, Family Business, Negotiation, Social Network Strategy, World Business Forum, World Innovation Forum, World Leadership Forum, World Marketing Forum 2007 to 2015 WOBI (HSM), México, D.F. International forums and summits where several management and marketing gurus share their experience and ideas regarding management, marketing, innovation, leadership, sales and customer service Business Analyst Training. September- 2005 McKinsey & Co. Inc., Toronto, Canada. Management Consulting Training. Abilities Development for high management interviewing, problem analysis and solving, data gathering and analysis and high management results presentation, efficient team work, etc. Basic Consulting Readiness. March-2005 McKinsey & Co. Inc., Palo Alto, Ca. USA. Training and development of basic Management Consulting abilities such as: problem solving, interpersonal relationships, conflict resolutions. Technology Training. February-2005 McKinsey & Co. Inc., México, D.F. Training on informatics and analysis Tools such as Office and basic programming. Extracurricular Activities Mexican Association of Cultural Tourism VP Digital Strategy México, D.F. 2014 - Present Social Media Club México Co-founder, member of ther board México, D.F. 2009 -2013 Twestival Organizer and Leader México, D.F. 2009 - 2013 Personal Information: Single; Birth date: October 25th, 1980; Nationality: Mexican; US Work Visa: NO